West York Wrestling


West York Wrestling


 1973 WY Alumnus...

Kevin McCleary

Kevin McCleary

   ▪ West York 3-time YCIAA Sectional Champion (1971-72-73).
    3-time District III Wrestling Qualifier (1971-72-73).
   ▪  District III Wrestling
Semi-Finalist (1972).

   ▪ 1972
Easton Holiday Wrestling Champion & (OW).
   ▪ 1972-73 West York Team Captain.
   ▪ Overall Career Record -
61-5-1. (2nd All-Time WY winning %)
"Undefeated in WYSH Dual Meets"...(41-0-1)... 1971-73.
   "Undefeated in WYJH Dual Meets" ... 1968-70.
   ▪ 1972 U.S.W.F. PA Junior Freestyle Championships - 1st.
   ▪ 1972-73 West York Varsity Club Photo -
   ▪ 1973 Poland National vs. USA-PA Freestyle Member - HERE!

1974 NCAA DIII All-American (3rd) for F&M College.
   1983-85 West York HS Wrestling Head Coach (19-16-1).
   2 WY PIAA State Qualifiers ('85 Tony Hoffman/Wilmer Pressel)
(Wilmer Pressel places 6th - '85 PIAA AAA @ 185lbs.)

  Kevin McCleary never lost a dual while wrestling or while
  coaching (West York & Dover)...@ WY Old Gymnasium (2016).

Kevin McCleary Retirement Mixer

(L-R) Chad Toomey, Rod Neiman, Kevin McCleary, Robert Narber,
Bob Linker, Mitch Spangler & Wilmer Pressel.  (@ Pat McCleary's)

West York Junior High

1969 West York Junior High Place-Winner's
Front Row  (L-R)  Skip Martin, Paul Mulay, Mark Jenkins, Kevin McCleary.
Back Row (L-R) Bob Murphy, Dave Heist, Don Lehman, Mike Stambaugh.

1969-70 West York Junior High Wrestling
(after the last dual meet of the '69-'70 season @ York Suburban)
(L-R) Barry Albright, *
Kevin McCleary, Keith Lichty,
Rick Albright & *Don Lehman.

*WYJH's Kevin McCleary and Don Lehman were 9-0
per the '69-70 WYJH mat season.
*Kevin McCleary was undefeated during his 3-year
WY Junior High campaign!
(WYJH Coaches were - Whedon Myers and Herbert Yost)

Larger photo

'70-'71 West York Wrestling Team

1970-71 West York HS Wrestling Team (13-1)
1971 YCIAA Sectional Team Point Champions

▪ Front Row (L-R) James Haas, Neil Bupp, Terry Lehr,
Kevin McCleary,
Paul Mulay & Keith Lichty.
▪ Back (L-R) Don Lehman, Barry King, Guy Boyer, Michael Stambaugh,
Scott Callahan & Ted Turnbull.
(Captain - Guy Boyer)

           Larry A. Hicks YSN (York Sunday News)

           ▪ York, Pa -
WRESTLING, a sport that goes back to the arenas of the ancient Greeks,
       has proved that it is firmly installed in the hearts of many York County fans as the
       West York High School gymnasium was filled to capacity to view the York County
       Sectional Wrestling Tournament Saturday afternoon and evening.  High school
       wrestlers from all York County Wrestling League members put their heart and soul into
       their maneuvers with the result being several upsets and quite a few heart-breakers.
       Randy Miller, York Vo-Tech trounced previously unbeaten John Stough, Dallastown 6-1,
       in the 145lb. class.  Bill Trostle, heavyweight of South Western, lost to Jeff Mitchell of
Dallastown, 7-4.  In the finals, Dallastown and West York dominated the championships.
       Six of the Wildcats and five of the Bulldogs won titles.  Next in line was Spring Grove
       with three. There was no official team champion in this year's sectionals since two
       men in each weight class advance to the Districts.      
Larry A. Hicks YSN  
           ▪ "Unofficial Team Scoring" had West York 1st with 85 pts. - Dallastown 2nd with 82 pts.

 1971 YCIAA Sectional I Wrestling Championships
  Finals Results
 ▪ YCIAA Section Champions (2) qualify for District III Wrestling Championships
 @ the Harrisburg PA Farm Show Arena next week.

1971 District III Sectional I Champions
 Jed Marchio (Hanover) dec. Steve Frey (Dallastown) 3-0
 Paul Brown (York High) dec. Jeff Hoffman (Dover) 6-2
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 John Jones (Central York) dec. Jeff Becker (Spring Grove) 7-2
 Tom Shultz (Dallastown) dec. Paul Mulay (West York) 5-1
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Kevin McCleary (West York) dec. Dan Lighty (Dover) 9-3
 Marvin Shaw (Red Lion) dec. John Kramer (Dallastown) 7-3
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Lowell Anderson (Red Lion) pinned Steve Benedict (Eastern) 4:26
 Terry Lehr (West York) dec. John Thomas (Central York) 9-3
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Jack Smyser (Spring Grove) dec. Norm Rutzebeck (Susquehannock)  5-1
 Neil Bupp (West York) dec. Steve Schrum (Dallastown) 4-0
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Jim Rohrbaugh (Dallastown) dec. Tom Mummert (Dover) 7-1
 Mike Koons (Eastern) dec. Keith Krout (Spring Grove) 6-0
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Ed Baker (Dallastown) dec. Mike Bentzel (Dover) 7-6
 John Luckenbaugh (Central York) dec. Ted Turnbull (West York) 3-1
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Mark Myers (Spring Grove) dec. Scott Callahan (West York) 5-2
 Randy Miller (York Vo-Tech) dec. Rick Lauer (Central York) 6-2
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Jeff Koller (Dallastown) dec. Mike Stambaugh (West York) 6-1
 Dave Bowersox (Spring Grove) dec. Kim Wilkins (York Suburban) 8-1
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Guy Boyer (West York) dec. Todd Strickhouser (Northeastern) 6-3
 Dave Hoffman (Dover) dec. Alan Schrum (Spring Grove) 9-6
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Glenn Geiman (South Western) pinned Mike Cave (Eastern) 5:25
 Glenn Dubbs (Dallastown) dec. Jay Brillhart (Dover) 5-0
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
 Don Lehman (West York) pinned William Frantz (York Vo-Tech) 3:12
 Lanny Lewis (York Suburban) won by ref's dec. over Jeff Mitchell (Dallastown) (double ot)


West York Area High School
Wrestling Team

1971-72 West York Varsity Wrestling Team
▪ Front Row (L-R) Steve Thomas, Paul Mulay, Skip Martin, Keith Lichty,
Kevin McCleary & Neil Bupp.
▪ Back (L-R)
Coach JT Toggas, Jim Haas, Barry Albright, Scott Callahan,
Barry King, Mike Stambaugh & Don Lehman.


1971-72... YCIAA League Wrestling Champions!!
1972 YCIAA Section Wrestling Team Champions.
1971 Easton Holiday Team Wrestling Champions.

1971 - West York's 133lb. Kevin McCleary lifts Dallastown
HS' s Dave Debus.  WY's McCleary won by fall in 2:54!
∙ Coach JT Toggas "chews his towel" in the background!


    (11/19/71 article)
      Thursday - November 18, 1971
      Bulldogs Halt Wildcats, 30-22

York Daily Record 11/19/71:
       The West York Bulldogs snapped Dallastown's domination of the (YCIAA)
  York County Interscholastic Wrestling League by toppling the Wildcats, 30-22,
  Thursday night to end the Wildcats' League (YCIAA) winning skein at 62 matches!
  It was the first league reversal since the 1966 campaign for Dallastown,
  which earlier this season had an overall 65-match skein stopped in an
  exhibition at Cedar Cliff.  Last team to top the Wildcats in league competition
  was Spring Grove by 31-14, January 20, 1966.  West York's Bulldogs,
  trailing 22-21 after 10 bouts, rallied for 9 points in the final 2 bouts to stop
  Dallastown 30-22, before a capacity turnout Thursday night at Dallastown.
  Dallastown won the JV (Junior Varsity) match over West York, 24-21.

Attendance - SOLD OUT (Standing Room Only).

       95lbs.   Barry Adams (D) dec. Steve Thomas (WY) 5-0.
     103lbs.   Paul Mulay (WY) dec. Steve Frey (D) 5-2.
     112lbs.   Brad Warner (D) dec. Keith Lichty (WY) 11-0.
     120lbs.   Joel Hoffman (D) pinned Barry Botterbusch (WY) 1:47.
     127lbs.   John Ruth (D) dec. Mark Jenkins (WY) 5-2.
Kevin McCleary (WY) pinned Dave Debus (D) 2:54.
     138lbs.   Neil Bupp (WY) pinned Joe Myers (D) 4:55.
     145lbs.   Ed Baker (D) dec. Jim Haas (WY) 10-4.
     154lbs.   Scott Callahan (WY) pinned John Laird (D) 3:55.
     165lbs.   John Weston (D) dec. Mike Root (WY) 8-1.
     180lbs.   Mike Stambaugh (WY) dec. Jeff Mitchell (D) 6-4.
    Don Lehman (WY) pinned Bill Hefner (D) 1:27.


1972 - West York's Kevin McCleary (left) controls his
Susquehannock opponent at a home dual meet.
▪ YCIAA Referee Bill Billet calls both out of bounds!
McCleary was a 3-time YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champion,
Easton Champion, undefeated in career dual meets,
& a 1974 NCAA All-American at
F&M College (150lbs.).

1972 YCIAA Sectional Championships

1972 District III YCIAA
York County Sectional Champions

▪ Front Kneeling (L-R)  Paul Mulay, Kevin McCleary, Neil Bupp.
▪ Back
  (L-R) Coach John Toggas, Scott Callahan, Don Lehman,
Mike Stambaugh, Asst. Coach Robert Bowers.

West York Varsity

"The 1972 Gang"

1971-72 West York Varsity Wrestling
"The Gang"
Kevin McCleary, Neil Bupp, Scott Callahan,
Michael Stambaugh & Donald Lehman.

1971-72 West York Varsity Wrestling Team

▪ Front Row (L-R) - Steve Thomas, Paul Mulay, Skip Martin, Keith A. Lichty,
Barry Botterbusch, Mark Jenkins,
Kevin McCleary & Neil Bupp.
▪ Back Row (L-R) -
Jim Haas, Barry Albright, Scott Callahan, Michael Root,
Barry King, Mike Stambaugh & Don Lehman.
"6" YCIAA Sectional Champions: (Mulay, McCleary, Bupp, Callahan,
Stambaugh & Lehman).

1972 - WY's Kevin McCleary (white) against Susquehannock HS

1972 YCIAA District III
Wrestling Champions
(Upper Bracket)

'72 DIII YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions
@ Gettysburg College
▪ Front (L-R)  Greg Burg YS, Paul Mulay WY, Brad Warner DT,
Joel Hoffman DT, Kevin McCleary WY, Joe Myers, DT.
▪ Back (L-R)
  Ed Baker DT, John Wendt C, Scott Callahan WY,
John Weston DT, Bob McNabb SW, Don Lehman WY.

      1972 YCIAA Section Championship Wrestling Finals
      (Upper Bracket)... from above photo.
@ Gettysburg College
     95lbs.   Greg Burg, York Suburban, dec. Barry Adams, Dallastown, 4-2.
   103lbs.   Paul Mulay, West York, dec. Jed Marchio, Hanover, 3-0.
   112lbs.   Brad Warner, Dallastown, dec. Steve Julius, Dover, 10-2.
   120lbs.   Joel Hoffman, Dallastown, dec. Steve Acker, Hanover, 14-7.
Kevin McCleary, West York, dec. Steve Benedict, Eastern, 8-1.
   133lbs.   Joe Myers, Dallastown, pinned Steve Gantz, York High, 3:35.
   138lbs.   Ed Baker, Dallastown, dec. Carl Billet, Vo-Tech, 9-2.
   145lbs.   John Wendt, Central, dec. Richard Lindt, Dover, 11-5.
   154lbs.   Scott Callahan, West York, dec. John Boop, Northeastern, 9-0.
   165lbs.   John Weston, Dallastown, dec. Dave Hoffman, Dover, 6-1.
   180lbs.   Bob McNabb, South Western, dec. Allen Schrum, Spring Grove, 13-1.
   Hwt.         Don Lehman, West York, dec. Ken Narber, Dover, 18-0.


West York HS Wrestling Captains

Keith Lichty, Kevin McCleary & Don Lehman before
their last home match for
 West York High School.

1972 Easton Area Holiday Tourney Champions
∙ Front (L-R)  Greg Shoemaker, Easton; Greg Duke, Manheim Twp.;
Garth Springer, Manheim Twp.; Rich Rodriguez, Saucon Valley;
Curt Stanley, Easton; Len Kaminski, Hanover Area Twp..
Back Row (L-R)  Russ Snyder, Easton; Fred Landis, Manheim Twp.;
Kevin McCleary, West York (ow); Wayne Horton, Beth. Freedom;
Lee Guzzo, Easton; Don Lehman, West York (ow).


                                 Pat Reilly Wrestling Memorial
            7th Annual Easton Area Holiday Wrestling Tournament

                                        Championship Finals
       ▪ December 27-28, 1972
  ▪   98lbs.  Greg Shoemaker, Easton dec. Dave Quier, Saucon Valley 7-0.
  ▪ 105lbs.  Greg Duke, Manheim Twp. dec. Rich Rike, Bethlehem Freedom 4-3.
  ▪ 112lbs.  Garth Springer, Manheim Twp. dec. Jeff Shoemaker, Easton 9-6.
  ▪ 119lbs.  Rich Rodriguez, Saucon Valley dec. Stanley "Skip" Martin, West York 9-5.
  ▪ 126lbs.  Curt Stanley, Easton dec. Ed Ziegler, Saucon Valley 5-1.
  ▪ 132lbs.  Len Kaminski, Hanover Twp. dec. Dan Lechner, Saucon Valley 9-7.
  ▪ 138lbs.  Russ Snyder, Easton won by default over Robbie Trumbower, Bethlehem Freedom.
  ▪ 145lbs.  Fred Landis, Manheim Twp. dec. Stan McGlynn, Hanover Twp. 7-0.
  ▪ 155lbs.  Kevin McCleary, West York dec. Dan Persa, Bethlehem Freedom 2-2, (ref's dec.).
  ▪ 167lbs.  Wayne Horton, Bethlehem Freedom dec. Darwin Brodt, Easton 12-5.
  ▪ 185lbs.  Lee Guzzo, Easton dec. Mike Keller, Manheim Twp. 8-5.
  ▪ Hwt. 
     Don Lehman, West York pinned Tom Giordani, Saucon Valley in 3:27.

          @ Easton High School, Easton, Pa.

    OW - Outstanding Wrestlers... (2): McCleary & Lehman (WY).
    ▪ Kevin McCleary 155lbs. (West York) & Don Lehman Hwt. (West York).  OW's
    ▪ Team Champion - Easton High School with 76 points
    ▪ Team Points:  Easton 76 pts., Saucon Valley 55 1/2 pts., Manheim Twp. 55 1/2 pts.,
      West York 47 1/2 pts., Bethlehem Freedom 47 pts., Hanover Township 22 pts.,
      Neshaminy 14 pts., Wilson (Easton, PA) 7 pts.       


1972 Easton Holiday Outstanding Wrestlers
▪ West York's Don Lehman (Hwt.) &
Kevin McCleary (155lbs.)

1972 Easton Holiday Outstanding Wrestlers
▪ West York's Don Lehman (Hwt.) & Kevin McCleary (155lbs.).

1973 DIII YCIAA Sectional Champions

1973 District III YCIAA Sectional Champions
Front Row (L-R) Greg Burg (York Suburban), Tom Clark (Red Lion),
Brad Warner (Dallastown), Bill Gilbert (Susquehannock),
Joel Hoffman (Dallastown) & Jeff Smith (York Suburban).

▪ Back
(L-R) Joe Myers (Dallastown), Kevin McCleary (West York),
John Boop (Northeastern), John Weston (Dallastown),
Barry Neff (Dallastown) & Don Lehman (West York).


             1973 DIII YCIAA Sectional Mat Finals

             2/24/73 @ Spring Grove Area High School

       (98lbs.) Greg Burg, York Suburban dec. Greg Henry, West York 6-2.
     (105lbs.) Tom Clark, Red Lion dec. Barry Adams, Dallastown 13-8.
     (112lbs.) Brad Warner, Dallastown dec. Bob Myers, York Vo-Tech 9-3.
     (119lbs.) Bill Gilbert, Susquehannock dec. Craig Miller, Hanover 11-0.
     (126lbs.) Joel Hoffman, Dallastown dec. Keith Lichty, West York 9-2.
     (132lbs.) Jeff Smith, York Suburban, inj. dft. over Craig Schaszberger, Central.
     (138lbs.) Joe Myers, Dallastown dec. Jim Grim, Spring Grove 9-1.
Kevin McCleary, West York dec. Craig Hamrick, Susquehannock 2-1.
     (155lbs.) John Boop, Northeastern dec. Bill Senft, Dallastown 5-0.
     (167lbs.) John Weston, Dallastown dec. George Lehr, York Vo-Tech 7-2.
     (185lbs.) Barry Neff, Dallastown dec. Ryan Hileman, Red Lion 5-2.
    Don Lehman, West York pinned Ray Creep, York High 2:09.


westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Records

                            March 2-3, 1973
         District III Championships

    ▪ 1st Round (98lbs.)
  Phil Boccagno, Muhlenberg Twp. dec. Greg Henry, West York 12-0

▪ 1st Round (126lbs.)
  Dave Wimer, Lancaster Catholic dec. Keith Lichty, West York 13-5.

▪ 1st Round (145lbs.)
  Kevin McCleary, West York dec. Lee Martin, Manheim Central 8-1.
▪ Quarterfinals (145lbs.)
  Mark Stauffer, Lower Dauphin dec. Kevin McCleary, West York 4-1.

    ▪ 1st Round (Hwt.)
  Don Lehman, West York advanced from upper bracket seeding.
▪ Quarterfinals (Hwt.)
  Don Lehman, West York dec. Wayne Jockers, Lower Dauphin 6-3.
Championship Semi-Finals (Hwt.)
*Bob Eshleman, Solanco dec. Don Lehman, West York 3-2.

  (*Eshleman went on to win the 1973 District III & Regional Crowns...
  & place 3rd at the PIAA's)


West York HS Varsity Wrestling

1972-73 West York HS Varsity
Wrestling Team
13-1 YCIAA League Record
(2nd Place to Dallastown)

Front Row (L-R)
Greg Henry, Steve Thomas, Scott Hursh, Skip Martin,
*Keith Lichty, Jeffrey Meckley.
(L-R) Alan Eisenhart, Steve Blevins, *Kevin McCleary, Barry King,
Michael Root,
*Don Lehman.
*Captains - K. Lichty, K. McCleary, D. Lehman.

West York Varsity Wrestling

1st Row (L-R) Greg Ruth, Douglas Crawford, Greg Bricker, Rick Gilmore,
 Scott Hursh, Greg Henry, Steve Thomas, Rick Sweitzer, Steve Rotz,
Barry Botterbusch, Skip Martin, Steve Billet.
▪ 2nd Row (L-R) Richard Myers, Thomas Walker, Scott Miller, Kenny Ott,
John Humbert, Greg Sipe, Jeff Meckley, John Chiappy, Mark Einsig,
Scott Green, Brad Pope, Jim Atland, Keith Lichty (captain).
3rd Row (L-R) Duane Givens, Alan Eisenhart, Rick Faymen, Joe McCoy,
Steve Blevins,
Kevin McCleary (captain), Jeff Markey, Jeff Masch,
Bob Garner, Jim Shorts.
4th Row  (L-R) Rick Bubb, Larry Sowers, Mark Hoffman, Keith Repman,
Ken Baker, Barry King, Jeff Lehr, Don Lehman (captain), Mike Root,
Mike Bievenour, Mitch Albright, Steve Snyder, Barry Albright.

              ▪ The 1972-73 West York Varsity Wrestling Team outscored
           its opponents by 545-208 in total points, losing to Dallastown, 32-21
           for their only loss of the season.

        ∙ YCIAA Sectional Champions - Kevin McCleary, Don Lehman.
        ∙ YCIAA Sectional 2nd Place - Greg Henry, Keith Lichty.
        ∙ Easton Holiday Champions - Kevin McCleary (ow), Don Lehman (ow).
        ∙ Easton Holiday 2nd Place - Stanley "Skip" Martin.
        ∙ Poland vs. USA Cultural Exchange Freestyle Match.

            West York Varsity Wrestling
             1972-73 Top Season Individual Records:

                                                ▪ Don Lehman 21-1
▪ Kevin McCleary 20-1-1
                                                ▪ Keith Lichty 17-4
                                                ▪ Greg Henry 15-6


West York High School Wrestling's
"3-Time" YCIAA/YAIAA Sectional
Champions Club (6)

∙ 3-time YCIAA Sectional Champion - Kevin McCleary

West York Wrestling
3-Time Sectional YCIAA Champions
Section Years WY Coach
  *Dana Luckenbaugh 1963, 1964, 1965 Brown, Ober, Toggas
  Bill Luckenbaugh 1967, 1968, 1969 John T. Toggas
  *Neil Bupp 1970, 1971, 1972 John T. Toggas
  Kevin McCleary 1971, 1972, 1973 John T. Toggas
  Don Lehman 1971, 1972, 1973 John T. Toggas
  *Chad Luckenbaugh 1994, 1995, 1997 Bill Luckenbaugh

*Neil Bupp's '70 YCIAA Section title was with Northeastern HS.
*Dana Luckenbaugh's '63 coach was - Bob Brown...
64 coach was - Dr. Ken Ober... & '65 coach was - JT Toggas.
*Chad Luckenbaugh's Sectional Years were YAIAA.

West York's 1972-73 Varsity Club

∙ West York High School's '72-'73 Varsity Club
WY's Kevin McCleary - 3rd from left in front.

Looking Back... 46 Years!
Allentown YMCA Open Takedown Tourney

▪ In 1970, West York's Greg Henry won the 70lbs. title with a
15-0 score over Ralph Paterno of Emmaus. 
West York's
Kevin McCleary finished  2nd @ 130lbs. - to 2-time PIAA
Mat Champion, Don Rohn of Saucon Valley... 10-2.

Kevin McCleary (150lbs.)
Franklin & Marshall College

  '74 NCAA DIII 3rd Place All-American

             "5" West Yorker's - ESSC vs. F&M!
                             The York Dispatch

      November 15, 1973
      Former West Yorkers
      Pace East Stroudsburg Over F&M!
      "West Yorker's"... Luckenbaugh - McCleary Grapple at 158lbs.!

        @ The East Stroudsburg State College (ESSC) Koehler Fieldhouse - 11/14/73

                   ▪ "Five" former West York High School grapplers were in action in...
               East Stroudsburg State's 24-18 victory over Franklin & Marshall College
               Tuesday night.  Senior Bill Luckenbaugh gained his third pin in four matches
               this season & 32nd in his college career over F&M freshman Kevin McCleary
               at the 4:55 mark in the 158lb. class.  Kevin McCleary and Bill Luckenbaugh
               are both West York products.  Luckenbaugh is now 40-4-1 (career) at ESSC.
               Sophomore Mike Stambaugh, former West York wrestler @ 177lbs. - upped
               his career record to 11-2 and remained undefeated with a 3-1 decision over
               F&M's Jeff Windstein for his fourth victory.  Bulldog grads who met defeat
               were freshman Keith Lichty, a 5-4 loss at 126lb., and freshman heavyweight
               Don Lehman, who lost a 6-3 verdict to F&M's Jim Devenney in the last match
               of the night.   
    York Dispatch 11/73 Article

                       ∙ ESSC's next match is a quad meet at Bloomsburg State on Saturday...
                         with Trenton (NJ) State and Slippery Rock (PA) State.


1981 Nebraska Wrestling Tourney Trip

1981 Nebraska Wrestling Tourney Trip
(L-R) Bill Webb, Kevin McCleary, Herb Webb, Karl C. McCleary,
John T. Toggas, Kevin Hannigan, Paul C. McCleary, Brendt Gladfelter.

Brother K.C. McCleary's Q & A

1983 West York Wrestling Dual vs. Central York
(L-R) WY Coaches John T. Toggas w/son John S.  Toggas, John Sprenkle,
Brian Kuntz and standing in back (middle) is assistant... Kevin McCleary.


1983-84 West York Wrestling Team
▪ WY Head Coach
Kevin McCleary (not pictured)... Record (7-11).
▪ Front Row (L-R) Chris Platts, Billy Linker, Gene Shorts, Andy Sowers,
Todd Gerace, Troy Ketterman & John Clauser.
▪ Back
(L-R) Tony Hoffman, Chad Toomey, Tom Bauer, Rodney Neiman,
Brett Kohler, Bob Narber, Chuck Shaw & Mitch Spangler.
(not pictured *Wilmer Pressel...who had a top record of 17-11 in 1983-84)

   WY Coaching Record ▪ 1983-85 - Kevin McCleary - 19-16-1 (.528 win %)

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Records

Monday March 18, 1985
by Lynn Arnold...York Daily Record staff writer

 Wilmer Pressel

Despite blind eye, West York's Pressel is sixth in state tourney...
  HERSHEY - When Wilmer Pressel was younger, the neighborhood kids used to call him names and pick

him because he had a peculiar handicap. No one is picking on Wilmer Pressel these days, though.
The West York senior wrestler has long-since dispelled the notion that he is in any way weak or inferior simply because he is blind in one eye. Pressel, who lost sight in his right eye as an infant because of a nerve disorder, placed sixth in the highly competitive 185-pound division of the PIAA Class AAA State Wrestling Tournament Saturday at Hersheypark Arena. Pressel downplays his partial blindness, but admits it helped spur him toward athletic excellence. "I don't consider it a handicap anymore.  I just make adjustments and work around it," said Pressel, who finished the 1984-85 season w/a 29-8 record. "Most of my moves are one-sided. I always shoot for takedowns to the left because that's where my line of vision is. Actually, it (the disorder) is why I got involved in wrestling in the first place," Pressel said.  "When I was little, the other kids used to pick on me, so I decided to work out and get involved in wrestling." West York Coach Kevin McCleary said he recalls a skinny, somewhat uncoordinated sixth-grader named Wilmer who decided to begin weightlifting and wrestling. "I believe his eyesight problem motivated him to seek success in athletics," McCleary said. "I think that's why he's been hitting the weights so hard the past six years to build his strength. Wilmer is a guy who didn't have a lot of natural talent to start with, and I think the vision problem would make wrestling very difficult. He's made himself what he is by hard work."    (2009 Interview w/Wilmer Pressel)

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Hall-of-Fame

Paul C. McCleary, Jr.
11/14/32 - 06/19/15
"a great man & a great loss"
Rest in Peace... Mr. McCleary

1948-49...Paul C. McCleary, Jr. robe/shoes
submitted by K.C McCleary & Pat McCleary.

www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

The Late Paul C. McCleary, Jr.
above 1948-49 photo submitted by K.C. McCleary & Pat McCleary.

West York Wrestling Alumni Obit Page

Looking Back...48 Years Ago!
The West York Wrestling Booster Club of 1971-72
- led by Paul C. McCleary, Jr. -
put together and executed a High School Division & Open College Division
Summer Wrestling Tourney which was very successful for many years!
PIAA State Champions, National Prep Champions & NCAA Champions,
wrestled in this once great tourney!
*Pewter Mugs and Pewter Plates for 1st - 4th!

The Champions in the 1st Booster Club Tourney in 1972:
▪ HS Division:  Dave Quier, Dan Niman, Greg Duke, John Little, Bill Kaercher,
Steve Gantz, Chris Poff, Ed Neiswender, Mark Lieberman & Don Lehman.
▪ Open/NCAA Division:  Michael Torchia, David Groverman, Norm Palovcsik,
Bill Luckenbaugh, Brian Schmidt, Jesse Rawls, Mike Lieberman & Tom Herr.

Click the - West York Booster Summer Tournament

Ursinus College's K.C. McCleary

Kevin's brother, KC McCleary's Interview!

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Looking Back...47 Years Ago!


1973 @ WY "Poland vs. USA-PA Meet!"...
USA-PA Freestyle Director - Paul C. McCleary, Jr.


▪ Poland National 6.5 pts. USA-PA 5.5 pts.
3/31/73 @ West York Area, PA HS.


105lbs.  John Malles, USA dec. Zenon Witte, POL 5-4.

114lbs.  Tomasz Krawczak, POL dec. Don Carr, USA 5-3.

123lbs.  Stanislow Malkiewicz, POL pinned Rick Tonkin, USA 1:32.

  132lbs.  Marek Bujowski, POL dec. Keith Lichty, USA 3-0.

  143lbs.  Kevin McCleary, USA dec. Stefan Radon, POL 5-1.

154lbs.  Bill Rawding, USA dec. Zbigniew Zurawski, POL 4-0.

  165lbs.  Keith Kreider, USA dec. Leszek Radon, POL 3-2.

  178lbs.  Bronislaw Pniewski, POL default vs. Wayne Horton, USA.

191lbs.  John Weston, USA tied with Jerzy Kachniarz, POL 1-1.

Hwt.       Don Lehman, USA dec. Krzysztof Dybinski, POL 4-0.

            (USA-PA Freestyle Coaches:  Stan Zeamer & Dave Steiler)
     ▪ Host:  Raymond Troxell, Superintendent of West York, PA Schools.
     ▪ Officials:  Thomas Tisone, Richard Charles, Richard Glossner
       & William "Bill" Billet.  (Olympic Freestyle Rules)
     ▪ 3/31/73 USA-PA vs. POL Meet Announcers:  Whedon Myers (WY)
       & Ignacy Swiecicki (POL).
     ▪ USA-PA vs. POL Flag Carrier (USA):  Don Lehman.
     ▪ USA-PA/POL Event Organizer - Paul C. McCleary, Jr.
     West York Wrestlers:  K. Lichty, K. McCleary & D. Lehman.
     The event started with a "pin" exchange between athletes.

West York Area High School


West York Area High School History
Two Undefeated Dual Meet...
Career Wrestlers!

West York Wrestling's
Glenn Amsbaugh was undefeated
in Career Dual Meets
with a career dual record of 46-0.

Dr. Glenn A. Amsbaugh

West York Wrestling's
Kevin McCleary was undefeated
in Career Dual Meets
with a career dual record of 41-0-1.

Kevin McCleary

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