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West York Wrestling


"A Wrestler must LIVE Wrestling!"

▪ Paul C. McCleary's Wrestling Shoes...
West York Wrestling Robe from 1948.

w/Paul C. McCleary & Whedon Myers
submitted by
K.C. McCleary, Pat McCleary & Kyle Miller

West York Wrestling

Coach Charles C. Richards, Jr.

Coach Chuck Richards (138-111-7)

1941-42 West York Wrestling

1942-43 West York Wrestling

1943-44 West York Wrestling

1944-45 West York Wrestling

1945-46 West York Wrestling

1946-47 West York Wrestling

▪ West York's Paul C. McCleary is seated left - 2nd Row...(no shirt)
West York HS Coach - Chuck Richards, is far right - 3rd row.
Other WY'ers in above photo include... Lee Zellers, Leon Senft, Herb Marley,
Johnny Schwartz, Dean Harbold, William Grimmon, Robert Grube, John Smith,
Herb Schmidt, Robert King & Paul Brodbeck. (Varsity)

 1947 Robert King - 2nd Place @ '47 PIAA's...@ 165lbs.
1947 PIAA State Wrestling 165lb. Finals
Frank Rich (Lock Haven) dec. Robert King (West York) 2-0.

1947-48 West York Wrestling

▪ West York's Paul C. McCleary is seated far left - 2nd Row...
West York HS Coach - Chuck Richards, is far right - 4th row.
Other WY'ers in above photo include... Lee Zellers, Jake Zellers, R. Barley,
Leon Senft, Herb Marley, Dean Harbold, Ault, Gross, Bob Grube, Stambaugh,
Herb Schmidt & Nolan Hengst.


1948-49 West York Wrestling

Front Row (L-R) Edgar Swartz, Gene Wise, Llewellyn Miller, Dale Bahn, Leon Senft,
Paul C. McCleary, Lynn Harbold, Mark Reeves.
2nd Row (L-R) Russell Aldinger, John Bare, Wayne Miller, Elvin Clark, Glenn Miller,
Philip Hoover, Austin Edgington, Richard Barley, David Hoover.
▪ The 3rd Row (L-R) ... Nolan Hengst, Donald Becker, Charles Smith, William Zech,
Lester Mollison, Donald Nace, William Aldinger, Donald Rudisill.
▪ The 4th Row (L-R) ... Coach Chuck Richards, Harlan Mummert, Wilbur Klinedinst,
Robert Miller, Jack Hayes, Gene Kessler, Whedon Myers.

West York HS Coach - Chuck Richards, is far left - 4th row.

Paul C. McCleary, Jr.
above photos submitted by K.C. McCleary, Pat McCleary
& Kyle Miller


Paul C. McCleary, Jr.
11/14/32 - 06/19/15
"a great man & a great loss"
Rest in Peace... Mr. McCleary

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The Late Paul C. McCleary, Jr.
above photo submitted by K.C. McCleary & Pat McCleary

Looking Back...46 Years Ago!
The West York Wrestling Booster Club of 1971-72
led by Paul C. McCleary, Jr. -

put together and executed a High School Division & Open College Division
Summer Wrestling Tourney which was very successful for many years!
PIAA State Champions, National Prep Champions & NCAA Champions,
wrestled in this once great tourney!
Pewter Mugs and Pewter Plates for 1st - 4th!

The Champions in the 1st Booster Club Tourney in 1972:
HS Division:  Dave Quier, Dan Niman, Greg Duke, John Little, Bill Kaercher,
Steve Gantz, Chris Poff, Ed Neiswender, Mark Lieberman & Don Lehman.
▪ Open/College Division:  Mike Torchia, David Groverman, Norm Palovcsik,
Bill Luckenbaugh, Brian Schmidt, Jesse Rawls, Mike Lieberman & Tom Herr.

Click the - West York Booster Summer Tournament

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Looking Back...48 Years Ago!

1973 @ WY "Poland vs. USA-PA Meet!"...
Director - Paul C. McCleary, Jr.


www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com history

        West York Coach Charles "Chuck" Richards graduated from Erie Academy, Erie PA in 1929
     and entered F&M College in Lancaster, PA graduating in 1934 with a B.A. in History.

West York's 1st Wrestling Coach, Charles "Chuck" Richards...
     began his teaching career at West York Area Senior High School in September of 1934.

        Chuck Richards was West York's first head coach and was a pioneer in York County Wrestling! 
     1934-35 West York team names included - McDonald, Dubbs, Sheffer, Sitz, Buchanan, Gohn, King,
     Whitmore, Brokenshire, Silar, Wilhide, Gentzler, Sheffer, Desenburgh, and wrestling manager Poff. 
     West York High School wrestled 8 dual meets that year against the likes of Gettysburg Freshmen,
     Manheim, F&M Frosh, Atlas, Patton Trade & Navy Plebes.  West York finished with a record of 4-4.

     ▪  The 1st West York dual meet was against Gettysburg College Freshmen - held on 1/19/1935.
West York Area High School lost that first wrestling dual meet 35-5.
     But, the long and proud West York Wrestling tradition had its beginning!

     ▪  The first West York Wrestling Team included wrestlers in grades seven through twelve!
     From 1934-54, Richards' high school wrestlers won 111 individual titles.  His teams won 72%
     of their wrestling matches.  Coach Richards had nine wrestlers that went on to coaching
     careers:  H. Leon Senft, Herb Schmidt, Udell Seitz, Johnny Swartz, Edward Bupp, Nevin Hake,
     Dean Harbold, Ronald Myers and Eugene Brady.

        Coach Richards' wrestling history was not very long.  He wrestled intramurals at Erie Academy.
     At F&M, he wrestled Hwt., having to lose weight before each match to make the weight limit.
     The F&M Head Coach at that time was Charles Mayser... F&M was National Champion in the 30's!

        Coach Richards also started the football program at West York, organized a boys and girls track
     program, coached the basketball team for one year, and coached a West York girls fencing team.
     Richards' WY Football Teams won 69% of their games during his 18 seasons.  Coach Richards
     headed up the school's track program for 24 years.  He retired from teaching @ West York in 1975.

     ▪  Charles "Chuck" Richards is in the York Area, District III and PWCA PA Wrestling Halls of Fames.

     ▪  Coach Chuck Richards left the WY coaching duties at the end of the 1955-56 season.


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WY's PIAA State Wrestling Tourney Qualifiers


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