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▪ 1971 - The late Scott Callahan & Don Lehman

 Funeral For A Friend ▪ Elton John



"Rest in Peace, Coach JT & Mrs. T!"

John T. Toggas
01/25/32 - 10/09/15

Monahan Obituary    Gettysburg Times    YDR/YD

10/17/15 Toggas
Funeral Program
(Below thoughts by Guy Boyer WY Alum '71)


"Wrestling Family" that attended the viewing, the service, the fellowship
     after at the Charlie Sterner Building... or all "three" included:
     Russell Stoner, Jim & Deb Haas, Skip Martin, Todd Reynolds, Carolyn Tritt,
     Dr. Tom Bauer & wife, Terry Bupp, John Eyster, Congressman Bill Goodling,
     Fred R. Lehman, Larry Haas & wife, John W. & Connie Sprenkle, Robert Bowers,
     Dennis Heath, Perry Tallman, Randy Blasdell, Bruce Stambaugh, Mike Stambaugh,
     Ted & Jodi Turnbull, Guy Boyer, Don & Debbie Lehman, Barry King, Brian Kuntz,
     Charlie Jacobs, Kevin McCleary, K.C. McCleary, Tom Toggas & son Dillon Toggas,
     Dave & Carolyn Toggas, Steve & Candy Toggas and daughter Amber, Ken Fetters,
     Jon Trenge, Tom Best, Mr. & Mrs. Knott, Troy & Jane Knott, Mark Kuntz,
     Carolyn L. Doarnberger Daugherty & Tom Daugherty and sons, etc... &
     Mary Jane Toggas, Matthew & Samantha Toggas, Steph, Carl & Brock Leinbach.


The late... Coach John
T. Toggas
JT Toggas Biography/Photos

We May Never Pass This Way Again...

10/14/15 John T. Toggas article by Steve Heiser 

Rest in Peace... "Mrs. T"!

Mary Jane Toggas
9/1/31 - 9/14/17



In Memory of James E. Shorts, Jr.
(7/2/57 - 1/4/20)


1974-75 West York Varsity Wrestling
▪ YCIAA League Championship Team ▪

▪ Front  (L-R)  Scott Little, Bill Pope, Chuck Nace, Todd Reynolds, Mark Einsig,
John Chiappy, Bradley Pope, Jeff Meckley.

▪ Back (L-R) Coach John W. Sprenkle, Scott Miller, Kenny Ott, Mark Hoffman,
Gary Johnson, Jim Altland, Jim Shorts, Mark Kraber, Coach John Toggas.

In Memory of Pat Stambaugh
10/20/35 - 3/17/18
▪ Our deepest sympathies to the Stambaugh family on the loss of their mother, Pat.
Pat was a huge supporter of West York Wrestling and sports in general.  She will be missed!

∙∙ The Mission of the Navy: to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces
capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas

Frederick E. Lehman... 5/21/27 - 7/26/17

US Navy (WWII Veteran)
USS Bennington CV-20
Ocean Theater)


 I am sad to announce that
Robert F. Haas, Jr.
passed away on 1/15/17 at the age of 91.
Mr. Haas was a HUGE supporter of WY Wrestling.
deepest sympathies to the entire Haas family.

Dave Heckard's father passes away...
Rest in Peace, Coach Heckard!

Tom Heckard

12/24/30 - 06/20/16

∙∙ The Mission of the Navy: to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces
capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.

Paul C. McCleary, Jr.
11/14/32 - 06/19/15

     ▪ Our deepest sympathies to wife Pat McCleary, sons Kevin McCleary, K.C. McCleary
     and their families on the passing of their father... Paul C. McCleary, Jr.
     Paul was a 1950 West York Area High School Graduate,
a West York Area Wrestling
     Alumnus, and a former member of the West York Wrestling Booster Club.
     Paul was a 1954 Ursinus Graduate and earned a law degree in 1961 from Dickinson
     School of Law.  Paul was a veteran serving as an officer with the US Marines Corp.
     Paul was a HUGE supporter of West York Area Wrestling and he was instrumental in
     creating the West York Booster Club Summer Tournament and the Poland/USA-PA
Freestyle Event at West York High School in 1973.    WY Wrestling Hall of Fame

Rick Gilmore
 In Memory of '74 WY Wrestling Alumnus...Ricky "Rick" L. Gilmore.
08/12/56 - 11/15/14
Rick Gilmore passed away on 11/15/14 - in Bradenton, FL.

In Memory of Brenda O. Shorts
07/14/1940 - 11/12/2014

 Our deepest sympathies to West York Alumni Jim Shorts, Ken Shorts,
Gene Shorts, sister Judy Shorts and the extended Jim Shorts family...
on the passing of their mother,
Brenda O. Shorts.
Brenda was very active in the West York Area Wrestling Booster Club
and was a huge West York Wrestling fan!

In Memory of
Terry L. Kuntz
02/11/1927 - 11/03/2014

 Our deepest sympathies to West York Alumni Mark Kuntz, Brian Kuntz,
sister Lauren Goodling, Mom Betty J. and the extended Kuntz family ...
on the passing of their father,
Terry L. Kuntz.
Terry was a huge supporter of West York Area Wrestling and President
of the West York Wrestling Booster Club in 1970. (US Navy

∙∙ The Mission of the Navy: to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces
capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.

In Memory of
Yvonne Tallman
08/09/1932 - 07/17/2014

 Our deepest sympathies to West York Alumni Perry Tallman, Mike Tallman
Tom Tallman and their families...
on the passing of their mother, Yvonne,
a staunch supporter of West York Wrestling!

In Memory of Charles D. "Chuck" Nace
08/13/59 - 05/16/14

1959-2014 ▪ Obit
West York Wrestling ▪ 1977 Alumnus & Hall of Fame
1976 Easton Holiday/1977 YCIAA Sectional Champ!
JT Toggas "Top 60" West York Wrestling Team

1976-77 West York Wrestling Team

▪ YCIAA League Wrestling Co-Champions!
∙ Front (L-R) Rodney Stough, Bob Gay, Billy Pope, Kenneth Shorts,
Chuck Nace, Todd Reynolds, Steve Toggas, Larry Gay, Barry Gay.
Back Row (L-R)  Mark Harrington, Lynn Martin, Bruce Stambaugh,
Spangler, Dave Stram, Bob Brown, Scott Luckenbaugh,
John Reiber, Perry Tallman, Randy Blasdell.    1975 Germany Trip

George S. Myers
06/23/51 - 11/29/13

2-time ACC Champion!

Former Dallastown HS PIAA State Champion...
▪ Myers was the 1st Dallastown Wrestler to win a PIAA title... obit
1969 YCIAA Sectionals1969 Sectionals (color)1969 PIAA's!


1969 YCIAA Sectional Champions

1969 - Dallastown's 145lb. George Myers - (2nd from left standing).

George W. McCormack
01/11/67 - 11/30/13
▪ Former Dallastown Wrestler - obit
George McCormack was a 1985 PIAA State runner-up @ Hwt.
Above '85 YCIAA Section photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ My deepest sympathy to Charlie Jacobs... on the
passing of his mother,
Winifred P. Jacobs on 9/5/13.

Robert C. Murphy, Jr.
10/31/53 - 6/24/13

West York 1972 Alumnus

Bob Murphy was a former West York Wrestler.
1969 WYJH Wrestling Tourney Photo

PIAA Official - the late Stan Dutterer (right)
Stan Dutterer killed in Harrisburg crash!

Samuel T. "Sam" Toggas
3/26/34 - 2/4/13
    ∙ Sam Toggas
was an icon in the history of West York Wrestling.
former President of the West York Wrestling Booster Club...
     Sam, loved the sport of wrestling and spent many hours
        the program through innovative fundraising ideas and hard work.
     Sam was always there for all of the
West York Wrestlers.  Sam's
  sons... Steve, Dave and Tom were excellent wrestlers @ West
      York Area High School.  Rest in Peace, Sam!  You will be missed!

        "Looking Back... An Ad From Years Past!"
                          Sam Toggas    Donald Lyons    Pharmacists
                      2241 W. Market St. York, Pa., Phone 792-9312
                   Russell Stover Candies
American Greeting Cards

Marilyn J. (Gillespie) Toggas
(wife of Samuel T. Toggas...55 years )
6-13-34 to 8/16/15

Herbert C. Boyer
11/4/26 - 5/3/12

Guy Boyer's (1971 WY Wrestling Alum & YCIAA Sectional Champion)
father, Herbert C. Boyer, passed away on 5/3/12...@ the age of 85.
  Our sympathies to West York Alumnus Guy Boyer - and his family.

John C. Bowser, Jr.
2/07/25 - 4/20/12

2007 District III Wrestling Hall of Fame.
3-time District III Wrestling Champion ('40, '41, '42)
∙ 3-time PIAA State Wrestling Qualifier ('40, '41, '42)
*1941 PIAA State Runner-up @ 85lbs.
(*1941 PIAA typo - has Carl listed as 2nd... John is correct 2nd)

1941 PIAA State Wrestling Finals
∙ Jim Mohney (Clearfield) dec. John Bowser (West York) 6-6, 2-0 (ot).

A HUGE Supporter of WY Wrestling!

WY Superintendant
Raymond R. Troxell, Jr.
7/11/32 - 1/23/12

Looking back at a special night... w/Supt. Troxell.

1971 West York 30  Dallastown 22...
▪ Mr. Eby (left) congratulates West York Coach JT Toggas (right)
and West York Area Superintendent - Raymond Troxell (middle).

Ken Ott, Jr. WY '76
Ken Ott, 53... passed away on 12/04/12 in Estero, FL.
"Rest in Peace, Kenny!"

Jeffrey L. Nickol
'07 WY Wrestling Alumni Golf Supporter.
"Let your ride continue, Jeff... I miss our chats @ Mr. T's!!"  Don

Mark T. Kraber '75

Kenneth W. Hoover

(Tom Hoover's ▪ '66 ▪ father)

Debra R. Mountz
(mother of Michael Mountz '07)

Norman M. "Cal" Callahan, Jr.
(father of Michael, Fred, Scott, Becky & Matt)

John S. "Moc" Toggas
The Memory Page

John S. "Moc" Toggas
Gettysburg, PA High School Varsity Wrestling
1974-75 Gettysburg HS Photo

1st Lt. Daren Hidalgo Memory Page



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