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1972 West York HS
Varsity Football Team

                                             1972 ▪ West York, PA Area
                                             Senior High Football Team

                     1972 West York Area Senior High Football Team
                     "Seniors" 1st Row (L-R) Don Lehman, Jeff Markey, Keith Zimmerman.
                     "Seniors" 2nd Row (L-R) Daniel Markey, Larry Schultz, Robert Berger,
                     Paul Sentz, Steve Yohe, Jeff Kochenour, Jeff Hershey.
                     (Above) West York Senior Team's 3-year varsity record - (21-8-1).
                     Keith Zimmerman ... was on the 1972 All-State 1st Team and the
                     Big 33 PA Team and earned a full football scholarship to Penn State!

                      WY 1972 Varsity Football Team (8-2)
                      ▪ 2nd place in the YCIAA League to Red Lion High School.
                      Shut-outs (WY 7 Spring Grove 0, WY 49 Central 0, WY 34 Dallastown 0).
                      ▪ 1972 WY Junior Varsity Football Record ▪▪▪ (7-0) - JV YCIAA Champions.
                       Outstanding Offensive Back - Keith Zimmerman #12
                      Outstanding Defensive Back - Daniel Markey #23
                       Outstanding Offensive Lineman - Donald Lehman #71
                       Outstanding Defensive Lineman - Jeffery Hershey #50
                      WYHS Varsity Football Coaching Staff - Head Coach Doug Baublitz.
                      Asst's. - Neil Blake, Robert Sechrist, Lou Orndorff.
                      Varsity Football Managers - Mike Gross, Mark Senft.


                                                      @ West York HS - October 14, 1972.
                        West York HS Homecoming Game vs. South Western High School.
                        ▪ West York's Keith Zimmerman #12 leads Don Lehman #71 to the field!
                        YCIAA Final Posted Score: West York 21  South Western 7.
                        Keith Zimmerman was on the '72 1st Team All-State and
                        Big 33 PA Teams... and earned a football scholarship to Penn State!

                                        West York 1972 Varsity Football (8-2)

                      1972 West York Area Senior High Football Team
                 1972 "Senior" 1st Row:  (L-R) Dave Heim, Keith Zimmerman, Don Lehman,
                 Larry Schultz, Jeffery Kochenour, Stephen Yohe, Paul Sentz, Jeff Hershey,
                 Robert Berger, Daniel Markey, Jeffery Markey.

 1972 West York Football Senior Day

1972 - West York vs. Dallastown Football Senior Day.
                                       ▪ WY Senior Tackle #71 - Don Lehman... with parents.

                                                   To the Older WY Football Players
              LATE AUGUST HELL WEEK (4 practices daily - no water)
                                         @ Arendtsville's... Camp Nawakwa.
                          ▪ Camp Nawakwa Cabins for the West York Football Team Camp.

                                     1970 West York HS Football

                                                1970 - West York Area vs. York Vo-Tech at Tech.
                                         ▪ WY Sophomore Tackle #71 - Don Lehman on sidelines.

                          Looking Back - at the 1970 Football Season!

                      The 1970 West York Varsity Football Offense
   (L-R Line) Mike Bergeron, Steve Yohe, Jack Myers, Guy Boyer,
                              Alan List, Ed Washington, Don Lehman, Mike Little.
                              (L-R Back) Charley Hoffman, Jeffery Sechrist, George Knokey.

                 1970 YCIAA Football York Dispatch Grid All-Stars
                             ▪ 1st Team All-County: George Knokey, RB West York.
                             ▪ Honorable Mention: Don Lehman, Tackle West York;
                               Jeff Sechrist, QB West York.


                    The 1972-73 West York "Varsity Club" Photo
                1973 West York Varsity Club Page - CLICK HERE!


West York HS Varsity Wrestling

                           1972-73 West York HS Varsity
                                                                            Wrestling Team
                                      13-1 YCIAA League Record.
(2nd Place to - Dallastown).
▪ Front Row (L-R) Greg Henry, Steve Thomas, Scott Hursh, Skip Martin,
                     *Keith Lichty & Jeffrey Meckley.
                   ▪ Back (L-R) Alan Eisenhart, Steve Blevins, *Kevin McCleary, Barry King,
                     Michael Root & *Don Lehman.
                     *Captains - K. Lichty, K. McCleary, D. Lehman.

                                                        (above) Don Lehman...WY '73


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