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Proud College Alumni...!!

2018-19 Penn College Wrestling
WY Alumnus, David "Bug" Pressel (157lbs.) seated 4th from right.


2018 Ship/Millersville Match... (L-R) Brian Gross, Kyle Narber, Justin Wilkins & Ryan Narber.


2018 Ship/Millersville Match... (L-R Front) Noah Steiglman, Calab Steiglman & Jaidyn Wilkins...
w/Ryan & Kyle Narber.


2018 Ship/Millersville Match... (L-R) Bob Narber, Kyle Narber, Richelle Narber & Ryan Narber.


12/25/16 - (L-R) West York's Don Lehman '73 &... Fred Lehman '66.



          York PA's Best College Wrestlers by NCAA Division
  NCAA Division I... Brad Lloyd (Red Lion) (Lock Haven University)
  NCAA Division II... Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) (East Stroudsburg State)
  NCAA Division III... Shaun Smith (Dover) (Delaware Valley College)


My *ARCHIVES *A 70's ESSC Page!!
*West York High School has "10" Alumni...
on the above ESSC/ESU Mat lettermen list!

ESU Varsity Letter Awards


                                    Looking Back 44 years...@ some
1974 NCAA College Wrestling
                The "BELOW" 1974 photo has "3" NCAA DI Champions!
                                                (Don Rohn, Wade Schalles & William Simpson)
                    ∙ 3 NCAA DII Champions (Spates, Watts, Luckenbaugh).
                    ∙ 1 NAIA Champion (Tom Herr).
                    ∙ 7 NCAA Division I All-Americans...
                                                (Spates, Turnbull, Watts, Rohn, Shuffstall, Schalles, Simpson)
                    the 177lb. PSAC runner-up to Schalles (Floyd Hitchcock)
                    won the 1974 NCAA Division I title & Outstanding Award!
                                                ∙ plus...the 167lb. PSAC runner-up to B. Simpson (Ron Sheehan)
                                                was the 1974 NCAA DII Champion!
                                PSAC WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS 1974
                        1974 Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Photo
                     ▪ Front (L-R) Jack Spates (Slippery Rock), Craig Turnbull (Clarion),
                     Randy Watts (Bloomsburg), Don Rohn (Clarion), Bill Luckenbaugh (ESSC).
                     ▪ Back (L-R) Tom Herr (Edinboro), William Shuffstall (Slippery Rock),
                     Wade Schalles (Clarion), William Simpson (Clarion), Bob Stetler (ESSC).

                The 1974 PSAC Wrestling Tournament Recap
                All of the 1974 PSAC Results/Medalists - click... HERE!
                (w/East Stroudsburg's Bill Luckenbaugh & Don Lehman)

                              PA Wrestler's Who Became NCAA Champions!



(West York's Bill Luckenbaugh - PSAC Champion '74)
*Former West York Coach, Josh Millard (LHU) won a PSAC Crown in '02.


"Our WY College Wrestlers!"


"Where you find success, you find sacrifice!"


1974-75 East Stroudsburg State College
 NCAA Varsity Wrestling Team
▪ Front Row (L-R)  Kathy Koch (manager), Daniel Leach, Jody McMullen,
Jack Miller, Randy Tillman.
▪ Back Row
*Bob Dalling (asst. coach), Darwin Brodt, Gary Kessel,
Don Lehman
, Gene Ulrich,
*Bob Stetler, Carl Seitz,
Mike Stambaugh,
*Clyde "Red" Witman (head coach), Fred Swanson,
 Mike Sitler (trainer), Phil Conlin.
not pictured - Keith Lichty, Joe Delaney, Skip Falcone, Billy Cuff,
Ken Magaro, Bill Katinowsky.
 (All Match Results)
The 1976-77 East Stroudsburg State College Wrestling Varsity Page
The 1975-76 East Stroudsburg State College Wrestling Results Page

The 1974-75 East Stroudsburg State College Wrestling Results Page
The 1973-74 East Stroudsburg State College Wrestling Results Page



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'73 (12/10/10)

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WY Wrestling Alumnus College/University WY HS Head Coach
 Mark Buelow  East Stroudsburg University  B. Luckenbaugh
 Matt Sprenkle  East Stroudsburg University  B. Luckenbaugh
 Jeff Wolfe  East Stroudsburg University  B. Luckenbaugh
 Bruce Stambaugh  East Stroudsburg University  JT Toggas
 Larry Gay  East Stroudsburg University  JT Toggas
 Barry Gay  East Stroudsburg University  JT Toggas
 Keith Lichty  East Stroudsburg University  JT Toggas
 Don Lehman  East Stroudsburg University  JT Toggas
 Mike Stambaugh  East Stroudsburg University  JT Toggas
 *Bill Luckenbaugh  East Stroudsburg University  JT Toggas
 David Albright  East Stroudsburg University  JT Toggas
 Glen Eby  East Stroudsburg University  JT Toggas
 Scott Hursh  West Chester University  JT Toggas
 Ted Turnbull  West Chester University  JT Toggas
 Jeff Meckley  Indiana (IUP)  JT Toggas
 *Tom Toggas  Blair/Lehigh University  JT Toggas
 *Glenn Amsbaugh  Lehigh University  R. Brown
 Chuck Nace  F&M College  JT Toggas
 Kevin McCleary  F&M College  JT Toggas
 William "Billy" Randt  Lock Haven University  B. Gross
 David Toggas  Lock Haven University  JT Toggas
 Brian Kuntz  Lock Haven University  JT Toggas
 Mark Kuntz  Lock Haven University  JT Toggas
 Ken Shorts  Millersville University  JT Toggas
 Todd Lehman  Millersville University  J. Jones
 Guy Boyer  Millersville University  JT Toggas
 Kyle Narber  Millersville University  B. Gross
 David Maday  Brown University  JT Toggas
 K.C. McCleary  Ursinus College  JT Toggas
 A. Scott Callahan  Lehigh/Ursinus College  JT Toggas
 Jeff Linebaugh  University of Maryland  JT Toggas
 Fred Lehman  York College/Maryland  JT Toggas
 John Sprenkle  Virginia Tech  JT Toggas
 Brendt Gladfelter  Bloomsburg University  JT Toggas
 *Eric Albright  Virginia/Pittsburgh  C. Fissel
 Don Narber  Elizabethtown College  JT Toggas
 *Ron Emenheiser  Gettysburg College  JT Toggas
 Dr. Perry Tallman  Gettysburg/Montana  JT Toggas
 Robert Gay  Juniata College  JT Toggas
 Steve Rudicill  Juniata College  JT Toggas
 Danny Dixon  Drexel University  JT Toggas
 Brock Mathison  Messiah College  C. Fissel
 Frank Stanco  Messiah College  JT Toggas
 Steve Toggas  Catawba College  JT Toggas
 Mike Bievenour  Air Force/Cornell  JT Toggas
 William Wiehe  Michigan State University  JT Toggas
 Wade Ginter  Albright College  C. Fissel
 Ryan Narber  Shippensburg University  B. Gross
 Jordan Brouillette  Shippensburg University  J. Meckley
 Mathias Smyser  York College of PA  J. Meckley
 Todd Platts  York College of PA  C. Fissel
 Eric Platts  York College of PA  B. Luckenbaugh
 Bob Linker  York College of PA  JT Toggas
 Bob Linker  York College of PA  JT Toggas
 Brian Gross  York College of PA  JT Toggas
 Gary Bates  York College of PA  JT Toggas
 Jack Martin  York College of PA  JT Toggas
 David Pressel  Penn College  B. Gross
 ACTIVE ▪  -  -
"Division I Qualifier" Criteria (at least one year) ▪ ACTIVE

* - NCAA Division One Championships Qualifier...
"Above" - College Alumni List Criteria:
(at least one full year on the college squad)




Look at the
NCAA Division One Wrestling Brackets...
From the 1930's to the 2000's!
▪ ▪ ▪
West York's NCAA Division One Mat Qualifiers (5)
    Glenn Amsbaugh, Ron Emenheiser,
Billy Luckenbaugh, Tom Toggas
***Eric Albright WY/Red Lion***)

▪ "All" NCAA Mat Brackets - DI  DII  DIII

Wrestling Stats

NCAA DI Champions from Pennsylvania

▪ All Native PA NCAA Champions/Placewinners...
Division One Wrestling Archive - by Allen Brown



     EIWA Champions History... All Brackets
             w/former West York grapplers in EIWA's...
   (Glenn Amsbaugh '65, '67) (Don Lehman '77)
   (Tom Toggas -
3-time EIWA Champ '84, '85, '87, '88)
   (Barry Gay '81, '82, '83) (Mark Buelow '95, '97)
   (Jeff Wolfe '95, '96, '98) (Bruce Stambaugh '80)




           1973-74 East Stroudsburg State College
                        NCAA (PSAC) Varsity Wrestling Team
           ▪ Front (L-R) Billy Cuff, Keith Lichty, Bill Luckenbaugh, Gary Kessel, Mel Riddick.
           ▪ Back (L-R)  Don Lehman, Bob Stetler, Mike Stambaugh, Carl Seitz, Phil Conlin,
                                       Fred Swanson.
      East Stroudsburg State Wrestling


                    "And there was Bill Luckenbaugh...
   who had more pins than any wrestler in ESU history.
   One night in Wilkes-Barre, Lucky took the mat against
   Wilkes' College top wrestler - NCAA DIII Champ Mike Lee.
   The match started, and the PA announcer was saying...
   "This is the match you have been waiting for - it's Bill Lucken.....!!"
   Suddenly, he sputtered and stopped, Lucky had already sunk in
   an arm-bar and had his opponent headed for a fall."

         ∙ Pete Nevins' Final Column for the Pocono Record...1/8/07



1975 PSAC Wrestling Championships
190lb. Medal Podium

(L-R) Tom Jackson (Cal State), Don Lehman (East Stroudsburg),
* Bill Shuffstall (Slippery Rock State),
Eric Guyll (Millersville State), Matt Tydor (Bloomsburg State)
& Andy Aronstam (West Chester State).
* Bill Shuffstall placed 6th at the 1974 NCAA DI Tourney and 6th
@ the 1975 NCAA DI Tourney...to become a 2-time All-American!
1975 PSAC Wrestling Championship Preview


▪ Brian Kuntz wrestled for Coach Dr. Ken Cox
@ Lock Haven State College!
1972 Lock Haven State College Wrestling

▪ LHSC's Brian Kuntz - 5th Row - far right.

1973 PSAC Wrestling 118lb. Podium Medalists

1973 PSAC Wrestling Championship 118lb. Podium

'73 PSAC 118lbs. (L-R) Joe Hill (Kutztown), Brian Kuntz (Lock Haven),
Craig Turnbull (Clarion), Jack Spates (Slippery Rock),
Dave Whare (Millersville), Carlos Bryant (California).
submitted by Brian Kuntz



East Stroudsburg State Wrestling
ESSC vs. NC State University

1975 East Stroudsburg State College Wrestling
Home Match @ ESSC's/ESU's Koehler Fieldhouse
▪ (L-R) Jack Miller, Coach Clyde "Red" Witman, Gary Kessel, Don Lehman,
Phil Conlin & Dan Leach - '75 ESSC vs. North Carolina State dual meet.

The above '75 photo was sent to Don Lehman from Coach Clyde "Red" Witman
 just before his untimely passing.
Clyde "Red" Witman was a GREAT coach!


West York HS's '06-'07 Coach Josh Millard...
Standout Wrestler @ Lock Haven University!

▪ 2006-07 West York Head Varsity Coach - Josh Millard
PIAA 4th ▪ (Bald Eagle HS) ▪ PSAC and EWL Champion (Lock Haven)
Josh Millard 2001-02 @ Lock Haven University

EWL Champions History*
w/former West York Coach Josh Millard...LHU

Lock Haven University Wrestling Archive - J. Millard
*Josh Millard LHU... top - EWL Champion in '01)
*Red Lion's/LHU's Brad Lloyd won an EWL crown in '89.
*YS's/York Vo-Tech's/West Virginia's - Mark Banks won an EWL crown
in years '90 & '91. Mark Banks placed 5th @ the '90 NCAA's & 5th @ the
'91 NCAA's for West Virginia.  A photo of Mark Banks-York Vo-Tech...
from the 1985 YCIAA AAA Sectionals (M. Banks) - HERE!


Wrestling Team

     2004-05 Millersville University
                   Wrestling Team

       ▪ Todd Lehman - 2004 grad of West York HS (standing)...
        (8th MU wrestler from left in back).

       ▪ Cody Becker
- 2004 grad of Spring Grove HS (kneeling)...
        (6th MU wrestler from left in front).

                   Head Coach - Neil Barnes (standing back left).
                   Asst. Coach Todd Roberts (standing back right)



1981 YCIAA Sectional AAA Wrestling Champions
Front (L-R) *Shaun Smith (Dover HS), *Dave Gable (Dallastown HS),
Mike McCleary (Red Lion),
*Rodger Gay (Dover),
*Brad Lloyd (Red Lion), Scott Bolton (Dover).
(L-R) Dave Brenneman (Dallastown), Matt Bivins (Dallastown),
Dave Heckard (West York), Keith Folkenroth (Dallastown),
Greg Grimm (Red Lion),
*Tom Toggas (West York).
photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs

WRESTLING FACTS (above photo)

*Shaun Smith won "3" NCAA DIII titles at... Delaware Valley.
*Brad Lloyd went on to secure finishes of 7th, 3rd and 2nd for
Lock Haven University at the NCAA DI's.
*Tom Toggas went
to become a 3-time EIWA champion @ Lehigh University.
*Dave Gable... a 3-time EIWA place-winner at F&M College.
*Rodger Gay wrestled and lettered... @ East Stroudsburg U.


    * Brad Lloyd (Red Lion - 4th from left front - above 1983 Sectionals photo)
       was a
3-time PSAC champion, EWL champion...
       and a 3-time NCAA Division I All-American ('86, '88, '89)
       for the Lock Haven University Eagles @ 167lbs. & 177lbs.
       ∙ Brad Lloyd is featured on practically all Lock Haven University Wrestling Records.
       ∙ Brad Lloyd had a career record of 146-25-2 at LHU with 44 falls and 28 tech. falls.

    * Dover's Shaun Smith (above 1983 Sectionals photo - back) was a...
       3-time NCAA DIII Champion at Delaware Valley College!
       (Shaun Smith - 88-1 career @ Delaware Valley College).

    * Bill Luckenbaugh (West York/ESSC - was a 1974 NCAA DII National Champ).
      Pennsylvania HS - NCAA Division II Wrestling Champions

           "I consider Red Lion's Brad Lloyd the best college
wrestler to come out of York County with... Mark
 Banks (York Suburban/Vo-Tech) a close second!"

        ▪ Below is a succinct look at Brad Lloyd by Don Lehman

              Red Lion's Brad Lloyd (LHU) - bio
                                 ∙ 1988-89 (L-R) LHU's Craig Corbin & Brad Lloyd.
               Red Lion alumnus Brad Lloyd was a 3-time PSAC champion, EWL champion
            in '89 and a 3-time NCAA Division I All-American Wrestler ('86, '88, '89)...
            for the Lock Haven University Eagles.
  Brad Lloyd is featured on practically
            all Lock Haven University Wrestling Records.  Brad Lloyd had a career record
            of 146-25-2 at LHU with 44 falls and 28 technical falls!!  Brad Lloyd lost to
            Oklahoma State's Chris Barnes, 1-1, 2-2, criteria 3 in the finals of the 1989
            NCAA's in Oklahoma City.  Brad was seeded #1 in '89.  In addition to his
            NCAA DI 2nd place finish in '89, Brad also placed 3rd in '88 & 7th in '86.
            (Brad wrestled for Coach Neil W. Turner @ Lock Haven University)
            Red Lion's/LHU's Brad Lloyd is in the EWL Hall of Fame, and in my opinion is
            the BEST NCAA Division I College Wrestler ever from York County!
  A close
            second would be York Suburban/York Vo-Tech - West Virginia's Mark Banks,
            a 2-time EWL champion...who placed 5th twice for West Virginia University
            at the NCAA's - in '90 & '91... earning consecutive DI All-American honors.

                   ▪ Brad Lloyd in some Red Lion YCIAA Sectional Photos... 1981, 1982, 1983.
                     Also - a PDF LHU article on Brad Lloyd from 1989 -  HERE!

                                  Lock Haven University Wrestling Records - HERE!


NCC Christmas Mat Tourney

1967 - YJC's Fred Lehman takes 177lb. title.
York College's Fred Lehman (2nd from left)




'68-69 University of Maryland Varsity Wrestling
▪ Front Row (L-R) John Baker, Jeffrey Paxton, David Pusey, Kevin Gilead,
*Jeff Linebaugh, & Bob Terrill.
Middle (L-R) Coach Jim Arnoult, Curt Callahan, Joel Haan, **Gobel Kline,
*Fred Lehman, John Schlaffer, Andy Hanzlik & Mgr. Lonnie Rutledge.
▪ Standing (L-R)
Head UM Coach William "Sully" Krouse, John Dalgewicz,
Howard Zachmann, Len Swanson, Dean Sisemore, &
Randy Umberger.

* West York High School Graduates... (above)
Jeff Linebaugh
(1967) & Fred Lehman (1966).

**Gobel Kline ▪ 1969 NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion CLICK HERE!

What 3 brothers of the above '69 University of Maryland Team
for East Stroudsburg State & Coach Clyde "Red" Witman...?

Answer... ESSC's Chet Dalgewicz, Fred Swanson & Don Lehman!


▪ Scott Callahan - Ursinus College @ 177lbs. ▪
1977 NCAA Division III All-American

certificate submitted by Ursinus Head Wrestling Coach - Bill Racich.
(click on above certificate for the A. Scott Callahan Page)





▪ ESSC's Don Lehman @ 190lbs. (top) gets a decision
West Chester State in Koehler Fieldhouse ('77).
photo - Pocono Record

           7/12/15 - West York Mat Alumni News
    Hunter Scheivert WY '15 - NAIA/GPAC bound...
    (From Danielle Scheivert to westyorkwrestlingalumni.com)
While wrestling in the Las Vegas Open, Hunter Scheivert WY 15', got a look.  Later,
    Hunter Scheivert got a call from a Midland University, Fremont, Nebraska asst. coach,
    with GOOD news.  Hunter will receive a partial scholarship to wrestle and attend
    Midland University and wrestle for the NAIA Warriors... (Midland Wrestling Website),
    leaving on August 22, 2015 for Nebraska!  Hunter's major will be accounting/business
    finance.  CONGRATULATIONS Hunter... we will be following you at Midland U!     Don


    2014 - West York's Hunter Scheivert (right)



York PA's BEST College Wrestlers
by NCAA Mat Division Page!


*website by ESSC's Don Lehman '77


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