West York Wrestling


The End of the 1971-72
YCIAA League
Wrestling Season!!
West York 33
  Dover 9

▪ 2/18/72 - West York HS Principal - Neil Everhart (right),
J.T. Toggas after YCIAA clinching Dover win!
"Super" WY fan Carolyn Tritt is on the left of Coach
West York wins "1971-72" YCIAA Wrestling Championship
& West York Area finishes with an unbeaten 14-0 record!!

         Wrestling title for West York
                  1971-72 West York Wrestling Varsity Team Photo


 ▪ Matches on February 18, 1972

   The West York Bulldogs clinched the York County Interscholastic Wrestling League
 Championship with an undefeated, untied record Friday night by trimming Dover
, 33-9,
 as the circuit completed its 1971-72 campaign.

   The Bulldogs of Coach John Toggas (14-0) succeed Dallastown, which had won five straight
 titles before being dethroned.  And it was West York which handed Dallastown its only league
 loss, stopping the Wildcats by 30-22 and ending a 62-match league winning streak.
 Dallastown finished second following Friday night's 59-0 romp over Susquehannock
 and Dover wound up in third place.

   In other matches, Hanover toppled York Suburban 29-21, Eastern nipped Red Lion 26-20,
 Central bested Spring Grove 23-20 and York Vo-Tech beat Northeastern 40-11.

   Dover won the Junior Varsity League title with a 9-0-1 record
 by beating West York 33-5 Friday night.
 Dallastown and Red Lion won the other JV tests.

 ▪ The league will now set up plans for its York County Sectional tournament
at a pairings meeting Sunday at 2:00pm at Spring Grove High School.
The Sectionals will be held Friday and Saturday, February 25-26
at the Gettysburg College gym.


 ∙ West York @ Dover High School - 2/18/72
   West York's Bulldogs took the lead from the start and rolled over Dover, 33-9,
 to win the league championship with an undefeated mark.
 A capacity crowd filled the Dover gym and watched on
 closed-circuit TV in the auditorium.

   The Bulldogs won nine of the 12 bouts, including a pin by Kevin McCleary at 127lbs.
 - the only fall of the match.  The Eagles scored their points on three decisions.
 McCleary's pin came over Brian Dowell in a battle of previously unbeaten grapplers.
 In another clash of the undefeateds, West York's Paul Mulay decisioned Larry Pequignot
 in a 1-0 thriller at 103 pounds.  Don Lehman, heavyweight, and Scott Callahan, 154lbs.,
 won decisions for the Bulldogs to likewise remain undefeated.

 ▪ Dover captured the Junior Varsity League title
 with a 9-0-1 record by crushing West York, 33-5.

West York 33  Dover 9
@ Dover High School - 2/18/72
   95lbs.   Steve Thomas WY dec. Jeff Hoffman D 2-0
 103lbs.   Paul Mulay WY dec. Larry Pequignot D 1-0
 112lbs.   Steve Julius D dec. Skip Martin WY 8-2
 120lbs.   Keith Lichty WY dec. George Emig D 4-0
 127lbs.   Kevin McCleary WY pinned Brian Dowell D 1:05
 133lbs.   Neil Bupp WY dec. Dan Lighty D 8-3
 138lbs.   Jim Haas WY dec. Terry Myers D 13-2
 145lbs.   Rick Lindt D dec. Barry Albright WY 12-4
 154lbs.   Scott Callahan WY dec. Bill Heckert D 5-0
 165lbs.   Greg March D dec. Barry King WY 8-0
 180lbs.   Mike Stambaugh WY dec. Dave Hoffman D 13-1
 Hwt.        Don Lehman WY dec. Ken Narber D 13-2
@ Dover High School
 ▪ West York Coaches - John T. Toggas and Robert Bowers
 ▪ Dover Coach - Leon Senft
Referee - George Billets

 @ Dover HS - 2/18/72
 120lbs. - West York's Keith Lichty (top) tries to control Dover's George Emig. 
 ▪ Lichty won by decision, 4-0... in last night's West York dual win.

 @ Dover HS - 2/18/72

 112lbs. - West York's Skip Martin (left) tries to escape from Dover's Steve Julius. 
 ▪ Julius won by decision, 8-2 during last night's action.

 ▪ Referee George Billets is in background.

▪ West York's Skip Martin (left) fights off his back against Dover's Steve Julius.

   Dover Head Coach - Leon Senft (left), Asst. Coach Ed Strayer...
 and Asst. Coach Charlie Jacobs (right).
 Leon Senft is accepting a remembrance for his retirement!

 ▪ Charlie Jacobs was a 1964 YCIAA Sectional Champion @ Dover!  

Look at West York's early season win over Dallastown...


                                                            5 Wrestlers End At 13-0
   ▪ Now that West York has won the York County wrestling title, the action will shift to the
 final event on the calendar, the Sectionals at Gettysburg College this weekend.

   In the regular season, only five wrestlers finished with 13-0 marks...
 Paul Mulay, West York (103); Brad Warner, Dallastown (112);
 Kevin McCleary, West York (127); Scott Callahan, West York (154)
 and Don Lehman, West York (unlimited).

 Three others were 12-0, Joe Myers, Dallastown (133); Ed Baker, Dallastown (145)
 and Jamie Stock, York High (165).

                                                                       WRESTLING RECORDS

   The YCIAA leaders in each weight class are listed below:
   95lbs.  Barry Adams DA, 9-0; Greg Burg YS, 11-1-1; Steve Thomas WY, 10-1-2.
 103lbs.  Paul Mulay WY,
13-0; Larry Pequignot D, 12-1; Jed Marchio H, 10-2.
 112lbs.  Brad Warner D, 13-0; Bob Kronenberg YS, 11-1; Bill Gilbert SU, 9-1.
 120lbs.  Joel Hoffman DA, 12-1; Dave Myers C, 11-1.
 127lbs.  Brian Dowell D, 12-1; John Ruth DA, 11-1-1.
 133lbs.  Kevin McCleary WY, 13-0; Joe Myers DA, 12-0; Lowell Anderson RL, 10-1.
 138lbs.  Craig Schaszberger C, 11-1-1; Neil Bupp WY, 10-1;
Jim Grimm SG, 8-1;
                Carl Billet VT, 11-2.
 145lbs.  Ed Baker DA, 12-0; Todd Strickhouser NE, 9-1.
 154lbs.  Scott Callahan WY, 13-0; Dave Bowersox SG, 12-1.
 165lbs.  Jamie Stock YH, 12-0; Bob Gruver SG, 9-1; Gary Lohr E, 9-1-1.
 180lbs.  Bob McNabb SW, 11-0-1; John Weston DA, 11-1; Mike Stambaugh WY, 11-1-1.
 Hwt.       Don Lehman WY, 13-0; Jeff Mitchell DA, 11-1; Jeff Frey YH,
11-2; Ken Narber DO, 10-2.

(Key)  DA - Dallastown;  YS - York Suburban;  WY - West York;  DO - Dover;  H - Hanover;
SU - Susquehannock;  C - Central;  SG - Spring Grove;  RL - Red Lion;  NE - Northeastern;
SW - South Western;  VT - York Vo-Tech;  YH - York High;  E - Eastern.

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1972 YCIAA Sectional Results/Photos

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