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"Q&A" with
York Wrestling's
Michael E. Stambaugh
'72 PIAA State Qualifier

                             PX FOOTBALL
            Saturday - July 19, 2014 @ Cherry Valley GC
            10th Annual PIUS X Royals Golf Tournament
   7/19/14 ▪ Bruce Stambaugh, Don Lehman, Carl Stambaugh, Mike Stambaugh.
1st Place in the Pius X Football Event (59) Cherry Valley

        (L-R) Carl Stambaugh, Don Lehman, Bruce Stambaugh, Mike Stambaugh.
      Stambaugh/Lehman Team 3rd @ PIUS X Scramble!
        ▪ 7/20/13 - The team of Mike Stambaugh, Don Lehman, Carl Stambaugh &
      Bruce Stambaugh shot a 12-under 60... and finished 3rd @ the PIUS X
      Football Fundraiser at the
Cherry Valley Golf Club
in Stroudsburg, PA.  The
      Stambaugh/Lehman team lost on a match of cards with two other teams
      that also finished @ 12-under par!  Thanks to... Mike's son, Phil Stambaugh,
      head football coach of PIUS X for another great tourney!     Don     more...
photo by Courtney Stambaugh

West York's Mike Stambaugh '72
1972 YCIAA Sectional, District III & Southeastern Regional Champion @ 180lbs.
1971 Easton High School Holiday Wrestling Tournament Champion @ 180lbs.
1971 West York High School Football Captain & YCIAA All-County Selection.
East Stroudsburg University Football/Wrestling Letterman & NCAA All-American.
East Stroudsburg University Athletic Hall of Fame - Football/Wrestling.


  ▪ West York Wrestling's Michael Stambaugh... graduated in 1972.  Mike is also a 1976 graduate of East Stroudsburg University.  While at West York, Mike was a YCIAA Sectional Champion, District III Champion and Southeastern Regional Champion/PIAA State Qualifier @ 180lbs. in 1972.  Mike was also an outstanding football player at West York HS (fullback & linebacker) earning all-county honors in 1971.  Mike was a member of the 1971-72 undefeated West York Wrestling Team that went 14-0... and also a member of the 1971 Easton High School Holiday Tournament Championship Wrestling Team (WY) while winning the 1971 Easton individual title at 180lbs.  At East Stroudsburg State, Mike was a four-year letterman in wrestling and a three-year letterman in football.  Mike earned NCAA DII AA Wrestling honors in 1976, by placing 6th at the tournament (North Dakota State).  Mike was a two-time PSAC All-Conference 1st Team Football Selection at defensive end and co-captain of the undefeated '76 ESSC PSAC Championship Football Team.  Mike was inducted into the East Stroudsburg University Sports Hall of Fame in 1995 for football/wrestling.

  Mike is currently a Physical Education teacher at Colonial IU 20 Academy in Wind Gap, PA and also a Driver's Ed. teacher.  Mike is also an assistant football coach at Pius X High School and is an owner/operator of a Rita's Water Ice franchise in Schnecksville, PA.  Mike is married to his lovely wife Connie, who is the Pius X High School Athletic Director, in addition to being a Biology teacher.  Connie graduated from the College of White Plains, NY.  Connie and Mike have one son, Phil Stambaugh, who was an outstanding athlete at both Pius X High School and Lehigh University.  Phil was a two-time PIAA State AA Wrestling place-winner in '95 & '96 (4th's) at 189lbs... as well as being a premier quarterback and baseball player for Pius X.  Phil went on to Lehigh University where he set numerous passing records in the Patriot League.  Phil went on to play for both the NFL and NFL Europe (more below).  Phil currently is the President of Pennsylvania Avenue Sports (website) and also helps out his dad with the Rita's day-to-day operations, and was previously an assistant football coach/offensive coordinator at Pius X - and Pius X asst. baseball coach.  Phil is now Head Football Coach at Pius X High School.

  Mike Stambaugh's District 11 coaching records while at Pius X - Wrestling (102-76-1), Pius X Girls Softball (133-51), Pius X Volleyball (85-39), Pius X Football (21-34)... and has just been nominated for induction into the Pius X Hall of Fame for his coaching accomplishments!

 ∙ Don Lehman, former teammate at both West York HS and ESU, asked Mike for a westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Q & A interview... and Mike accepted from his home in the town of Roseto, PA!

Don Lehman
Webmaster, Archivist & Owner of westyorkwrestlingalumni.com

DL - Mike, with the teaching, coaching, driver's ed. training, Rita's ownership, etc., when do you find time for yourself?!  What do you do "and enjoy" in your free time?
MS -
On Tuesdays, I get a chance to golf with my dad Carl in York, PA... as we do this throughout the summer.  In the fall, I spend time with the Pius X Royals Football Team as an assistant coach with my son Phil.
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - I was notified by your son, Phil - that you were just nominated for the Pius X Athletic Hall of Fame as an acclaimed long-time multiple sports coach.  That had to be great news.  Share a couple of the many highlights, and... maybe a disappointment or two while coaching all of the sports over the years at Pius X?
MS -
Making the Hall of Fame was truly an honor and I felt that I was rewarded for my years of service with all of the sports teams at Pius X.  My favorite memories were coaching at the PIAA Wrestling Championships in Hershey, being able to help start the wrestling program back in the late 70's at Pius X... and, resurrecting the Pius X football program in the mid-to-late 80's.  I was disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to coach my son in football and his team's throughout the time he spent there.  I was able to coach him in wrestling and in legion baseball, but I would have liked to have been a part of the football team and their success.
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - Speaking of Phil, you have to be very proud to see him in the football coaching ranks at Pius X, as an assistant coach and offensive coordinator.  What specifically does Phil bring to the program at Pius X High School?
MS -
Phil brings all of the knowledge he acquired as a professional and the experiences from the many years in the sport.  He knows how to deal with players on a personal level and gets the absolute most out of his players.  He was always surrounded by good coaching and that shows in what he gives back to the Pius X program... and, what he gives back to all of the kids at Pius X!
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - Which was harder - watching AND coaching Phil at Pius X High School with his wrestling/football/baseball... or, watching him as a star Lehigh University quarterback and NFL/NFL Europe professional football athlete?
MS -
Coaching Phil in high school was not difficult, it was something that I truly enjoyed!  But, for my wife Connie - it was tough to watch at times during the Lehigh days and professional levels!  But, we enjoyed all of the experiences and the places Phil played... and, we were at EVERYTHING he did!                                                                            
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - While at West York, you were an outstanding athlete - as an all-county YCIAA football player, baseball player and PIAA State Wrestling qualifier (Section, District III, SE Regional Wrestling Champion).  Which sport did you enjoy the most while at West York High School?
MS -
Wrestling - I could be as good as I wanted to be because it was all based on how good I wanted to be... and, how hard I was willing to work to achieve my goals.  Football was more of a team game, but there were obviously aspects of the game that I really enjoyed personally.  I enjoyed the tackling, blocking AND the toughness of the sport!
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - You wrestled some outstanding 180lb. wrestlers in the YCIAA per your 1971-72 year.  I can remember the names of Mike Cave (Eastern), Allen Schrum (Spring Grove) and Bob McNabb (South Western) - all very physically talented wrestlers from York County!  Was there one opponent that came close to "having your number" in that great year for you?
MS -
Bob McNabb was an outstanding Maryland wrestler that transferred to South Western and the YCIAA league.  In our WY/SW dual meet, I felt I had the match won and it turned out to be a tie - Coach JT Toggas went wild and I remember that vividly.  When I wrestled Eastern's Mike Cave in the YCIAA Sectionals... I had a very close bout with him, winning by one point through a ride-out which was exciting and very tough to do!  There were no opportunities for wrestle-backs in those days as you know.  At Districts, I won my match against McNabb in OT and it just seemed that all of these bouts were right down to the wire with each wrestler giving his all.  At the Southeastern Regionals, I won by decision and at the PIAA's (which were in Harrisburg in '72) there were only four wrestlers left and I was fifteen seconds away from winning and all that I needed to do was hang on to my opponents leg in OT!  Instead, we tied and I lost on referee's decision - which is a pretty tough way to go out in your last match as a senior.
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - What are your some of your recollections of that dream 1971-72 14-0 West York Wrestling YCIAA Team Championship season, that also included an Easton "Pat Reilly" Holiday Tournament Team Championship?
MS -
We are the only team to ever win the Easton Holiday Pat Reilly Tournament other than Easton High School - which is definitely an accomplishment, knowing the success of that school (Easton) in wrestling over the years.  We were ranked #1 in PA (PA Amateur Wrestling News) after that win at Easton.  I was even offered a full ride to North Carolina State after my championship finals match.  I think back to all of the kids on our West York Wrestling team and how good we were... and, how close the team was!  I was probably the least likely of our top guys on our '71-'72 team to go to PIAA States that year!  It was more of a "mental toughness" I tried to instill in myself that carried me through those close matches in the most critical and rewarding parts of the season.  That toughness is attributed to my coaches... Mr. Robert Bowers & of course Mr. John T. Toggas.  And, my workout partners - Donnie Lehman & the late Scott Callahan.
                                                                           ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - You went from West York High School to East Stroudsburg State College (University) to play football under Denny Douds and wrestle under the great Clyde "Red" Witman.  Again, you were successful in TWO sports at the college level... a very rare feat!  Again, any preference in the sport you enjoyed most while at ESU/ESSC ESU Wrestling website.
note: There is a Clyde "Red" Witman Scholarship at ESU 
MS -
I went to East Stroudsburg University to wrestle because of Clyde "Red" Witman.  And, I always enjoyed football - so, I played spring ball for coach Denny Douds and ended up being an All-American in both sports. (the first athlete to accomplish that for ESSC/ESU)  ESU's 2-time NCAA DI Wrestling Champion, Jack Cuvo, did it later as a Wrestler/Cross-Country Runner.  I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to play both sports for the ESU Warriors.  Our ESU Football Team in 1975 & 1976 (which I captained both) went undefeated for 2 years (19-0-1) and had the longest football winning streak in the nation!
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - What was it like wrestling for the late, great Clyde "Red" Witman at ESSC/ESU... and what did you learn from Coach Witman that helped you in your outstanding wrestling coaching career at Pius X?
MS -
As I said, the reason I went to ESU was for Clyde Witman... and, what he instilled in us was toughness!  He would get down on the mat and teach us a series of moves.  His teachings were the core for the techniques I then applied with my high school teams.  I learned a lot about the "coaching side of things" from Coach Witman and he really looked out for me with a job at the Pocono Sports Camp in the summer.  He was there for me if I needed anything.  He was very good to me and it is something I will always appreciate and is why I took many of his coaching aspects and teachings into my own style... I miss him dearly.
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - During your sophomore year at East Stroudsburg State... you lived with our West York/ESSC/ESU wrestling great Bill Luckenbaugh and his cousin, Central York star John Luckenbaugh off-campus!  I actually stayed with you gentlemen for a few weeks during the '74 energy shutdown of ESSC... but, we still had to come back for wrestling practice and some matches!  What was it like to share an apartment with Bill and John Luckenbaugh?
MS -
It was nice to know that you were living with guys who shared similar interests.  We looked out for each other and they had knowledge and experience that they were not afraid to share with me.
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - What was your off-season training regimen like when you were at West York and East Stroudsburg State College?
MS -
Weightlifting & Running... the essentials.  Plus, I spent time hay-bailing on my uncle's farms.
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - We lost a great friend and outstanding person in A. Scott Callahan in 1983.  The current West York HS weight room was donated/funded by the late Norman M. Callahan, Jr. - and, is dedicated to Scott Callahan, your fellow '72 football/wrestling captain and teammate.  The Coach John T. Toggas years with Scott and others were great memories.  What are your memories about Scott when you hear his name and think of him?
MS -
I think of the epic battles we had at practice... bouncing each other off the walls and gym bleachers!  You would have thought we hated each other when in truth, we were the closest of friends and we did that to make each other better.  I think of going to play poker at his "spring house" the day after Thanksgiving and those fond memories.  I also remember his love of motorcycles.  I miss my friend and keep his memory close to my heart.
note: Scott Callahan owned a Harley Davidson Low-Rider and Sportster.  The Callahan Plaque
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - Mike, I have seen your parents at recent WY football games... I'm guessing Pat and Carl Stambaugh were a huge part of your success in sports.  And, you have a brother, Bruce... who followed in your footsteps as an athlete at West York and ESU, and a sister - Sue.  What did your family mean to you as an athlete growing up on Baker Road in West Manchester Township?
MS -
My parents provided me the opportunity to play all the sports I wanted to participate in... as long as I finished my "chores!"  They supported me in everything, just as I have done for my son Phil... and, along with my grandparents, their support was something that helped me have success while at West York and ESSC/ESU.  Bruce was an outstanding athlete in his own right... he just wasn't as "nasty" as he needed to be!  I should have beat him up more as kids... (just kidding!) - we got along great as kids... but, my sister Sue (Susan Stambaugh Roth) drove me nuts... ha-ha!
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
DL - Mike, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do a Q & A.  Let's make sure we play some golf again next year in the ESU Football Club charity event!
MS -
I need to defend my title for Pius X Golf Outing... you will have to join my dad Carl and my brother Bruce this year.  We will also have to get together to do the ESU Golf events. Thanks for this recognition Don, this brought back some great memories!  Happy Holidays!
                                                                            ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

1971 Dual Meet - West York's 180lb. Mike Stambaugh (left) against
Dallastown's Jeff Mitchell.  WY's Stambaugh won by decision... 6-4.

▪ Referee Bill Billet calls both wrestlers - "out of bounds."

The 1971-72 West York Varsity Wrestling Team

    Front Row (L-R) - Steve Thomas, Paul Mulay, Skip Martin, Keith Lichty,
Barry Botterbusch, Mark Jenkins, Kevin McCleary, Neil Bupp.
   ▪ Back Row
(L-R) -
Jim Haas, Barry Albright, Scott Callahan, Mike Root,
Barry King, Mike Stambaugh, Don Lehman.

∙ 1972 Lower Bracket YCIAA Section Champions w/Mike Stambaugh (back 5th from left).

1972 "The Gang" (McCleary, Bupp, Callahan, Stambaugh, Lehman).
1972 West York Wrestling Booster Club - Outstanding Wrestler Award.
Mike Stambaugh - 1st Team "Toggas All-Time Team" & 1st Team Alumni.com All-Time.

w/B. Luckenbaugh-M. Stambaugh-D. Lehman-K. Lichty.

∙ ESU's Mike Stambaugh is a 4-year wrestling letterman '73-'76
East Stroudsburg State College

1973-74 East Stroudsburg State College Team
▪ Front (L-R) Billy Cuff, Keith Lichty, Bill Luckenbaugh, Gary Kessel, Mel Riddick.
▪ Back (L-R)
Don Lehman, Bob Stetler, Mike Stambaugh, Carl Seitz, Phil Conlin,
Fred Swanson.
(red - denotes West York HS graduate!)
note: 3 high school state champions in above photo...
(Billy Cuff - NJ, Bill Luckenbaugh - PA, Fred Swanson - NJ.)

Mike Stambaugh
East Stroudsburg State College Warriors Football
Co-Captain of the (9-0-1)...
1976 ESSC PSAC Championship Football Team

2009 ESU Warrior Football Outing - TEAM STAMBAUGH.
(L-R) Dr. James H. "Doc" Leiding, Don Lehman, John Stokes, Mike Stambaugh.

▪ Mike was an All-PSAC 1st Team Selection
at ESSC as a Defensive End in 1975 & 1976.
▪ Mike Stambaugh was named the Lehigh Valley Scholar-Athlete in 1976.
▪ Mike Stambaugh was a 3-year football letterman @ ESSC - '74, '75 & '76.

2009 ESU Football Club Golf Outing @ Water Gap Country Club

∙ Phil Stambaugh (on right #7) w/the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Former PIAA AA wrestling place-winner for Pius X High School '95 (4th) '96 (4th)... HERE!
and a Lehigh University graduate - Phil played briefly for the Pittsburgh Steelers (above #7)
Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints and Buffalo Bills.  Phil also played for the Berlin Thunder and Rhein Fire of NFL Europe.  At Lehigh University - Phil Stambaugh, a 2000 grad, set a number of passing records... the school record for most career touchdowns (78), completions (818), yards (9,669) and completion percentage (63.71%).  Phil was the Patriot League's Player of the Year in 1998, an ECAC
All-Star in 98 & 99... and a Blue-Gray Classic selection in 1999 as a quarterback.
∙ Phil is the son of Mike WY '72, ESU '76 and Connie Casciano Stambaugh of Roseto, PA... and is president of Pennsylvania Avenue Sports.  Phil is the Head Football Coach @ PIUS X.

Both Mike Stambaugh & son Phil...at
Pius X Football
Phil Stambaugh @ Pius X High School Football...
PA District 11 all-time record stats for Phil Stambaugh include - 10th in career passing
yardage (5,595 yards) and 8th in single season passing yardage (2,576 yards) in '95.
Phil Stambaugh - '96 PIAA 4th.
Pius X Wrestling


Mike Stambaugh and Connie Casciano Stambaugh - are very proud to announce
their son, Phil... will be inducted into the 2010 Lehigh University Athletic Hall of Fame!
Lehigh University Athletic 5/8/10 Hall of Fame Inductees:
∙ Mike Brown '80 - Wrestling
∙ Phil Stambaugh '00 - Football
∙ Anne Tierney '03 - Women's Basketball

Lehigh's Hall of Fame Press Release

Franchise Owner/Operator (Mike Stambaugh)
Schnecksville, PA

2007 West York Wrestling Alumni Golf Outing w/dad Carl & brother Bruce!

∙ You can e-mail Mike Stambaugh HERE!


1972 PA Southeast Regional Wrestling Champions
∙ West York's Mike Stambaugh (180lbs.) is 5th from left in front row.

1972 - West York's Mike Stambaugh (top) controls York Suburban's Lowell Williams.
▪ Stambaugh pinned Williams in the 1972 YCIAA sectional semi-finals (2:59).



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