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                                     GREEN DAY - Time of Your Life
                                  10 YCIAA/YAIAA Championships
                                                           1963, 1964,
1965, 1972, 1975,
                                                           1977, 1978, 1992, 1994, 1999.

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In Memory of
Yvonne Tallman
08/09/1932 - 07/17/2014

 Our deepest sympathies to West York Alumni Perry Tallman, Mike Tallman
Tom Tallman and their families...
on the passing of their mother, Yvonne,
a staunch supporter of West York Wrestling!   WYWA Obits Page


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                                                    poster by Rick Blasdell
             2014 GOLF SCRAMBLE

     7/12/14 - from Brian Kuntz... "Hi Don, another great time on the course
     with great partners.  Mike's putting never ceases to amaze me!"

                                 Looking Back... 4 Years

                          Take a look @ Brian Kuntz's 2010 Interview - HERE!

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Bruce Stambaugh, Don Lehman, Carl Stambaugh, Mike Stambaugh.
                            1st Place in the Pius X Football Event (59)-Cherry Valley GC
                                        (Mike Stambaugh, Carl Pop Stambaugh, Bruce Stambaugh, Don Lehman)

                            3rd place (tie) in the "Slinger" (208) @ Briarwood GC East...
                                        (Skip Shaffer, Al Hufnagle, Don Lehman, Mike Mackereth, Jake Smeltzer)
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                                 Former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales w/ WY '96 Alumnus, Eric Lehman.
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                                New YAIAA Division II Wrestling Alignment
Eastern York, Gettysburg, Kennard Dale,
                                           Susquehannock, West York Area, York Suburban.

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                                                                     PIAA WRESTLING
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                              10 YCIAA/YAIAA Championships
1963  1964  1965  1972  1975  1977  1978  1992  1994  1999
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                                                         100+ Career Wins
Chad Luckenbaugh  Wade Ginter  Mark Buelow  Jeff Wolfe

                                    PWCA Hall of Fame Inductees
           (Ken Ober, John T. Toggas, Chuck Richards)
           Ober & Toggas are in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

           1974 NCAA DII National Champion - Bill Luckenbaugh @ 150lbs. (ESSC)

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HOF Coach John T. Toggas
"CHERISH the Past, LIVE the Present...
& BUILD for the Future!"
GFR - Closer to Home

                                      WEST YORK WRESTLING HISTORY
     Looking Back @ 1967 West York Wrestling History...


January 1967 by Bob Dugan
         YORK COUNTY has had only one State PIAA wrestling champion - a lad named Luckenbaugh from
     West York.  But, John Toggas, Bulldog mat mentor, is spreading the word:  There's likely to be
     another one - a lad named Luckenbaugh from West York!
         In 1964-65 when Toggas took over the coaching duties at West York, his 112-pounder, Dana
     Luckenbaugh, went "all the way".  This year's unbeaten club has as one of its key performers
     at 103 pounds Dana's brother, Bill, a 10th grader who has the West York coach eyeing another
trip to University Park for the grappling finals.  "Bill has great potential." enthuses Toggas.  "He's
     almost a carbon copy of Dana.  He's a little taller, but has the same moves and the same strengths
     that made Dana a champion.  Like Dana, Bill is a pinner.  He's always looking for that chance to flip
     his opponent.  In five league matches, Bill has four falls and an 11-0 decision to his credit.  The
     decision was over Glenn Miller, a sectional champion last year from York Suburban."
THE YOUNGSTER moved into a starting berth on the West York varsity after a junior high record
     of 35 wins and one loss.  The lone defeat was suffered as a seventh-grader in a match against
     Manheim Central.  Bill was nipped 5-4 last month in a tournament at Clearfield by Newport's Mike
     Shull, but came back to win runner-up honors by beating the Clearfield entry who is a defending
champion from District Nine.  The West York sophomore hasn't yet attained the coolness that his
     brother displayed "before the battle".  "Bill gets a little nervous waiting for the bout to start",
     Toggas stated, "but once he's on the mat, the nervousness disappears.  Dana would take it easy
     before a match and never seemed to worry about his opponent."
         THE BIG THING going for Bill is his desire; it's just as intense as Dana's.  The youngster has two
     big aims:  To match Dana's total of wrestling trophies and to win a State title.  And, Dana is doing
     his best to help his brother attain the goals.  He works out with Bill on the West York mats almost
     every night.  "Bill has the potential to be a State champ," Toggas repeated.  "And he has three
     years to make it.  I honestly feel he can't miss."  West York is currently tied with Dallastown and
     Dover for the York County League lead, all with 5-0 records.  The next three weeks should relieve
     the first place jam.  While Dover and Dallastown are meeting head-on at Dover this Thursday, West
York wrestles at Hanover.  Then the Bulldogs have successive home matches with Dover and
 "If we get by Hanover, we should have 1400 people at our matches with Dover and Dallastown,"
     Toggas predicts.  "We have a fine following.  There were about 40 fans who traveled all the way
     to Clearfield got the tournament during the Christmas holidays."

                                          More 60's at Charlie's 60's Page

Elton John -
Burn Down the Mission

East Stroudsburg State
1973-77 Recap ▪▪ Letters
G. Eby, B. Luckenbaugh, M. Stambaugh, D. Lehman,
K. Lichty,
Gay, M. Buelow, B. Stambaugh, M. Sprenkle, J. Wolfe
Doobie Brothers - Another Park, Another Sunday

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                  PIAA WRESTLING
       York/Adam's PIAA CHAMPS!

             4-time PIAA State Champion - Chance Marsteller
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               by... High School

     ∙ Dallastown (5), Hanover (5), South Western (4),
       Delone Catholic (4), Kennard Dale (4), Biglerville (3),
Dover (3), West York (3), Bermudian Springs (3),
       Susquehannock (1),
York Vo-Tech (1), Littlestown (1),
       New Oxford (1), Spring Grove (1), Gettysburg (1).

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