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West York Wrestling

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Note: Total Sectional Champion Name Lists are not
It is however a fact that West York HS

has had well over 100 Sectional Champions.  DSL


(updated as of 2020-21 season)

Sectional Championships!
"A Wrestling History Feature"


West York Wrestling 1971-72
"Pencil Drawing"
1972 YCIAA Individual Sectional
Wrestling Champions Drawing

▪ Front (L-R) Paul Mulay (103lbs), Kevin McCleary (127lbs),
Neil Bupp (133lbs).
▪ Back (L-R) Coach John T. Toggas, Scott Callahan (154lbs),
Don Lehman (Hwt.), Mike Stambaugh (180lbs),
Assistant Coach Robert Bowers.

1960 York County Sectional
Wrestling Champions

▪ Front  (L-R) W. Slothower (Dover), Glenn Amsbaugh (West York),
G. Martin (Hanover), R. Bingaman (Dover),
H. Howard (York High), Arthur Miller (Biglerville).
▪ Back Row
(L-R) E. Bingaman (Dover HS), B. Shepp
(Central York),
D. Stambaugh (Dover), R. Wagner (Biglerville),
Reuben Washington (York High), M. Reidel (York High).
note: Biglerville's Arthur Miller was a PIAA State semi-finalist

West York Wrestling's
4-Time Section Wrestling Champion!
Glenn Amsbaugh


Dr. Glenn Amsbaugh, MD
West York's only 4-Time Sectional Champion.
▪ Glenn is a MD in York and was undefeated in
"Dual Meets" for West York Area High School


Sectional, District, Region, PIAA Brackets/Results


"Sectional, District, Regional, PIAA State Tourney Brackets"
2021 Post Season Wrestling Brackets/Results on FLO

2020 YAIAA Section AAA IV's
@ South Western High School

2020 YAIAA Sectional Wrestling Championships 113lbs.
West York's Ivan Vega (3rd from left) placed 2nd.

YAIAA AAA Sectionals

2019 YAIAA DIII Section IV AAA 220lbs. - WY's Frank Veloce (2nd)

2019 YAIAA DIII Section IV AAA 106lbs. - WY's Ivan Vega (3rd)

2019 YAIAA DIII Section IV AAA 182lbs. - WY's Eli Lawless (6th)


2018 Sectional IV AAA... Full Results!

2018 WY's Frank Veloce (285 - 3rd) 2nd left

2018 WY's Nick Spadafora (182 - 5th) 1st left

2015 YAIAA Sectional AAA's

Garrett Stauffer
YAIAA AAA Sectional Champion @ 152lbs.

1983 YCIAA Sectional AAA's

West York's Brent Gladfelter (middle) won the '83 Sectionals.
photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs

2010 YAIAA AAA 145lb. Sectional V Podium

(L-R) Jake English - 2nd, (Central York); Billy Randt - 1st, (West York);
Bobby Axe - 3rd, (Red Lion Area HS).
2010 YAIAA photo submitted by Julie Randt

1983 YCIAA AAA Sectional Champions
West York HS's Brent Gladfelter... (back row - 1st on left).
∙ There are 2 PIAA State Champions, a NCAA DI runner-up...
(*Brad Lloyd) and a 3-time NCAA DIII Champion (*Shaun Smith)
in the above '83 YCIAA AAA Sectionals photo!
Shaun Smith - (Dover HS - 2nd from left back)
and, Mark Noll (Dallastown 5th from left front)
were 1983 AAA PIAA State Wrestling Champions!!
(*Brad Lloyd is 4th from left front)
photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs


Sectional History

West York All-Sports Twitter

                                          West York Wrestling's
                            Sectional Photos & Results
                                        (Section Championship Years)
62, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72,
                             73, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85,
                             91, 96, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 09, 10, 12,
   (1980 AA)


*1969 District III YCIAA
Sectional II
Wrestling Champions
@ West York (PA) Area High School Gym

Front  (L-R) Merv Keeney (DA), *Bill Luckenbaugh (WY), Jim Keesee (DA),
Larry Haas (WY), Mike Anstadt (DA), Frankie Vega (WY).
Back Row  (L-R) Don Adams (DA), *George Myers (DA), Terry Myers (DA),
Frank Rice (DA), *Richard Hartman (DA), *John Sprenkle (WY).

         1969 York County Section II Championship Finals
       95lbs. - Frank Vega (WY) dec. John Duke (C) 4-0.
103lbs. -
Mike Anstadt (DA) dec. Brian Kuntz (WY) 8-7.
112lbs. -
Larry Haas (WY) dec. Joe Waltemyer (DA) 17-4.
120lbs. - Jim Keesee (DA) dec. Jeff Hoch (JB) 7-0.
   127lbs. - Bill Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Ken Baker (DA) 1:27.
133lbs. -
Mervin Keeney (DA) dec. Dave Frey (DO) 11-2.
138lbs. -
Don Adams (DA) dec. Jack McGeehee (H) 6-1.
   145lbs. - George Myers (DA) dec. Ron Ankney (NO) 11-1.
154lbs. - Terry Myers (DA) pinned Gary Bates (WY) 4:30.
165lbs. - Frank Rice (DA) dec. Brian Damon
(C) 12-9.
180lbs. - Richard Hartman (DA) dec. Keith Clark (WY) 13-4.
      Unlim. - John Sprenkle (WY) pinned Robert Costa (DO) 1:47.

   WY-West York  C-Central  DA-Dallastown  JB-James Buchanan
   DO-Dover  H-Hanover  NO-New Oxford.
                                        @ West York High School


 1985 YCIAA AAA Sectional Champions
                                           ▪ West York's Tony Hoffman (1st on left in back row)...
                                           captured the 1985 138lb. YCIAA Sectional AAA Crown!
                                West York's Tony Hoffman also placed 3rd at the '85 SC Regionals
                                and qualified for the PIAA AAA State Tourney along with West York's
                                Wilmer Pressel, who finished 2nd at the '85 Sections & SC Regionals.
                                1985 PIAA State AAA placewinner's from the above photo:
                                Mark Banks, York Vo-Tech (back - 2nd from left) - PIAA 2nd at 145lbs.
                                Jay Egloff, South Western (back - 5th from left) - PIAA 3rd at 185lbs.
                                George McCormack, Dallastown (back - 6th from left) - PIAA 2nd at Hwt.
                                York Vo-Tech's Mark Banks went on to win the '86 PIAA State title
                                @ 155lbs. while going 28-0 &... became a 2-time NCAA All-American
                                at West Virginia University (Division I)!!
                                                                   photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs


                                 1968 YCIAA Sectional II Champions
                                             1968 York County Section II
                                                           Wrestling Champions
                            ▪ Front (L-R) Charles Vaughn (York High), John Rabenstein (York Suburban),
                            Larry Haas (West York HS), Bill Luckenbaugh (West York HS).
                            ▪ Middle (L-R) Bob Gardner (York Suburban), Joe Knoch (York Suburban),
                            Don May (Eastern HS).
                            ▪ Back (L-R) William "Bill" Thomas (York High), Glen Eby (West York HS),
                            Hank Claiborne (York High), Keith Wilkins (York Suburban),
                            John W. Sprenkle (West York HS).
                                                           @ West York High School
                            ▪ 1968 YCIAA Sectional Team Champion - West York High School.
                            West York Area Head Coach - John T. Toggas.



                                             1978 YCIAA AAA Sectional Champions
                                           ▪ Front Row Kneeling (L-R) George Harrison (York High),
                                           Kenneth Shorts (West York), Jim Kurnick (York Vo-Tech),
                                           Jed Hoffman (Dallastown), Gordon Bell (Dallastown).
                                           ▪ Back (L-R) Larry Mescan (York High), Randy March (Dover),
                                           Tate Myers (Dallastown), Kevin Baughman (Red Lion Area),
                                           Bill Shellenberger (Red Lion Area), Jerry Stokes (York High).
photo submitted by
Charlie Jacobs

                           1971 YCIAA Section I Championships

                         1971 ▪ West York Area HS Wrestling senior captain - (165lb.) Guy Boyer...
                         receives a YCIAA Section I trophy from West York Principal, Neil Everhart.
                         *Northeastern High School's Todd Strickhouser (2nd) is on the right.
                                     (@165bs. Guy Boyer (WY) dec. Todd Strickhouser (NE) 6-3)

1971 Sectionals Article by Larry A. Hicks YSN
           ▪ York, Pa -
WRESTLING, a sport that goes back to the arenas of the ancient Greeks,
       has proved that it is firmly installed in the hearts of many York County fans as the
       West York High School gymnasium was "filled to capacity" to view the York County
       Sectional Wrestling Tournament Saturday afternoon and evening.  High school
       wrestlers from all York County Wrestling League members put their heart and soul into
       their maneuvers with the result being several upsets and quite a few heart-breakers.
       Randy Miller, York Vo-Tech trounced previously unbeaten John Stough, Dallastown 6-1,
       in the 145lb. class.  Bill Trostle, heavyweight of South Western, lost to Jeff Mitchell of
       Dallastown, 7-4.  In the finals, Dallastown and West York dominated the championships.
       Six of the Wildcats and five of the Bulldogs won titles.  Next in line was Spring Grove
       with three. There was no official team champion in this year's sectionals since two
       men in each weight class advance to the Districts.      
Larry A. Hicks YSN  
           ▪ "Unofficial Team Scoring" had West York 1st with 85 pts. - Dallastown 2nd with 82 pts.

                                        YCIAA Section I Championships
                                             Semi-Finals & Finals Results

                                          February 26-27, 1971
               ▪ Host:  West York Area High School Gymnasium & TV Auditorium.
               ▪ Teams (14):  Dallastown, Eastern, Dover, West York, Spring Grove, York Vo-Tech,
               Central York, York High, York Suburban, Red Lion, South Western, Northeastern,
               Hanover & Susquehannock.
               Total Attendance (2 days @ West York Area HS) - 2867
               Closed Circuit TV Viewing - West York Auditorium.
               ▪ Unofficial Team Points - West York HS 85 (1st) and Dallastown 81 (2nd)
               ▪ YCIAA Wrestling Committee Chairman - Ron Bailey.
               ▪ Section I Arena Managers - Charles Nitchkey & Darwin Bupp.
               ▪ Trophy Presentation - Neil Everhart, West York HS Principal.

                                        YCIAA Section I Championships
                                               YCIAA DIII Finals Results
               ▪ Champions (2) qualify for District III Wrestling Championships
               @ the Harrisburg PA Farm Show Arena. 
                                                 1971 DIII SECTION I CHAMPIONS
               Jed Marchio (H) dec. Steve Frey (D) 3-0
               Paul Brown (YH) dec. Jeff Hoffman (Do) 6-2

               John Jones (C) dec. Jeff Becker (SG) 7-2
               Tom Shultz (D) dec. Paul Mulay (WY) 5-1

               Kevin McCleary (WY) dec. Dan Lighty (Do) 9-3
               Marvin Shaw (RL) dec. John Kramer (D) 7-3

               Lowell Anderson (RL) pinned Steve Benedict (E) 4:26
               Terry Lehr (WY) dec. John Thomas (C) 9-3

               Jack Smyser (SG) dec. Norm Rutzebeck (S)  5-1
               Neil Bupp (WY) dec. Steve Schrum (D) 4-0

               Jim Rohrbaugh (D) dec. Tom Mummert (Do) 7-1
               Mike Koons (E) dec. Keith Krout (SG) 6-0

               Ed Baker (D) dec. Mike Bentzel (Do) 7-6
               John Luckenbaugh (C) dec. Ted Turnbull (WY) 3-1

               Mark Myers (SG) dec. Scott Callahan (WY) 5-2
               Randy Miller (VT) dec. Rick Lauer (C) 6-2

               Jeff Koller (D) dec. Mike Stambaugh (WY) 6-1
               Dave Bowersox (SG) dec. Kim Wilkins (YS) 8-1

               Guy Boyer (WY) dec. Todd Strickhouser (NE) 6-3
               Dave Hoffman (Do) dec. Alan Schrum (SG) 9-6

               Glenn Geiman (SW) pinned Mike Cave (E) 5:25
               Glenn Dubbs (D) dec. Jay Brillhart (Do) 5-0

               Don Lehman (WY) pinned William Frantz (VT) 3:12
               Lanny Lewis (YS) won by ref's dec. over Jeff Mitchell (D) (double ot)



             West York Wrestling

           2003 PIAA District III
                      Section IV
     AAA Wrestling Championships


                        @ South Western, PA Area High Schoo
l Gym...
        ∙ 2003 - WYHS's District III AAA Sectional Champions.
      (L-R) WY's 171lb. Todd Lehman and 112lb. Eric Albright

                    2003 PIAA District III
      Section IV AAA Wrestling Championships
@ South Western High School

   2003 YAIAA Sectional AAA Wrestling Championship Finals
   103lbs. - Chris Hollinger (Dover) dec. Justin Myers (Dallastown) 9-7.
112lbs. - Eric Albright (West York) dec. Brian Polashuk (Spring Grove) 8-2.
   119lbs. - Kevin Henning (Spring Grove) pinned Ken Baker (Dover) 3:37.
   125lbs. - Nick Glatfelter (Susquehannock.) dec. Kelin Bidelspach (Spring Grove) 13-1.
   130lbs. - Nathan Geesaman (Waynesboro) dec. Cody Becker (Spring Grove) 9-4.
   135lbs. - Joe Martin (Gettysburg) dec. Mike Ferrer (New Oxford) 6-6 OT rideout.
   140lbs. - Brian Lisko (Waynesboro) major dec. Jake Kump (Gettysburg) 13-2.
   145lbs. - Wayne Laughman (New Oxford) dec. Mark Smith (Central York) 6-4.
   152lbs. - Jason Hollar (Red Lion) major dec. Barrett Clabaugh (New Oxford) 11-1.
   160lbs. - Bart Poole (Gettysburg) dec. Zach Crumbling (Spring Grove) 5-0.
171lbs. - Todd Lehman (West York) dec. John Kelly (Susquehannock) 7-0.
   189lbs. - Justin Terhune (Dallastown) major dec. Joel Brookens (Gettysburg) 11-2.
   215lbs. - Adam LoPiccolo (Susquehannock) dec. Kyle Sprenkle (Spring Grove) 8-2.
   275lbs. - Joe Bresnahan (Spring Grove) dec. Ashley Boyers (New Oxford) 6-5 OT.

      ▪ Top 4 Sectional Wrestling Championship Placewinners
                     (Advance to District III AAA Regionals @ Hersheypark Arena, PA)


              1996 YCIAA Sectional AA's @ Delone Catholic HS
        1996 YAIAA Sectional AA Championship introductions.
West York Area HS's Eric Lehman (Hwt.) is on the left.
        ▪ Boiling Spring's 189lb. Kevin Sanders is next to Lehman.

1996 YAIAA Sectional AA Heavyweight Finals
West York HS's Hwt. - Eric Lehman, with WY Coaches...
Jerry Mathison (back) and Bill Luckenbaugh (right).

        ▪ Lehman won by fall over Hanover's Chris Umbarger
            to win the Section AA title.


                           2004 @ Southwestern High, PA High School
      Section IV AAA Wrestling Championships
           South Western High School - February 14, 2004

                      2004 Section IV AAA Championship Wrestling
                                                171lb. Champions Podium
 (L-R) Justin Seitz (Dallastown), Todd Lehman
(West York),
     Colby Haller (Gettysburg), Shawn Holtzapple (Dover Area).

               2004 Section IV AAA Wrestling Finals
   (103) - Noah Glatfelter (Susquehannock) dec. Jerrid Hartman (Red Lion) 11-8.
   (112) - Dustin Barley (Central York) tech. fall over John Andel (Red Lion) 19-3.
   (119) - Eric Albright (Red Lion) tech. fall over Justin Myers (Dallastown) 20-4.
   (125) - Nick Glatfelter (Susquehannock) pinned Chris Hollinger (Dover) 3:17.
   (130) - Kelin Bidelspach (Spring Grove) dec. Ken Baker (Dover) 8-2.
   (135) - Brian Lisko (Waynesboro) pinned Chris Dahlheimer (Kennard Dale) 3:36.
   (140) - Cody Becker (Spring Grove) dec. Bradon Paules (Dallastown) 5-2.
   (145) - Joe Martin (Gettysburg) dec. Tyler Smith (New Oxford) 2-0.
   (152) - Jason Hollar (Red Lion) pinned Zach Hetrick (South Western) 4:32.
   (160) - Cory Wonder (South Western) dec. Alex Bush (Spring Grove) 6-4 (OT).
(171) - Todd Lehman (West York) dec. Colby Haller (Gettysburg) 6-5.
   (189) - Justin Terhune (Dallastown) pinned Gared Chrismer (New Oxford) 1:30.
   (215) - Ben Kotzman (Central York) dec. Will Mechalske (So Western) 2-2 (OT RO).
   (275) - Kyle Sprenkle (Spring Grove) pinned Jason Hunt (Central York) 1:04


1966 YCIAA Section Champions

YCIAA Section I Wrestling Champions
Front (L-R) Glenn Miller (YS), Jeff Linebaugh (WY), Rick Halpin (Y),
Dan Miller (DA), Craig Linebaugh (Y).
Back (L-R) Chester Thomas (Y), William Thomas (Y), Jeff Baker NO),
Jerry Forbes (DA), John McDonald (Y), Tom Muldrow (Y),
Ron Emenheiser (WY).

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

     1966 York County Section I Championship Finals
       95lbs. - Glenn Miller (YS) pinned Gary McWilliams (DA) 3:41.
103lbs. -
Jeff Linebaugh (WY) dec. Paul Craley (Y) 3-1.
   112lbs. - Rick Halpin (Y) dec. Tom Hoover (WY) 11-3.
120lbs. - Dan Miller (DA) dec. Brian Axe (C) 5-2.
   127lbs. - Craig Linebaugh (Y) dec. Bryan Thomas (DA) 6-5.
133lbs. -
Chester Thomas (Y) dec. Craig Stein (DA) 5-2.
138lbs. -
Bill Thomas (Y) pinned Ben Druck (DA) 1:34.
   145lbs. - Jeff Baker (NO) dec. Joe Myers (DA) 8-2.
154lbs. - Jerry Forbes (DA) dec. Charles Moyer (Y) 8-1.
165lbs. - John McDonald (Y) dec. Don Narber (WY) 3-0.
180lbs. - Tom Muldrow
* (Y) dec. Fred Lehman (WY) 6-4.
      Unlim. - Ron Emenheiser (WY) pinned Bill Waltersdorff (DA) 1:56.
                                                     @ West York High School

                                @ 180lbs. - Tom Muldrow* (York High) dec. Fred Lehman (West York) 6-4.
*York's Muldrow went on to claim the 180lb. District III Championship &
                                a Southeastern Regional Finals 2nd Place!
                                        1965-66 West York Varsity Wrestling Team
                                                      1966 180lb. Sectional I Finals
                                180lbs. - *Tom Muldrow (York High) dec. Fred Lehman (West York) 6-4.
                                *York's Muldrow went on to claim the 180lb. District III Championship &
                                a Southeastern Regional 2nd Place!  Tom is - 6th from left in back row.


                                 1981 YCIAA Sectional AAA Wrestling Champions
                                 Front (L-R) *Shaun Smith (Dover HS), *Dave Gable (Dallastown HS),
                                 Mike McCleary (Red Lion),
*Rodger Gay (Dover),
*Brad Lloyd (Red Lion), Scott Bolton (Dover).
                                 Back (L-R) Dave Brenneman
(Dallastown), Matt Bivins (Dallastown),
                                 Dave Heckard (West York), Keith Folkenroth (Dallastown),
                                 Greg Grimm (Red Lion),
*Tom Toggas (West York).
                                                         photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs

                                                           WRESTLING FACTS (above)

                                                      *Shaun Smith won "3" NCAA DIII titles at... Delaware Valley.
                                                      *Brad Lloyd went on to secure finishes of 7th, 3rd and 2nd for
                                                      Lock Haven University at the NCAA DI's. *Tom Toggas went
                                                      on to become a 3-time EIWA champion @ Lehigh University.
                                                      *Dave Gable... a 3-time EIWA place-winner at F&M College.
                                                      *Rodger Gay wrestled and lettered... @ East Stroudsburg U.

West York Area HS Records

Wrestling Champions

(L-R) Dana Luckenbaugh, Bill Luckenbaugh,
  Neil Bupp, Kevin McCleary, Don Lehman & ...

Chad Luckenbaugh


West York Area High School Wrestling
YCIAA Section Champions Club
(Chad's Section Championships - YAIAA)

West York Wrestling
3-Time Sectional YCIAA Champions
Section Years WY Coach
  *Dana Luckenbaugh 1963, 1964, 1965 Brown, Ober, Toggas
  Bill Luckenbaugh 1967, 1968, 1969 John T. Toggas
  *Neil Bupp 1970, 1971, 1972 John T. Toggas
  Kevin McCleary 1971, 1972, 1973 John T. Toggas
  Don Lehman 1971, 1972, 1973 John T. Toggas
  Chad Luckenbaugh 1994, 1995, 1997 Bill Luckenbaugh

*Dana Luckenbaugh's '63 coach - Bob Brown...'64 coach - Dr. Ken Ober...
& '65 coach - JT Toggas.
*Neil Bupp's 1970 YCIAA Section Championship was w/Northeastern HS.


1973 PIAA District III
YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions

1973 YCIAA Sectional Champions (results below)
▪ Front Row (L-R)  Greg Burg (York Suburban), Tom Clark (Red Lion),
Brad Warner (Dallastown), Bill Gilbert (Susquehannock),

Joel Hoffman (Dallastown), Jeff Smith (York Suburban).
Back (L-R) Joe Myers (Dallastown),
Kevin McCleary (West York HS),
John Boop (Northeastern), John Weston (Dallastown HS),
Barry Neff (Dallastown),
Don Lehman (West York HS).

   1973 YCIAA Sectional Wrestling
   ▪ Championship Finals

@ Spring Grove Area High School
  (98lbs.)   Greg Burg, York Suburban dec. Greg Henry, West York 6-2.
  (105lbs.) Tom Clark, Red Lion dec. Barry Adams, Dallastown 13-8.
  (112lbs.) Brad Warner, Dallastown dec. Bob Myers, Vo-Tech 9-3.
  (119lbs.) Bill Gilbert, Susquehannock dec. Craig Miller, Hanover 11-0.
  (126lbs.) Joel Hoffman, Dallastown dec. Keith Lichty, West York 9-2.
  (132lbs.) Jeff Smith, York Suburban, inj. dft. over Craig Schaszberger, Central.
  (138lbs.) Joe Myers, Dallastown dec. Jim Grim, Spring Grove 9-1.
  (145lbs.) Kevin McCleary, West York dec. Craig Hamrick, Susquehannock 2-1.
  (155lbs.) John Boop, Northeastern dec. Bill Senft, Dallastown 5-0.
  (167lbs.) John Weston, Dallastown dec. George Lehr, Vo-Tech 7-2.
  (185lbs.) Barry Neff, Dallastown dec. Ryan Hileman, Red Lion 5-2.
  (Hwt.)      Don Lehman, West York pinned Ray Creep, York High 2:09.

  @ Spring Grove, PA Area High School

   1973 YCIAA Sectional Wrestling
   ▪ Semi-Final Results
    @ Spring Grove Area High School
  (98lbs.)   Greg Burg (YS) ref's dec. Keith Zartman (H).
  (98lbs.)   Greg Henry (WY) dec. George Strathmeyer (C) 2-0.
  (105lbs.) Tom Clark (RL) dec. Brad Jacobs (C) 10-6.
  (105lbs.) Barry Adams (DAL) dec. Steve Thomas (WY) 3-2.
  (112lbs.) Brad Warner (DAL) dec. Jan Wingate (YS) 6-1.
  (112lbs.) Bob Myers (VT) dec. Jeff Hoffman (DO) 10-5.
  (119lbs.) Craig Miller (H) dec. Rick Strouse (C) 6-4.
  (119lbs.) Bill Gilbert (S) pinned Skip Martin (WY) 4:47.
  (126lbs.) Keith Lichty (WY) pinned Raynor Smith (YH) 3:20.
  (126lbs.) Joel Hoffman (DAL) pinned Steve Litten (VT) 1:39.
  (132lbs.) Craig Schaszberger (C) dec. John Ruth (DAL) 4-2.
  (132lbs.) Jeff Smith (YS) dec. Dave Smith (RL) 10-6.
  (138lbs.) Joe Myers (DAL) dec. Dave Nuzum (VT) 3-2.
  (138lbs.) Jim Grim (SG) dec. Mario Shockley (YH) 13-4.
  (145lbs.) Kevin McCleary (WY) dec. Terry Myers (DO) 9-5.
  (145lbs.) Craig Hamrick (SUS) dec. Paul Rohler (C) 11-0.
  (155lbs.) John Boop (NE) default over Randy Sechrist (RL).
  (155lbs.) Bill Senft (DAL) dec. Bruce Berwager (H) 12-1.
  (167lbs.) John Weston (DAL) dec. Joe Bennett (S) 8-3.
  (167lbs.) George Lehr (VT) dec. Steve Nuzum (RL) 13-3.
  (185lbs.) Barry Neff (DAL) dec. Bob Gruver (SG) 12-5.
  (185lbs.) Ryan Hileman (RL) dec. Mike Root (WY) 5-3.
   Don Lehman (WY) dec. Charles Smith (NE) 9-0.
   Ray Creep (YH) dec. Bill Wineholt (SW) 20-2.
  @ Spring Grove, PA Area High School

   Schools (14):  Central, Dallastown, Dover, Eastern, Hanover, Northeastern,
   Red Lion, Susquehannock, Spring Grove, South Western, West York,
   York High, York Suburban, York Vo-Tech.  (YCIAA)

     ▪ Saturday's - 2/24/1973 (Attendance - 1608)
     ▪ Trophy Presentations by
Jack Noll - YCIAA President

      YCIAA 1973 Sections 2nd Place Photo/Recap
         CLICK HERE! 


1969 PIAA District III
YCIAA Sectional II Wrestling Champions

  Front (L-R) Mervin Keeney (DA), Bill Luckenbaugh (WY), Jim Keesee (DA),
Larry Haas (WY), Mike Anstadt (DA), Frank Vega (WY).
Back Row  (L-R)  Don Adams (DA), George Myers (DA), Terry Myers (DA),
Frank Rice (DA), Richard Hartman (DA), John Sprenkle (WY).

1969 YCIAA Sectional Mat Champions
There are 4 PIAA State Wrestling Champions in the above photo!

Bill Luckenbaugh went on to win a NCAA DII National Championship
East Stroudsburg State College.  George Myers from Dallastown...
on to wrestle at the University of Maryland.  George is 2nd from
left in the back row.  George won a 1969 PIAA State title
- @ 145lbs.

Bill Luckenbaugh - West York (left).
YCIAA 3-Time Sectional Champion.

1982 YCIAA Sectional AAA

1982 YCIAA Sectional AAA Wrestling Champions
▪ Front (L-R) Dru Gentzler (Dover HS), Scott Bolton (Dover HS),
*Brad Lloyd (Red Lion Area), Mark Noll (Dallastown),
Ron Myers (Dallastown), Brooks Seitz (Dallastown).
▪ Back (L-R)
*Dave Gable (Dallastown), Dave Bell (Dallastown),
*Tom Toggas (West York), Keith Folkenroth (Dallastown),
Randy O'Bryan (Dover), Dave Brenneman (Dallastown).
photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs

WRESTLING FACTS (above photo)

* Brad Lloyd went on to secure finishes of 7th, 3rd & 2nd... for
Lock Haven University @ the NCAA DI's
-- * Tom Toggas went
on to become a 3-time EIWA champion @ Lehigh University &
* Dave Gable was a 3-time EIWA place-winner @ F&M College.

1965 PIAA District III
YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions

1965 YCIAA Sectional Championship Team
West York Area High School
(7 Champions)
Front Row (L-R)
*Tom DeLong, *Darl "Smokey" Dennis,
*Dana Luckenbaugh, *Gary Carbaugh, *Jeff Linebaugh.
Back (L-R) Coach John Toggas,
*Chuck Bostic, Don Narber, *Gary Narber.
* '65 Section Champs - T. DeLong, D. Dennis, D. Luckenbaugh, G. Carbaugh,
J. Linebaugh, C. Bostic & G. Narber) - Don Narber was a '65 runner-up.

West York's Dana Luckenbaugh won the 1965 PIAA State title @ 112lbs.

1977 YCIAA Sectional League
Wrestling Champions

Kneeling (L-R) Rod Stough (West York), Mike Beckler (Central),
Ted McWilliams (Dallastown), Chuck Nace (West York),
Bob Roberts (Dallastown), Steve Toggas (West York).
    Standing (L-R) John Morton (Dallastown),
Mike Ruth (Dallastown),
Eric Myers (Red Lion), Jerry Mathison (Vo-Tech),
Dan Folkenroth (Dallastown), Harry Jennings (Vo-Tech).

1972 YCIAA District III
Wrestling Champions
(Upper Bracket)

'72 DIII YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions
(Upper Bracket)

▪ Front (L/R) Greg Burg YS, Paul Mulay WY, Brad Warner DT, Joel Hoffman DT,
Kevin McCleary WY, Joe Myers, DT.
▪ Back  (L/R) Ed Baker DT, John Wendt C, Scott Callahan WY, John Weston DT,
Bob McNabb SW, Don Lehman WY.
1972 Smaller Photo of Section Champs UB

    1972 YCIAA Sectional Championship Wrestling Finals
                        (Upper Bracket - above photo)
         @ Gettysburg College
     95lbs.   Greg Burg, York Suburban, dec. Barry Adams, Dallastown, 4-2.
   103lbs.   Paul Mulay, West York, dec. Jed Marchio, Hanover, 3-0.
   112lbs.   Brad Warner, Dallastown, dec. Steve Julius, Dover, 10-2.
   120lbs.   Joel Hoffman, Dallastown, dec. Steve Acker, Hanover, 14-7.
   127lbs.   Kevin McCleary, West York, dec. Steve Benedict, Eastern, 8-1.
   133lbs.   Joe Myers, Dallastown, pinned Steve Gantz, York High, 3:35.
   138lbs.   Ed Baker, Dallastown, dec. Carl Billet, Vo-Tech, 9-2.
   145lbs.   John Wendt, Central, dec. Richard Lindt, Dover, 11-5.
   154lbs.   Scott Callahan, West York, dec. John Boop, Northeastern, 9-0.
   165lbs.   John Weston, Dallastown, dec. Dave Hoffman, Dover, 6-1.
   180lbs.   Bob McNabb, South Western, dec. Allen Schrum, Spring Grove, 13-1.
   Hwt.         Don Lehman, West York, dec. Ken Narber, Dover, 18-0.

1972 YCIAA District III
Wrestling Champions
(Lower Bracket)

'72 DIII YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions
(Lower Bracket)

▪ Front (L-R) John Nelson (E), Larry Pequignot (D), Bill Gilbert (S), Dave Myers (C),
Brian Dowell (D), Neil Bupp (WY).
▪ Back
 (L-R) Mario Shockley (YHS), Todd Strickhouser (NE), David Bowersox (SG),
Jamie Stock (YHS), Mike Stambaugh (WY), Jeff Mitchell (DT).
1972 Smaller Photo of Section Champs LB

    1972 YCIAA Sectional Championship Wrestling Finals
                        (Lower Bracket - above photo)
     @ Gettysburg College

     95lbs.   John Nelson, Eastern, dec. Steve Thomas, West York, 8-5.
   103lbs.   Larry Pequignot, Dover dec. Rick Strouse, Central, 9-0.
   112lbs.   Bill Gilbert, Susquehannock, dec. Bob Kronenberg, York Suburban, 5-1.
   120lbs.   Dave Myers, Central, dec. Keith Lichty, West York, 19-2.
   127lbs.   Brian Dowell, Dover, dec. John Ruth, Dallastown, 1-1  ot (ref's dec.).
   133lbs.   Neil Bupp, West York, dec. Lowell Anderson, Red Lion, 11-3.
   138lbs.   Mario Shockley, York High, dec. Craig Schaszberger, Central, 9-5.
   145lbs.   Todd Strickhouser, Northeastern, dec. Wayne Sechrist, Red Lion, 11-5.
   154lbs.   Dave Bowersox, Spring Grove, dec. Fred Craver, Eastern, 11-0.
   165lbs.   Jamie Stock, York High, dec. Bob Gruver, Spring Grove, 9-0.
   180lbs.   Mike Stambaugh, West York, dec. Mike Cave, Eastern, 2-0.
   Hwt.        Jeff Mitchell, Dallastown, dec. Jeff Frey, York High, 3-2.

1972 YCIAA Sectional Tournament

1972 West York YCIAA Sectional Champions
@ Gettysburg College

▪ Front Kneeling
(L-R) Paul Mulay, Kevin McCleary, Neil Bupp.
▪ Back (L-R)
Coach John Toggas, Scott Callahan, Don Lehman,
Mike Stambaugh, Asst. Coach Robert Bowers.

1970 YCIAA
Sectional I Wrestling Champions

    1970 YCIAA  Section Champions
 Front (L-R) Jack Ruhlman (Hanover), Brian Kuntz (West York),
 Steve Grove (Red Lion), Lowell Anderson (Red Lion).
 ∙ Middle
(L-R) Charles Bruce (Eastern), Mike Koons (Eastern),
 Harry Vasellas (Red Lion).
 ∙ Back (L-R) Bryant Meckley (Hanover), Don Barshinger (Eastern),
 Glenn Geiman (South Western), Bill Trostle (South Western),
 Robert Costa (Dover).

                   2002 Sectional Results
                           ▪ YAIAA Team Scoring (Top 5 Teams)

       Eastern York 138, West York 126.5, Columbia 111.0,
       Northern Lebanon 103.5, ELCO 90.5.

                    2002 Sectional II AA Wrestling
                                                  Championship Finals:
                ▪ 103 lbs. Eric Albright, WY major dec. Tony Bowers, NL 11-0
                ▪ 112 lbs. Matt McFarland, EY pinned Felix Vasquez, WY 1:30
                ▪ 119 lbs. Wade Ginter, WY dec. Ryan Storm, Donegal HS 6-3
                ▪ 145 lbs. Troy Finkenbiner, WY major dec. Ryan Fant, YS 11-3
                ▪ 152 lbs. Jon Shorts WY, tech. fall over Matt Yavoich, NL 15-0
                ▪ 160 lbs. Dennis Leischner, EY pinned Todd Lehman, WY 3:59

   ▪ 2002 AA Section II Wrestling Full Brackets Results
                               (PDF) CLICK HERE!

   ▪ 2001-02 West York Wrestling Season - CLICK HERE!

1962 York County Sectional
Wrestling Champions

▪ Front (L-R)  Remmey (Dover), Glenn Amsbaugh (West York),
Stoner (Biglerville), Lecrone (Dover),
Trout (Central), A. Miller (Biglerville).
▪ Back (L-R)  Eiserman (Hanover), R. Washington (York High),
Stambaugh (Dover), Hess (Biglerville),
Bigaman (Dover), Brown (York High).

1991 YCIAA Wrestling
Sectional AA Championships

Jason Turnbull - West York Area High School
▪ AA 135lb. Sectional and District Champion ▪

1991 YCIAA Sectional Championships
▪ (L-R) Steve Young, Head Coach John T. Toggas, Jason Turnbull,
Dave Maday, WY Coach Bill Luckenbaugh & Jeff Wolfe

1980 YCIAA AAA Sectional
 Wrestling Champions

▪ West York HS's Dave Toggas (112lbs.)... front row - 1st on left.

1964 York County Section I Champions
@ Dover HS

photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs

Front (L-R) Charlie Jacobs (Dover), Ray Luckenbaugh (Dover), Dennis Kramer (Spring Grove),
Dennis Grim (Northeastern), Don Myers (Spring Grove), Marlin Keeney (Dallastown).
Back (L-R) Gary Grim (Spring Grove), Richard Holtzapple (Dover), Joe Farcht (Northeastern),
Bill Fry (Northeastern), Charles Diehl (Dallastown), Eugene Shank (Spring Grove).

    1964 York County Section II Champions @ West York HS
   95lbs. - Fred Bankert (South Western), 103lbs. - Dave Leaman (Central York),
 112lbs. -
Dana Luckenbaugh (West York), 120lbs. - Darl Dennis (West York),
 127lbs. - Stanley Wright (West York), 133lbs. - Paul Wunch (York High),
 138lbs. - Jack Brenner (York High), 145lbs. - Brad Sager (South Western),
 154lbs. - Jack Klingaman (York High), 165lbs. - Robert Washington (York High),
 180lbs. -
Gary Narber (West York), Hwt. - Don Fishel (South Western).
              West York HS Coach - Ken Ober  Sec. II Team Champions - West York
                                     YCIAA League Champions - West York (11-0)
                                          ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
    1963 York County Section II Champions @ Dallastown HS
   95lbs. - Dave Bricker (Spring Grove), 103lbs. -
Dana Luckenbaugh (West York),
 112lbs. - Duane Raber (Dover), 120lbs. - Eugene Lecrone (Dover),
 127lbs. - Jim Schaeffer (York High), 133lbs. - Glenn Amsbaugh (West York),
 138lbs. - Keith Trout (Central), 145lbs. - Jack Klingaman (York High),
 154lbs. - Robert Washington (York High), 165lbs. - Larry Himes (York High),
 180lbs. - Joe Raab (Dallastown), Hwt. - John Lippy (South Western).
            West York HS Coach - Bob Brown  YCIAA League Co-Champions (10-1)

    1963 WY Junior High Invitational Champions @ - WYAHS
   72lbs. - Dave Sileo (Northern), 80lbs. - Tom Murray (Northern),
   88lbs. - Fred Callahan (West York), 95lbs. - Tom Hoover (West York),
 103lbs. - Jeff Carley (West York), 112lbs. - Ron Harlacker (Dover),
 120lbs. - Robert Myers (Northern), 127lbs. - Jack Hershberger (West York),
 133lbs. - Jay Bollinger (Dover), 138lbs. - Tim Bubb (Dover),
 145lbs. - Vernon Vandervender (Northern), 154lbs. -Jim Rider (Dover),

 165lbs. - Richard Hartman (Eastern).  JH Tourney Director - D. Kenneth Ober.


1983 YCIAA Sectional AAA's

West York's Wilmer Pressel (1st on left) placed third in
the 1983 YCIAA Sectional Championships.
photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs

1967 YCIAA Section I Wrestling Champions
Front Row (L-R) Eugene Miller, Dallastown; Bill Luckenbaugh, West York;
Don Witmer, Eastern; Marvin Keeney, Dallastown.
Middle (L-R) Jan Frey, Dallastown; Gary Gross, Dover; Joe Lighty, Dover;
(L-R) Ben Druck, Dallastown; Curt Ferree, Dallastown; Ed Rohrbaugh,
Dallastown; Don Narber, West York; Ron Emenheiser, West York.
@ West York High School

           1967 York County Section I Championship Finals
     95lbs. - Eugene Miller (DA) dec. John Rabenstine (YS) 8-4.
   103lbs. -
Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) pinned Ron Miller (DA) 2:22.
   112lbs. - Dan Witmer (E) dec. Dick Altland (DO) 2-0.
   120lbs. - Marvin Keeney (DA) dec. Gary Shearer (DO) 10-5.
   127lbs. -
Jan Frey (DA) dec. Steve Grove (DO) 5-0.
   133lbs. -
Gary Gross (DO) dec. John Feltenberger (DA) 8-6.
   138lbs. -
Joe Lighty (DO) dec. Jeff Folkenroth (DA) 4-2.
   145lbs. - Ben Druck (DA) pinned Jeff Krug (HAN) 5:50.
   154lbs. - Curt Ferree (DA) dec. Glen Eby (WY) referee's decision (ot).
   165lbs. - Ed Rohrbaugh (DA) dec. John Sprenkle (WY) 8-2.
   180lbs. - Don Narber (West York) dec. Brian Cashman (HAN) 3-1 (ot).
     Unlim. - Ron Emenheiser (WY) pinned Wayne Jacobs (DO) 5:48.
                                                  @ West York High School

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