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poster by Rick Blasdell

The "16th" Annual
2012 Bulldog Open

hosted by Randy Blasdell...
   & ▪ westyorkwrestlingalumni.com

photo by Danielle Scheivert

@ Briarwood West Golf Club
Thanks... to PGA Pro Kirk Manges, Lisa Shaffer,
Ernie Dodson & Butch Dubs of BW for their help!

Briarwood West #16

The Randy Blasdell Annual Bulldog Open
(for The Old Milwaukee Trophy!)

benefiting the West York Wrestling Booster Club
& this WY Wrestling Alumni Website!

THANKS, Randy... for a nice Tourney!!
and... to Jeff Stauffer, Danielle & Brian Scheivert,
Jim Townsley ...& the WY wrestlers for their help!
Thanks to U-Tote-M & Total Flooring Systems...
$1204 raised for the Booster Club!!

▪ 12/18/12 - Randy & Don,
▪ The West York Wrestling Booster Club would like to thank you for the
donation from the Bulldog Golf Open.
  The funds from this year's event were
used to purchase new warm-ups for the Junior High Team.  Your generosity
and support is greatly appreciated
and we look forward in assisting with the
Open again next year!  Wishing you and your family a Joyous Holiday
Season!      Jeff, Jim, Butch & Danielle.

Bill Randt teeing off!
photo by Danielle Scheivert

Mike Stambaugh '72 - is an owner of a Rita's - Schnecksville, PA


  From Randy Blasdell (7/30/12)...
             First, let me thank ALL of you for participating in and supporting last Friday's
             16th Annual Bulldog Open.  Also, THANKS to all the parents & wrestlers who
             helped out...THANKS to Dave Reisinger (U-Tote-M) and Steve Rubesch (Total
             Flooring Systems) for your generous donations/to Donnie Lehman for all your
             help/to Kirk, Lisa & the Staff at Briarwood/and to our anonymous donor to Don's
             fabulous website!  Last year, we had 24 players who raised a total of $445.  We
             split $100 to Don and $345 to the West York Wrestling Booster Club.  All the number
             crunching is done and I am very happy to report that with your awesome support,
             this year's event (with 59 players) raised a total of $1604!!  Don gets $400 for
             the website and $1204 goes to the West York Wrestling Booster Club!  That's 3.6x
             more than last year!!  Thanks again for your participation and for your ongoing
             support of this great event... and of the proud West York Wrestling tradition!  Hope
             to see you at a match this season and you can check out pictures, etc. at:
             www.westyorkwrestlingalumni.com.  Have a great rest of the summer!     Randy
                                             Randy Blasdell,  President  Sanctuary Financial Group LLC
                                             129 Oakridge Drive  Mountville, PA 17554 (717) 522-1604
                                             Customized, Comprehensive Wealth Management

                                                                     photo by Danielle Scheivert
2012 Bulldog Golf Open Participants!
                  Randy Blasdell, Bruce Stambaugh, Jeff Miller, Perry Tallman, Mike Tallman,

                  Tom Tallman, Scott Goodwill, Don Lehman, Terry Strayer, Mike Stambaugh,
                  Carl Stambaugh, Rick Blasdell, Scott Miller, Mike Frey, Brad Shaffer, Brian Gross,
                  Ken Koons, Mark Jones, Bob Linker, Chad Toomey, Jerrin Toomey, Gary Hoffman,
                  Chris Kennedy, Chris Currie, Scott Oste, Scott Tilley, Jeff Davis, Mike Hoover,
                  Zach Lunsford, Eric Brewer, Dave Carley, Craig Clark, Tom Hoover, Dick March,
                  Jeff Stauffer, Garrett Stauffer, Rich Newcomer, Jim Townsley, Todd Reynolds,
                  John T. Toggas, Steve Toggas, Glynn Knight, Mark Miller, Eric Ling, Barb Hanbury,
                  Karl Kretchler, Brian Scheivert, Hunter Scheivert, Rich Ostrowski, Dave Reisinger,
                  Steve Rubesch, Delane Leedy II, Donnie Sprenkle, William Randt, Brad Randt,
                  *Ryan George, Jamie Groff, Travis Hoffman & Nate Frey.  *Long Drive Winner


7/27/12 (Friday) RESULTS - PHOTOS...
                  @ Briarwood Golf Club, York PA

                         ▪ * 1st Place (13-under 57)...
                    Brian Gross, Ken Koons, Bob Linker
, Mark Jones.
                         ▪ * 2nd Place (12-under 58)...
                    Brad Shaffer, Bruce Stambaugh, Jeff Miller.

                                                   photo by Danielle Scheivert
                      ▪ Getting ready to start the 2012 Bulldog Wrestling Open @ Briarwood West!

                                                                  photo by Danielle Scheivert
                      ▪ Director, Randy Blasdell... (middle) shouts out instructions to the group.

                                                                  photo by Danielle Scheivert
(L-R) Dave Reisinger, Delane Leedy and Don Sprenkle - watch Steve Rubesch.

                                                                  photo by Danielle Scheivert
1972 West York grad, Mike Stambaugh and father Carl... ride @ West!

                                                                  photo by Danielle Scheivert
                      ▪ West York's
Brian Scheivert (left) and son Hunter Scheivert... 3rd from left).

                                                                  photo by Danielle Scheivert
West York Wrestling Alumni Webmaster and '73 WY Alum - Don Lehman.

                                                                  photo by Danielle Scheivert
West York Wrestling's Steve Toggas... and uncle, Coach John T. Toggas.

                                                                  photo by Danielle Scheivert
Bulldog Open Director, Randy Blasdell... presents award to Bill Randt.

                                                                  photo by Danielle Scheivert
                      ▪ Bulldog Open participants have some great fellowship after the 2012 event.

      The 17th Annual Randy Blasdell Golf Outing...
                 will be on July 26, 2013 (Friday)
      @ Briarwood West Golf Club @ 12:00 noon!

Thanks... to the anonymous donor/sponsor
of the westyorkwrestlingalumni.com site!!

WYWA Sponsors

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The 2010 Bulldog Open Champions
with a score of (-10) 62 @ Iron Valley GC were:
Stanley "Skip" Martin,
Randy Blasdell & Brian Kuntz.
(a match of cards... and an "eagle" was the deciding factor)
photo by Dr. Perry Tallman


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