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A. Scott Callahan
Memorial Page
Ride In Peace, Scott!
(Scott owned a HD Low-Rider & a HD Sportster)

1954 - 1983

∙ photo by Kevin Drawbaugh of JK Images

West York Wrestling

A. Scott Callahan

A. Scott Callahan
  1970-71-72 - (154lbs.)
West York Wrestling/Football Captain

1972 DIII YCIAA Sectional Champion ... @ 154lbs.
1971 Easton Area HS Holiday Wrestling Champion.
Visit the great 1971-72 West York Wrestling Team

Marshall Tucker Band... Tell It To The Devil
(Scott's Favorite Song!)

1972 - West York's Scott Callahan (left).
1972 West York Wrestling Captain.


∙ Scott Callahan @ Lehigh University Wrestling - (1-1) 1973

Allan Scott Callahan - Ursinus College
coached by Dale Irwin
∙ 46-1 dual meet record at...
Ursinus College

NCAA Division III All-American Wrestler at Ursinus!
- @ 1977 NCAA DIII Tourney - SUNY-Binghampton
1977 NCAA DIII Placewinners w/177lb. Alan Scott Callahan

Ursinus College
Athletic Hall of Fame

Scott Callahan - Ursinus College @ 177lbs.
1977 NCAA Division III All-American

*submitted by Ursinus College Head Wrestling Coach - Bill Racich

69-70 West York Varsity Wrestling

Front Row (L-R) Paul Mulay, Brian Kuntz, Terry Lehr, A. Scott Callahan,
James Haas, David Albright.
Back  (L-R) Mike Stambaugh, Charlie Halloran, Guy Boyer, Gary Bates,
Richard Newcomer, Kenneth Shaffer, Jack Myers.

1972 - West York's Scott Callahan (154lbs.)...
attempts a double-leg takedown during '71-'72 YCIAA wrestling season.

1972 - West York's 154lb. Scott Callahan (right)...
rides Northeastern's John Boop @ West York HS's Gym.

Looking Back...
Thursday - November 18, 1971
@ the Dallastown High School Gym
West York 30 Dallastown 22 - recap/photos...CLICK HERE!

West York wins the 1971-72 YCIAA title!
The YCIAA '71-'72 League Champions!

1971-72 West York Wrestling Team Photo
West York Wrestling 1971-72 (14-0)
▪ Front Row (L-R) - Steve Thomas, Paul Mulay, Skip Martin, Keith Lichty,
Barry Botterbusch, Mark Jenkins, Kevin McCleary & Neil Bupp.
▪ Back Row   (L-R) -
Jim Haas, Barry Albright, Scott Callahan, Mike Root,
Barry King, Mike Stambaugh & Don Lehman.

'72 WY Captains - Scott Callahan, Neil Bupp, Mike Stambaugh & Paul Mulay.
(Kevin McCleary & Don Lehman - match captains)

1972 YCIAA District III
Sectional Wrestling Champions
(Upper Bracket)

1972 DIII YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions
(Upper Bracket)

▪ Front (L/R)  Greg Burg YS, Paul Mulay WY, Brad Warner DT, Joel Hoffman DT,
Kevin McCleary WY, Joe Myers, DT.
▪ Back  (L/R) 
Ed Baker DT, John Wendt C, Scott Callahan WY, John Weston DT,
Bob McNabb SW, Don Lehman WY.

1972 Smaller Photo of Section Champs UB

        1972 YCIAA Sectional Championship Wrestling Finals
                                      (Upper Bracket)
                                  @ Gettysburg College

            95lbs.  Greg Burg, York Suburban, dec. Barry Adams, Dallastown, 4-2.
          103lbs.  Paul Mulay, West York, dec. Jed Marchio, Hanover, 3-0.
          112lbs.  Brad Warner, Dallastown, dec. Steve Julius, Dover, 10-2.
          120lbs.  Joel Hoffman, Dallastown, dec. Steve Acker, Hanover, 14-7.
          127lbs.  Kevin McCleary, West York, dec. Steve Benedict, Eastern, 8-1.
          133lbs.  Joe Myers, Dallastown, pinned Steve Gantz, York High, 3:35.
          138lbs.  Ed Baker, Dallastown, dec. Carl Billet, Vo-Tech, 9-2.
          145lbs.  John Wendt, Central, dec. Richard Lindt, Dover, 11-5.
          154lbs.  Scott Callahan, West York, dec. John Boop, Northeastern, 9-0.
          165lbs.  John Weston, Dallastown, dec. Dave Hoffman, Dover, 6-1.
          180lbs.  Bob McNabb, South Western, dec. Allen Schrum, Spring Grove, 13-1.
   Don Lehman, West York, dec. Ken Narber, Dover, 18-0.

1972 DIII YCIAA Sectional Champions

1971-72 West York Varsity Wrestling
1972 District III YCIAA Sectional Champions

▪ Front Row  (L-R)  Paul Mulay, Kevin McCleary, Neil Bupp.
▪ Back (L-R) WYA Coach John T. Toggas, A. Scott Callahan,
            Don Lehman, Mike Stambaugh, Asst. Coach Robert Bowers.

1971-72 West York Senior Athlete Awards
▪ Scott Callahan (center) - Football, Wrestling.

∙ 1971 - (L-R) Scott Callahan & buddy, Don Lehman.
submitted by K.C. McCleary

1971 Easton Holiday Tournament

1971 - 6th Annual Easton Holiday Wrestling Champions
      ▪ Front Row (L-R) Rich Rike (BF), Rocky Creazzo (E), Lance Leonhardt (F),
Rocky Chunko (SV), Don Rother (H), Bob Messimer (H).
▪ Back Row (L-R) Neil Bupp (WY), Don Rohn (SV), Scott Callahan (WY),
Fred Kugler (SV), Mike Stambaugh (WY), Don Lehman (WY).


"The Gang"

1971-72 West York Varsity Wrestling
(L-R) Kevin McCleary, Neil Bupp, Scott Callahan,
 Michael Stambaugh & Donald Lehman.
The Gang Page

Keith Lichty's Wedding

▪ 1978 - Scott Callahan (top right)... and Don Lehman (bottom right)
were ushers (with their escorts) @ fellow alumnus Keith Lichty's wedding.
(@ Huntingdon, PA)


1982 West York Wrestling Reunion
of the 1972 YCIAA Championship Wrestling Team

(L-R)  Don Lehman, Scott Callahan, Neil Bupp, Paul Mulay, Keith Lichty,
Jim Haas, WY Coach John T. Toggas and Mike Stambaugh.

(picture taken by WY teammate, Kevin McCleary)

"Where Is It... Now!?!

The West York High School Weight Room w/Scott Callahan Plaque.
∙ photo by Kevin Drawbaugh of JK Images

An Interview with Fred & Matt Callahan


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