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"Randy Blasdell's"
19th Annual - 2015 Bulldog Golf Open
photos by Carolyn Tritt

"Randy Blasdell's"
18th Annual - 2014 Bulldog Golf Open
photos by Carolyn Tritt

"Randy Blasdell's"
17th Annual - 2013 Bulldog Golf Open
takes the Old Milwaukee!
Shaffer, Tallman, Tallman &... Miller!
Thanks to U-Tote-M & Total Flooring Systems...
with Total Identity Solutions (for the hats)!

And... BW's Layne Shaffer for the fantastic
hand-painted Bulldog
'13 Titleist ProV 1's!!
▪ Randy Blasdell,  President - Sanctuary Financial Group LLC
@ 129 Oakridge Drive  Mountville, PA 17554 (717) 522-1604
"Customized, Comprehensive Wealth Management!"

▪ Mike Stambaugh '72 - Owner Rita's Store - Schnecksville, PA

(L-R) John T. Toggas, Todd Reynolds, Don Lehman & Randy Blasdell.
All - fantastic contributors & sponsors of this website


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The Alumni Sponsor Wall

Date 2015-16 Season Individual Sponsors
08/14/15   An Anonymous Donor!!!
08/14/15    Randy Blasdell's Bulldog Open Fund for 2016
Date 2014-15 Season Individual Sponsors
07/11/14   An Anonymous Donor!!!
07/11/14    Randy Blasdell's Bulldog Open Fund for 2015
Date 2013-14 Season Individual Sponsors
07/26/13   An Anonymous Donor!!!
07/26/13    Randy Blasdell's Bulldog Open Fund for 2014
07/26/13   Jeff Miller '78
Date 2012-13 Season Individual Sponsors
07/27/12   An Anonymous Donor!!!
07/27/12   Tom Tallman '79
07/27/12   Dr. Perry Tallman '78
07/27/12    Randy Blasdell's Bulldog Open Fund for 2013
01/03/13   Skip Martin '74
01/03/13   Cody Martin '07
Date 2011-12 Season Individual Sponsors
08/05/11   Randy Blasdell's Bulldog Open Fund for 2012
10/24/11   Dr. Kim & Eric Lehman '96
01/12/12   Sharon & Todd Reynolds '77
01/23/12   Carol & Rod Stough '78
Date 2010-11 Season Individual Sponsors
11/29/10   Sharon & Todd Reynolds '77
12/06/10   Carol & Rod Stough '78
02/11/11   Kris & Randy Blasdell '78
Date 2009-10 Season Individual Sponsors
10/18/09   Sharon & Todd Reynolds '77
11/20/09   Lisanne & Mike Gray
01/06/10   Julie & Bill Randt
01/11/10   Carol & Rod Stough '78
01/12/10   Bonnie & Gary Narber '65
01/14/10   Kris & Randy Blasdell '78
01/19/10   Debora & Dave Stram '78
07/23/10   Bruce Stambaugh '78
07/23/10   Dr. Perry Tallman '78
Date 2008-09 Season Individual Sponsors
03/26/09   Mary Jane & John T. Toggas
03/26/09   Sharon & Todd Reynolds '77
04/03/09   Kris & Randy Blasdell '78
04/17/09   Jan & Fred R. Lehman '66
04/18/09   Carol & Rod Stough '78
05/11/09   James Haas '72
05/25/09   Connie & Mike Stambaugh '72

West York

"Please - Make a Difference!"

by Don Lehman '73
For our WY Mat Alumni and Friends...

*2015 towels by Randy Turner - Dr. Kimberly & Eric Lehman

Randy C. Blasdell (WY '78)
Sanctuary Financial Group, LLC
Asset Management, Financial Services,
Retirement Income Planning

129 Oak Ridge Drive
Mountville, PA  17554
Call Randy Blasdell @...
     717-522-1604 office
 717-475-4533 cell
717-522-1608 fax

Randy Blasdell - rblasdell@1stallied.com
Visit Sanctuary Financial Group, LLC @ www.sanctuaryfinancial.net

Randy Blasdell
Former SV American Red Cross Golf Committee Chairman


Colony Papers. Inc.
1776 Colony Drive
York, PA 17408 
Fred Callahan, President

Cigars/Hats/Cutters donated by Todd Lehman

ProV 1's donated by Steve Rubesch - Total Flooring Systems

Beer donated by Delane Leedy, II & Leedy Automotive

Briarwood Golf Clubs
York, PA
"Briarwood offers 36 Championship Holes"
(East and West Courses)
Contact Information:
Briarwood Golf Clubs
Briar Patch Sports Bar Lounge
4775 West Market Street
York, PA 17408
Call for a tee-time @ 717.792.9776
Toll Free 800.432.1555
Briarwood East Course - 4775 W. Market St. York, PA 17408
▪ Briarwood West Course -
407 Bowman Road York, PA 17408
Rick Saxon - Briarwood General Manager & PGA Pro
Kirk Manges
- PGA Member Head Pro (WY & ESU Grad!)
Lisa Manges - Briarwood Golf Club Staff Office Manager
Now... BW Online Tee Time Booking -

Briarwood Golf Website

Mr. T's - 1/10/09 '78 Alumni post match mixer!

▪ At the post-match reunion get together at Mr. T's in Thomasville.
Randy Blasdell is making a strong point about the 1978 team!!
  In the background
- Dave Stram (eating), John Silar
and West York Asst. Basketball Coach, Ed Kessler.
Photo by Samuel Toggas

West York 1977-78 Championship Team Reunion

Front Row (L-R) Don Botterbusch, Bruce Stambaugh, Rodney Stough, John Silar.
Back Row (L-R) Larry Gay, Barry Gay, Asst. Coach Don Lehman, Randy Blasdell,
David Stram, Head Coach John T. Toggas, Asst. Coach John Sprenkle.
▪ Photo by Kevin Drawbaugh of JK Images
1/10/09 West York 78' Team Photo/Recap!

Thanks to Randy Blasdell 78',
 ▪ The West York Wrestling Booster Club, West York AD Roger Czerwinski,
West York Wrestling Coaching Staff, West York Wrestling Cheerleaders,
Rick Blasdell,
Kevin Drawbaugh (superb job w/team photo restoration),
and the fantastic WY "fans" of the 70's!

West York Wrestling

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Some Dedications


This website is dedicated to the great memory of an office, full of photos,
    a coffee pot, and the endless conversations between wrestlers and their coach. 
    website is dedicated to the memory of a scales room, clean and immaculate,
    nicely framed photos of "past" West York Wrestling champions and championship
    teams... and, an exam table used for daily naps!  This website is dedicated to the
    memory of a small wrestling room -  full of records, all-time teams, motivational
    quotes and a dark blue mat kept clean by a team of dedicated "mat maids."  This
    website is dedicated to the memory of an old equipment room, with its proudly
    hung and pressed WY uniforms, and an equipment locker with a history of WY's
    YCIAA Sectional Champions, so neatly written. This website is dedicated to the
    memory of those great fans, the full gyms and the proud support we felt. 
The alumni
    website is dedicated to the memory of a head coach who had the vision
for the
    above, and the patience to stay those long nights while his wrestlers
    & took those long showers after a tough practice or dual meet. 
This website is
    just a "modern" extension of the visuals we saw during our lives at West York!
          This website is dedicated to a former head coach who cared -
John T. Toggas ...
    and the many athletes who competed in the world's oldest and toughest sport!

My site is also dedicated to a late wrestler
who was a very bright light in our lives ...

A. Scott Callahan

∙ Coach JT Toggas and Scott Callahan - 1972 Section Championship

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