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YCIAA League & Section II Champions!
1964 December...York Dispatch Article

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  The York County Interscholastic Wrestling circuit opened
the 1964-65 season with an unusual Saturday night program
of five dual meets, and West York's
defending 1963-64 champions
showed the way with a 30-15 victory over Dover's Eagles.

  The West York Bulldogs, league and Section Two champions,
beat off the challenge of Dover's defending Section One champions before a capacity crowd at the West York gym
by registering
a 30-15
victory.  (December 1964)

   95lbs. - Jeff Linebaugh (WY) won by forfeit.
 103lbs. - Mike Shank (WY) pinned Pat McFadden (D) 4:26.
 112lbs. - Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Donnie Grove (D) 8-0.
 120lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Robert Scott (D) 3:44.
 127lbs. - Duane Raber (D) dec. Darl Dennis (WY) 8-6.
 133lbs. - Jay Miller (D) dec. Jack Hershberger (WY) 3-0.
 138lbs. - Dennis Raber (D) dec. Steve Kunkle (WY) 6-1.
 145lbs. - Jay Bollinger (D) dec. Tom DeLong (WY) 5-2.
 154lbs. - Tim Flohr (D) dec. Fred Lehman (WY) 4-1.
 165lbs. - Ronald Emenheiser (WY) dec. Jim Altland (D) 5-3.
 180lbs. - Charles Bostic (WY) dec. Carl Ruppert (D) 5-0.
       Unl. - Bill Wiehe (WY) pinned Mike Ziegler (D) 2:29.

@ West York High School.    Referee - Robert Craig

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Spring Grove
& West York Share Title!
1965 February...York Dispatch Article

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 The York County Interscholastic Wrestling League 1964-65 season ended last night with Spring Grove and West York both winning to complete their schedules tied for first place.

 Since playoff matches are banned by the league the two will be named co-champions. 
Last year (1963-64) West York won the title outright but was upset by South Western this season after beating Spring Grove which won all its other contests.  West York won nine of the twelve bouts to whip Hanover 33-13 before a large turnout at the West York gym last night.  (February 1965)

   95lbs. - Jeff Linebaugh (WY) pinned Ed Orewiler (H) 2:27.
 103lbs. - Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Jay Garrett (H) 5-3.
 112lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Gary Stottlemyer 2:21.
 120lbs. - Darl Dennis (WY) dec. Gary Wentz (H) 7-3.
 127lbs. - Rich Maus (H) pinned Burton Snyder (WY) 5:30.
 133lbs. - Steve Kunkle (WY) dec. John Dubs (H) 7-2.
 138lbs. - Tom DeLong (WY) dec. Rodney Naugle (H) 11-7.
 145lbs. - Don Abel (H) dec. Jack Hershberger (WY) 4-0.
 154lbs. - Don Narber (WY) dec. Dave Gass (H) 8-0.
 165lbs. - Brian Cashman (H) pinned Glenn Billet (WY) 4:57.
 180lbs. - Charles Bostic (WY) pinned Bill Zacharias (H) 3:55.
       Unl. - Gary Narber (WY) dec. Don Lau (H) 6-0.

                                                               @ West York High School

'65 WY Varsity Wrestling Team

1964-65 - YCIAA League Wrestling Co-Champions!
1965 YCIAA Sectional II Team Tourney Champions
▪ Front Row (L-R)
Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh, Dana Luckenbaugh,
Darl "Smokey"
Dennis, Burton Snyder, Steve Kunkle & Tom DeLong.
Back (L-R) WY Coach John T. Toggas, Jack Hershberger, Don Narber,
Fred Lehman, Charles "Chuck" Bostic, Gary Narber & William Wiehe.
∙ 1965 Sectional Champions - (Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh,
Dana Luckenbaugh, Darryl Dennis, Tom DeLong,
Chuck Bostic & Gary Narber)

1965 WY Head Coach John T. Toggas.
(JT's 1st Year @ West York Area HS)


Dana Luckenbaugh - 112lbs.
 West York Area High School
1965 PIAA State Wrestling Champion!

January 14, 1965 WY/YH Dual Meet

'65 - West York's Fred Lehman (right) tries to gain control of York High's
Dick Baer.  Lehman lost a decision @ 165lbs. to Baer - by a score of 8-6.

                     West York 38  York High 14
▪ January 14, 1965 WY/YH Dual Meet Boxscore ▪
  ∙  95lbs.       Paul Craley (YH) dec. Jeff Linebaugh (WY) 5-2
103lbs.       Gary Carbaugh (WY) won by forfeit
112lbs.       Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Dick Halpin (YH) 1:35
120lbs.       Darl Dennis (WY) pinned Herb Smyser (YH) 2:44
133lbs.       Skip Thomas (YH) dec. Steve Smith (WY) 15-2
138lbs.       Tom DeLong (WY) dec. Tom Aldinger (YH) 4-0
145lbs.       Jack Hershberger (WY) won by forfeit
154lbs.       Bob Washington (YH) pinned Don Narber (WY) 3:00
165lbs.       Dick Baer (YH) dec. Fred Lehman (WY) 8-6
180lbs.       Charles Bostic (WY) dec. John McDonald (YH) 5-3
Unlimited   Gary Narber (WY) dec. Gary Beck (YH) 9-2


... The White Oaks! - Remembrance of the White Oaks

1965 West York Wrestling Dual Meet
▪ Coach John T. Toggas with Don Narber, Fred Lehman, Tom DeLong,
 Darl Dennis, Gary Carbaugh, Bill Wiehe, Jeff Linebaugh & others.

1965 YCIAA Sectional Championships
▪ Wrestling Team (Team Champions)
West York Area High School

Front Row (L-R)
*Thomas DeLong, *Darl "Smokey" Dennis,
     *Dana Luckenbaugh, *Gary Carbaugh, *Jeffery Linebaugh.
Back Row (L-R) John T. Toggas, *Chuck Bostic, Don Narber,
*Gary Narber.
  ('65 Section Champs - T. DeLong, D. Dennis, D. Luckenbaugh, G. Carbaugh,
J. Linebaugh, C. Bostic & G. Narber) - Don Narber was a '65 runner-up...

Wrestling Championships


1965 PIAA State Wrestling Champions

Front (L-R) Bob Hallman (North Penn), John Abajace (Trinity),
       Dana Luckenbaugh (West York), Phil Detore (Greensburg-Salem),
Barry Souder (Mt. Lebanon Area),  Dan Kohlhepp (DuBois HS).
Back (L-R) Francis Michael (GAR), Charles Houser (Dieruff HS),
  Paul Armstrong (Steel-High), Mike Gudiness (Mt. Lebanon HS),
   Joe Yerg (State College HS), Robert Funk (Manheim Township).

1965 PIAA State Mat Finals
Dana Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Bill Welker (Shamokin) 4-3.

(Bill Welker  of Shamokin HS, was a PIAA State Champ in 1963!).

1965 PIAA State 112lb. Championship Finals
▪ Shamokin High School's Bill Welker (top) rides West York HS's 112lb.
Dana Luckenbaugh.  Luckenbaugh secured a riding time point in the final
period to gain a 4-3 win... and become West York's first state champion!
▪ photo submitted by Dr. Bill Welker

YCIAA/YAIAA PIAA State Wrestling Champs Page

1964-65 West York Varsity Wrestling
    ▪ YCIAA League Wrestling Champions
YCIAA Sectional Team Champions
▪ Front Row (L-R)
Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh, Dana Luckenbaugh,
  Darl "Smokey" Dennis, Burton Snyder, Steve Kunkle, Tom DeLong.
▪ Back (L-R) Head Coach John Toggas,
Jack Hershberger, Don Narber,
Fred Lehman, Charles "Chuck" Bostic, Gary Narber, William Wiehe.

(L-R) WY Coaches Bob Bowers & John Toggas

West York Area High School Wrestling

'65 YCIAA League Wrestling Co-Champions
▪ Front (L-R) Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh, Dana Luckenbaugh,
Smokey Dennis, Burton Snyder, Steve Kunkle, Tom DeLong.
Back (L-R) Coach John T. Toggas, Jack Hershberger, Don Narber,
Fred Lehman, Charles Bostic, Gary Narber, Bill Wiehe.

2-time Sectional Champion

Darl "Smokey" Dennis @ (120lbs.)
1965 - West York HS YCIAA Sectional Champ
1964 - West York HS YCIAA Sectional Champ

1965 York County Interscholastic
Wrestling League Invitational Tourney

@ Dallastown High School
Front (L-R) Dan Witmer (Eastern), Fred Bankert (S. Western), Dana Luckenbaugh (WY),
Darl Dennis (WY), Rich Maus (Hanover).
Back (L-R)  Gary Grim (Spring Grove), Dennis Raber (Dover), Jack Brenner (York High),
Bob Washington
(York High), Tim Flohr (Dover), Chuck Bostic (WY), Gary Narber (WY).

1964-65 WY Junior High Wrestling

                                                           (above photo)
 1964-65 West York Area Junior High School Wrestling
      (1st Row) - R. Senft, D. Kearns, William Luckenbaugh, Jack Kunkle,
   Charles Schrum, Jeff DeLong, M. Naill.
      (2nd Row) - WYJH Coach Whedon Myers, Ed Mummert, Mark Kuntz,
   Bill Bates, Daison Shouck, Glen Eby, Dan Kinard,
WYJH Coach Robert Bowers.
      (3rd Row) - R. Peters, Fred Schenck, Tony Avola, D. Beck, John Sprenkle,
   Danny Dixon, B. King.
      (4th Row) - L. Miller, Jack Martin, R. Strausbaugh, Ken Shaffer,
Dan Mundis,
   Rich Newcomer, D. Williams, J. Grove.

      (5th Row) -
Patrick Stough.

1964 West York Varsity Football

Front (L-R) Brian Smith, Terry Eisenhart, John Eby, Harry Sanders, Bill Miller, Jeff Ruby,
Craig Horton,
Paul Smith, Tom Moyer, Bill Wiehe, Ken Smith, Larue Wyrick, Gary Narber,
Anderson.  Middle (L-R) Fred Lehman, Maurice Peters, Dave Carley, Ron Gerber,
Sylvanus, Brian Kopp, Jay Miller, Terry Albright, Steve Dubs, Chuck Bostic, Jim Hill,
Munson, Greg Reiber, Larry Hicks.  Back Row (L-R) Greg Shaale, Ronald Emenheiser,
Robert Munson, Ronald Smith, Bob Harmer, Raymond Landis, Pat Hawn, Millard Altland,
Steve Kunkle, Edward Spangler, Joel Hamme, Douglas Wolf, John Stare, Donald Narber.

West York Area HS

Championship Teams Tourney
"Chosen by a voter e-mail response - HERE!!"

1. West York 1964-65            
   West York 1964-65        
8. West York 1991-92            
5. West York 1998-99      West York 1964-65    
   West York 1976-77        
4. West York 1976-77            
3. West York 1977-78         West York 1971-72 
          WY All-Time Team!!
Wrestling Champion
   West York 1977-78    
6. West York 1974-75            
7. West York 1993-94      West York 1971-72    
   West York 1971-72        
2. West York 1971-72       Pigtail
WY '64
WY '72
('72 wins)
WY '63
WY '65
('65 wins)

"The Luckenbaugh's"
William Luckenbaugh (1969 PIAA Champ),
Dana  Luckenbaugh (1965 PIAA Champ)...
and their proud father, Paul @ Penn State's Recreation Hall...
after Bill's PIAA State Wrestling 127lbs. Championship in '69!

PIAA District 3 Wrestling

1983 PIAA District III Hall of Fame Induction
(L-R) Dana Luckenbaugh & WY Coach John T. Toggas.

∙ The Mag Men ▪ "Live Medley"

York US 30 Drag-O-Way in the Day!
  &... US 30 Again!...
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