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▪ 5/10/14 in Nashville, Tennessee (lighting store)
(L-R) Dr. Kim Lehman, Peter Frampton & Eric Lehman '96.
ALL I WANT TO BE... Frampton

"Frampton Comes Alive"

B.J. Thomas ▪ 4/12/14 - Franklin, Tennessee
'96 WY Wrestling Alum Eric Lehman (left) & wife Dr. Kim Lehman (right)
with BJ Thomas backstage after a concert. 
Hooked on a Feeling

NASHVILLE, TN 2013 w/Eric & Kim Lehman

(The Last Train to Clarksville!)

12/27/13 - Nashville's Grand Ole Opry @ the Ryman Theatre.

(L-R) Eric Lehman '96, Dr. Kim Lehman, Debbie Lehman, Don Lehman '73.
12/28/13 - @ The Gaylord Opryland Hotel Garden.

(L-R) Don Lehman, Mike Stambaugh, Carl Stambaugh... with Brian Kuntz (back).

2013 photo by Danielle Scheivert
2013 Bulldog Wrestling Open @ Briarwood West!

▪ @ 2/8/13 PITT/PSU DUAL...(L-R) Randy Blasdell, Don Lehman & Scott Miller.

▪ @ PITT... (L-R) Randy Blasdell, Gary Kessel, Don Lehman & Scott Miller.
(PSU's 165lb. David Taylor... in back-right)

12/16/12 - @ Baltimore Ravens Game (Denver)...
with son-in-law, Ryan Brady.
  Had to see Peyton Manning!

1/3/13 - The West York Wrestling Alumni line-up!
(R-L) Coach John Toggas walks by Gary Narber, Ted Turnbull, Mike Stambaugh, Don Lehman,

 Skip Martin, Randy Blasdell, Tom Toggas, K.C. McCleary, unknown, unknown, Wilmer Pressel,
Bob Narber,  Eric Lehman, Chad Gardner, Justin Wilkins & Kyle Stauffer.  "not in picture" was
Cody Martin & Barry Gay.     photo by Kevin Drawbaugh - JK Images (order a photo!).
West York Wrestling
Alumni Night - 1/3/13

                          CHERRY VALLEY GOLF CLUB
                  (L-R) Tyler, Don Lehman, Mike Stambaugh & Carl Stambaugh.
     Stambaugh/Lehman Team 2nd @ PIUS X Scramble!
      7/21/12 - The team of Mike Stambaugh, Don Lehman, Carl Stambaugh &
  Tyler (Northampton HS) shot a 15-under 57... and finished 2nd @ the PIUS X
  Football Fundraiser at the Cherry Valley Golf Club in Stroudsburg, PA.  The
  Stambaugh/Lehman team lost on a match of cards on the second toughest
  hole.  This marks the 3rd straight year of finishing 2nd!!!  Thanks to...
  Phil Stambaugh, head coach of PIUS X - for another great tourney!      Don

                  West York Wrestling Alumni Golf Page


∙ Eric Lehman '96 at a  function in Clarksville, Tennessee...
with 2007 Miss USA
- Rachel Smith... on 12/31/11 .

11/27/11 - Emma Rose Brady

A little... "R & R in 2011 Summer!"
1996 West York Wrestling Alumnus, Eric Lehman (left) in the Dominican Republic...
and (right) is Eric's wife, US Army Major Dr. Kim Lehman, also in the Dominican.

▪ Dr. Butch Seiders (above) took a trip to Tennessee to visit West York HS

football alumnus and friend, Eric Lehman...making a stop at Jack Daniels!


7/9/11 (L-R ) Ryan Brady, Katie Lehman Brady, Don Lehman, Debbie Lehman,
     Eric Lehman, Kelli Donnelly Lehman & Todd Lehman.

The John Reiber Family
(L-R) Mary, Ty, Angela & John Reiber
John's Memories

photo by an "unidentified" Titans fan
12/19/10 - West York Wrestling Alumni Eric Lehman '96 & Rod Stough '78
@ the Tennessee Titans vs. the Houston Texans NFL game in Nashville!

8/11/10 West York Wrestling Alumni
Get Together...in Tennessee!

8/11/10 - (L-R) Dr. Kim Lehman, Carol Stough,
Rod Stough '78 & Eric Lehman '96.

             ∙ Eric Lehman '96 and wife, Army Major Dr. Kim Lehman...
       were transferred to Fort Campbell and Clarksville, TN from Fort Sam Houston in
       San Antonio, TX.
  Carol and Rod Stough '78 met Eric and Kim on 8/11/10 to have some
       dinner @ the Blackhorse Saloon/Brew House and at the Lodge!
  Eric and Kim found a
       great home that week in Clarksville, TN.
  Carol and Rod Stough lived in Clarksville, TN...
       and were very helpful to Eric and Kim per the military transfer.
  Kim had just returned
       from service in Baghdad, Iraq and after a short leave of duty, started at Fort Campbell
       in October of 2010.
  Kim is now working in Clarksville, TN in private practice and Eric is
       entering his last year of law school @ the Nashville School of Law!
  The Stough's are in FL!

Thanks Rod and Carol for your help!  Wrestlers always come through for their brothers!

                          ∙ Dr. Kim Lehman and Carol Stough having some fun after TN dinner!

                          Dr. Kim Lehman is a West Point Academy Graduate... & an Army Major.

                        ∙ Army Major Dr. Kim Lehman in Baghdad, Iraq @ Camp Victory 2010.


7/3/10 - Todd Lehman WY '04 came in from San Antonio, TX...
for the Lynn Anderson (WY '05) wedding @ the Hershey Hotel.
∙ Both Lehman & Anderson played football together at West York!

Todd Lehman '04 with girlfriend Kelli Donnelly at the Hershey Hotel.

2010 - West York Wrestling  '04 Alum Todd Lehman and girlfriend, Kelli.
San Antonio, Texas.

2010 - West York Wrestling  '04 Alum Todd Lehman and girlfriend, Kelli.
in San Antonio, Texas.

 ∙ West York Wrestling sadly loses 1975 Alumnus - Mark Kraber.

Mike Stambaugh & Don Lehman... played in the
---ESU Football Club Golf Outing!
w/James H. "Doc" Leiding and John Stokes
@... the Delaware Water Gap Country Club.
(Team Stambaugh finished at 10-under par
CLICK HERE to see the Team Stambaugh Photo and Scorecard!

Dillon Stambaugh (left) finished 4th in the
2008 - New Jersey State Championships!!
Dillon is the son of '78 West York Wrestling Grad
and ESU Alumnus - Bruce Stambaugh.

Randy Blasdell's

(click on Bulldog Open logo for '09 photos/results)

June 2009 - *Don Lehman '73 (above) played in the PAI Golf Classic
Crossgates GC (Millersville University) to help support the
needs of people with mental retardation and special needs.

Don was the guest of Tom McConkey, LMA Systems Group, Lancaster, PA.

R. Blasdell photo - American Red Cross
Randy Blasdell '78, Chairman of the annual Red Cross
Outing since its inception
- was honored during the 20th
annual tournament on May 15th, 2009.  Blasdell started
event in 1989, which has raised more than $300,000
over its 20-year history! 

▪ Next (21st) ARC Golf Outing - 5/21/10 @ Cool Creek Golf Club

20th Annual American Red Cross Golf Outing
Friday, May 15, 2009

The team of former WY Head Coach JT Toggas, Fred Lehman '66,
Terry Strayer and Don Lehman '73... teamed up  to shoot a 65
 in Randy Blasdell's American Red Cross Charity Golf Event on:
 5/15/09 at the Cool Creek Golf Club, Wrightsville, Pa.

(L-R) Don Lehman, Coach John T. Toggas, Terry Strayer, Fred Lehman.

5/11/09 (L-R) Jim Haas, Don Lehman, JT Toggas, Todd Reynolds.
Monday - 5/11/09... Coach JT Toggas, Jim Haas '72 and Don Lehman '73
were the guests of Todd Reynolds '77 at the Fountain Head Country Club
Photos by alumnus Todd Reynolds!

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