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                         Looking Back at the 1963-64 Season!
        West York Wrestlers Close In On League Title
                        With Exciting Win Over Spring Grove
                                "Only Thing Missing Is The Cigar Smoke!"

                            The York Dispatch, Friday, February 7, 1964.
A near-spectacular match, teamed up with a bookkeeping error, today had the West
 York Bulldog wrestling team soaring toward another York County Interscholastic League
 championship.  The Bulldogs, who vaulted from a three-way tie for first to an unbeaten lead
 when Dover bared an ineligibility, jumped their league mark to 9-0 with a stunning, well-
 earned victory over Spring Grove 26-19, last night in a meet not determined until the last

   Victory Hard Earned... West York slipped by the rugged Rockets in the jam-packed
 West York gym in an arena-type meet in which the only part of the atmosphere missing was
 the cigar smoke.  "We won the match here," said a jubilant Ken Ober, a conservative-type
 of coach who still allowed as how West York just about sewed up the championship.  He was
 indicating the four-bout sweep in the light weights which made the Rockets fight from a
 downhill position looking up.  Coach Joe Johnston's team took up the challenge and marched
 right back to within one point, but saw their efforts go up the chute when Gary Patterson lost
 a tough 8-7 decision to Gary Narber and husky Bill Wiehe gained a 1-0 victory over Gene
 Shank on riding time.

   "I guess... it just isn't my year," said Johnston, who built a fine football team last Fall,
 only to see it beaten in a similar manner in the final weeks of the season.  "I'm not bitter," he
 said, "but, after all, we were beaten on two illegal holds, and that takedown after the buzzer."
 West York has only Eastern and Northeastern standing in the way toward the championship,
 but next week Johnston's battlers must face dangerous York High.

   The match started off with Tom Hoover and Doug Rohrbaugh wrestling to a three-period
 tie, but Hoover was warded the bout on riding time accumulated in the final moments.  Gary
 Carbaugh, West York, then beat Dave Bricker, who was riding a 5-0 streak, on a decision.
 One of the most spectacular bouts was the meeting between West York's Dana Luckenbaugh
 (7-0) and Dennis Kramer (7-0-1) with Luckenbaugh turning out a second-period pin after
 trailing on points 7-4.  Darryl Dennis, West York, came from behind with five points in the final
 period to take a decision from Dave Smyser in the 120-pound class.  From then on it seemed
 to be anybody's game.  Don Myers gave Spring Grove their first points with a pin in 3:42 over
 Terry Eisenhart, who was leading on points.  But then three of the next four bouts ended in
 ties.  Rod Bankert, Spring Grove and Jack Diehl tied 2-2 at 133; Jack Hershberger, West York
 tied Frank Sheridan, who had an 8-0 record going, 6-6, and Barry Arthur, Spring Grove, and
 Fred Lehman, West York knotted up in a 6-6 draw as the West Yorker piled up all of his points
 late in the third period.  In between the run of draws, Spring Grove's Gary Grim upped his
 mark to (8-0-1) at 138 by pinning Tom DeLong with just seconds remaining in the last period.
 Spring Grove's Dennis Kerr dominated the bout with Charles Bostic and won 5-1 at 165 to put
 the Rockets with one point at 20-19.  Then came the hard-fought final two matches.

   Patterson, a 180-pounder... met Narber in the latter's debut with the West York team,
 coming here at a handy time.  He moved from Hughesville, Pa., near Williamsport, where he
 wrestled in the top two weights.  Narber, who stands slightly bigger than Patterson, picked
 up points on a takedown and near fall in the first period, two more on a predicament
in the
 third before Patterson made his move.  The husky Papertown lad quickly built up to a tie
 getting one point from an illegal hold, two more on a reversal and three on a near fall, all
 added to a point for an escape in the first period.  That left the match tied at 7-7, but Narber
 was awarded the prize on riding time.  The two heavyweights struggled valiantly and the
 point awarded Wiehe was representative of the evenness of it - he won on an escape.

                            West York 26  Spring Grove 19
                                  95lbs. - Tom Hoover (WY) dec. Doug Rohrbaugh (SG) 3-2.
                               103lbs. -
Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Dave Bricker (SG) 10-0.
                               112lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Dennis Kramer (SG) 3:29.
                               120lbs. - Darryl Dennis (WY) dec. Dave Smyser (SG) 7-3.
                               127lbs. - Don Myers (SG) pinned Terry Eisenhart (WY) 3:42.
                               133lbs. - Jack Diehl (SG) and Rod Bankert (WY) drew 2-2.
                               138lbs. - Gary Grim (WY) pinned Tom DeLong (WY) 5:36.
                               145lbs. - Jack Hershberger (WY) and Frank Sheridan (SG) drew 6-6.
                               154lbs. - Fred Lehman (WY) and Barry Arthur (SG) drew 6-6.
                               165lbs. - Dennis Kerr (SG) dec. Charles Bostic (WY) 5-1.
                               180lbs. - Gary Narber (WY) dec. Gary Patterson (SG) 8-7.
                                 Unlim. - Bill Wiehe (WY) dec. Gene Shank (SG) 1-0.
           @ West York HS  2/6/64 - WY Coach, Ken Ober - Spring Grove Coach, Joe Johnston.

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                                                    Former Dover High School Coach - Charlie Jacobs.
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                              10 YCIAA/YAIAA Championships
1963  1964  1965  1972  1975  1977  1978  1992  1994  1999
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                            The Courage to Succeed - Dan Gable

The Luckenbaugh's Medalists
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                                   1969 PIAA District III
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                       1969 YCIAA Sectional Mat Champions
                  ▪ Front (L-R) Mervin Keeney (DA), Bill Luckenbaugh (WY), Jim Keesee (DA),
                  Larry Haas (WY), Mike Anstadt (DA), Frank Vega (WY).
                  ▪ Back Row  (L-R) Don Adams (DA), George Myers (DA), Terry Myers (DA),
                  Frank Rice (DA), Richard Hartman (DA), John Sprenkle (WY).
                                         @ West York (PA) Area High School Gym
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GFR - Closer to Home Studio

ESU 1931-2014 Varsity Letter Awards
East Stroudsburg State

1973-74 East Stroudsburg State College Team
Front (L-R) Billy Cuff, Keith Lichty, Bill Luckenbaugh, Gary Kessel, Mel Riddick.
▪ Back (L-R) Don Lehman, Bob Stetler, Mike Stambaugh, Carl Seitz, Phil Conlin,
Fred Swanson.
(red - denotes West York High School graduate!)

1973-77 Archive Letters
G. Eby, B. Luckenbaugh, M. Stambaugh, D. Lehman,
K. Lichty,
Gay, M. Buelow, B. Stambaugh, M. Sprenkle, J. Wolfe

1974 NCAA DII National Champion
ESSC's Bill Luckenbaugh @ 150lbs.
DB "What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits"
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