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1974 NCAA Division II Wrestling

1974 DII National Champion @ 150lbs.

Bill Luckenbaugh
East Stroudsburg State College


               "And there was Bill Luckenbaugh...
     who had more pins than any wrestler in ESU history.
     One night in Wilkes-Barre, Lucky took the mat against
     Wilkes' College top wrestler - NCAA DIII Champ Mike Lee.
     The match started, and the PA announcer was saying...
     "This is the match you have been waiting for - it's Bill Lucken.....!!"
     Suddenly, he sputtered and stopped, Lucky had already sunk in
     an arm-bar and had his opponent headed for a fall."

     ∙ The late Pete Nevins' Final Column for the Pocono Record...1/8/07

'74 150lb. NCAA DII Champion - Bill Luckenbaugh

Bill Luckenbaugh
East Stroudsburg State College

1974 NCAA DII National Wrestling Champion
▪ NCAA Finals - 150lbs.
Bill Luckenbaugh (ESSC) pinned Roger Warner (Cal Poly) 3:35.
1974 NCAA Division II Wrestling Championship Results

1974 NCAA DII Wrestling Championships Trio
(Back Row) ESSC Head Wrestling Coach - Clyde H. "Red" Witman.
(Front) ESSC's
Bill Luckenbaugh (150lbs.), Don Lehman (190lbs.),
Bob Stetler (158lbs.)

NCAA Division II Wrestling Championships
@ Cal State University, Fullerton, CA (Orange County)
ESSC (Luckenbaugh, Stetler, Lehman) 7th Place...
w/39 1/2pts.

Cal-State Fullerton University

March - 1974

  The Stroud Courier
     VOL. LXII No. 19
     East Stroudsburg State College, East Stroudsburg, PA

     March 8, 1974
  Lucky Gets Crown And Trophy!
     Cal State University - Fullerton, CA
    ▪ Senior wrestler Bill Luckenbaugh proved his grappling powers again this weekend breezing
  through the NCAA College Division II wrestling championships at Fullerton, California.  Lucky, top seeded
  at 150 pounds, pinned Roger Warner of Cal Poly San Louis Obispo in 3:35 of the final round match.
  This was his fourth pin in five tournament matches and it enabled him to win a trophy for the most pins.
  Lucky also was second to Bloomsburg's 177lb. Floyd Hitchcock in the outstanding wrestler balloting.
   Bob Stetler, another "Warrior Wonder," took 3rd in the 158 pound class winning four consolation matches.
  Stetler's biggest win came in a 9-2 thrashing of Mike Turnbull of the University of Akron, who earlier had
  eliminated him from the championship competition.  Turnbull decisioned Stetler 5-4 when his trick knee
  went out on him.  Coach "Red" Witman felt that if it had not been for the injury he could have conceivably
  gone on to win the title.  Don Lehman, only a freshman at 190 pounds for ESSC, won one match in the
  championship round
, defeating a Northern Iowa grappler 3-2, and then fell to Mankato State's Kurt Kuehl
  by fall (4:56) in the quarterfinal match.  Lehman won one consolation match on Saturday before losing
  to Kuehl for a second time, just missing out on All-American status in the 1974 NCAA DII tourney.
            ▪ With only Lucky, Stetler and Lehman competing for East Stroudsburg State,
  the trio managed to score high enough for "seventh place" out of forty colleges.

      ▪ Winning the final round enabled Lucky to go on to the NCAA Division I championships March 14-16
    at Iowa State University.  ESSC's only other NCAA champion was Rich Schumacher, who  
    won the heavyweight college division (DII) title in 1970.


1974 NCAA Division II National Champions
March 1-2, 1974

Cal State University - Fullerton
, CA

  1974 NCAA DII National Champions
   118lbs. - Terrence Perdew (Old Dominion)
   126lbs. - Tom Garcia (Northern Iowa)
   134lbs. - Jim Miller (Northern Iowa)
   142lbs. - Ken Snyder (Northern Iowa)
   150lbs. - Bill Luckenbaugh (East Stroudsburg)
   158lbs. - Cliff Hatch (Cal Poly SLO)
   167lbs. - Ron Sheehan (Bloomsburg)
   177lbs. - Floyd Hitchcock (Bloomsburg)
   190lbs. - Keith Leland (Cal Poly SLO)
   Unl.       - Jim Woods (Western Illinois)


▪▪ ESSC Coach, Clyde "Red' Witman, presents the 1974 NCAA Division II
Wrestler Award to Bloomsburg's Floyd "Shorty" Hitchcock.
Coach Clyde Witman is president of the NCAA DII Coaches Association.

Team Champion - Cal Poly SLO (131.5 pts)
* Outstanding Wrestler - Floyd "Shorty" Hitchcock (Bloomsburg State)

1974 NCAA DII Championship Wrestling Results - 3/1-2, 1974

Bill Luckenbaugh of East Stroudsburg State College...
was the "2nd seed" at the 1974 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships in Iowa City. 
won his first 2 matches by fall, but a severe knee injury suffered at practice the
prior week hindered his progress in what would have been, a sure All-American medal. 
▪ Bill Luckenbaugh won the NCAA DII wrestling crown the week before to qualify
for the NCAA Division I tournament in Iowa City.

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∙ Read about West York 1969 graduate & PIAA State Wrestling Champion...
 "Bill Luckenbaugh's 1974 Pennsylvania Conference (PSAC) Championship
& his California trek to the NCAA DII Wrestling Championship @ 150lbs.!"
West York Wrestling 73' to 77' ESU Alumni Results Pag
Bill Luckenbaugh Complete ESU Wrestling Stats/Results
ESU's National Hall of Fame Coach
- Clyde "Red" Witman

West York Wrestlers with letters @ ESSC/ESU
(Eby, Luckenbaugh, Stambaugh's, Lehman, Lichty, Gay, Buelow, Sprenkle, Wolfe) feature

1974 Pennsylvania State Athletic

Conference Wrestling Championships

@ Slippery Rock State College
February 22-23, 1974

1974 PSAC Wrestling Tournament Champions
Front (L-R) Jack Spates -118lbs. (Slippery Rock), Craig Turnbull -126lbs. (Clarion),
Randy Watts -134lbs. (Bloomsburg),  Don Rohn -142lbs. (Clarion) &...
Bill Luckenbaugh -150lbs. (East Stroudsburg State).
Back Row (L-R) Tom Herr -Hwt. (Edinboro), Bill Shuffstall -190lbs. (Slippery Rock),
Wade Schalles -177lbs. (Clarion), Bill "Bimbo" Simpson -167lbs. (Clarion) &...
Robert Stetler -158lbs. (East Stroudsburg State).

▪1974 PSAC Most Outstanding Wrestler - Wade Schalles, Clarion State.

           1974 PSAC Wrestling Championships
                     Place-Winner Medalists
                           (13 PSAC Colleges represented)
                                            @ Slippery Rock State College
                     (Weight Class) - with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th place medalists:

  ∙(118lbs.) - Jack Spates SR,  Pete Morelli CL,  Tom DeLong IUP, Tom Fink BL,
 Dave Whare MI,  Willis Divel SH.
  ∙(126lbs.) - Craig Turnbull CL,  Rick Thompson SR,  Jeff Gallagher WC, Lon Edmonds BL,
 Keith Kosky IUP,  Jim Bailey MA.
  ∙(134lbs.) - Randy Watts BL,  Jack Davis CL,  Jeff Condon SR, Steve Powell WC,
 Gary Walk LH,  Geno Zuccaro CAL.
  ∙(142lbs.) - Don Rohn CL,  Gene Costello SR,  Paul Gillespie WC, Phil Conlin ESSC,
George Way LH,  Jim Sykes IUP.
  ∙(150lbs.) - Bill Luckenbaugh ESSC,  Mike Waller, SR  Dave Crowell LH, Bill Davis CL,
 Tom Hutchinson IUP,  Ralph Reish WC.
  ∙(158lbs.) - Bob Stetler ESSC,  Angelo Natoli SR,  Don Eichenlaub LH, Bob Warnick CAL,
 Chris Clark CL,  Steve Maxwell WC.
  ∙(167lbs.) - William "Bimbo" Simpson CL,  Ron Sheehan BL,  Larry McCoy IUP,
 Joe Jacquelin MI,  Ron Peifer SR,  Ralph Pivirotto ED.
  ∙(177lbs.) -
*Wade Schalles CL,  Floyd "Shorty" Hitchcock BL,  Eric Guyll MI,
 Ray Watkins ED,  Al Fricke LH,  Eric Swanson WC.
  ∙(190lbs.) - William Shuffstall SR,  James Zoschg MI,  Don Lehman ESSC,
Tom Schweinburg IUP,  John Hohmann BL,  Chris Cole CL.
  ∙(Heavyweight) - Tom Herr ED,  Chuck Coryea CL,  Jim Schuster LH, Dave Schley MI,
 Bob Eshleman WC,  George Schenck K.

  * Most Outstanding Wrestler - Wade Schalles (Clarion)... Wade Schalles
    pinned Bloomsburg's Floyd "Shorty" Hitchcock in the PSAC 177lb. finals.


1974 PSAC Wrestling Championship Team Standings
1st - Clarion (CL), 2nd - Slippery Rock (SR), 3rd - Bloomsburg (BL),
4th - East Stroudsburg (ES), 5th - Lock Haven (LH),
  6th - Millersville (MI),
7th - West Chester (WC),  8th - Edinboro (ED), 9th - Indiana U of PA (IUP),
10th - California State University of PA (CAL), 11th - Shippensburg State (SH),
12th -Mansfield (MA),  13th - Kutztown State (K).

1974 East Stroudsburg State Wrestling PSAC Placewinners:
B. Luckenbaugh (1st), B. Stetler (1st), D. Lehman (3rd), P. Conlin (4th)
▪ ESSC Head Coach - Clyde "Red" Witman & Asst. Coach - Bob Dalling.

  The York Daily Record
   February 25, 1974
  1974 Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference
  College Wrestling Championships

     February 23, 1974 - West York's
Bill Luckenbaugh, the top-seeded entry from
East Stroudsburg State College, captured the 150lb. crown of the Pennsylvania State College
  Wrestling Conference championships held Saturday on the Slippery Rock State wrestling mats.
  Luckenbaugh is a senior and the ESSC captain. Luckenbaugh, who upped his season's record to
  22-0, nipped Mike Waller of Slippery Rock with a 5-4 decision in the finals. He had pinned Bill
  Davis of Clarion in 1:42 in the semi-finals Saturday, and he also had a 3:16 fall at the expense
  of Rich Schumacher of Indiana, Pa. Bob Stetler of ESSC also won the PSAC 158lb title.
  East Stroudsburg finished fourth in the meet with 68 points. Clarion won the team laurels for
  the fourth straight season with 156 1/2 points, followed by Slippery Rock State, 129 1/2,
  and Bloomsburg State, 80. Lock Haven was fifth in the 13-team field with 60 1/2 points.

     ▪ Another West Yorker, Don Lehman, was third in the 190lb division, defeating Tom
  Schweinburg of Indiana, 12-2 in the consolation finals. Lehman (4-1) had bowed to
  Bill Shuffstall of Slippery Rock, 6-1, in the championship 190lb. semi-final round.
won the PSAC championship at 190lbs defeating Jim Zoschg (MI), 7-1.
     ▪ Two other former West York Bulldogs
who competed for East Stroudsburg State
  were Mike Stambaugh, (0-2) at 177lbs., and 126-pounder Keith Lichty, who finished
  with a (2-2) mark. Both did not place in the tournament.

              ▪ Bill Luckenbaugh, Bob Stetler and Don Lehman are slated to travel and
          compete in the NCAA Division II national tourney Friday and Saturday
          at the Cal-State University Fullerton Gym, Orange County, California.






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