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Alumni Website by Don Lehman... WY '73  '77
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WY Wrestling
"The farther backward you can look, the
farther forward you are likely to see!"

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain


West York Wrestling


Wrestling isn't a Game...it's a Battle.
One does not PLAY WRESTLING!


West York Wrestling
2017 Booster Club Awards


Booster Club
President - Bruce Weaver

"WY Booster Club Mission Statement"
▪▪▪▪ The Mission of the West York Wrestling Booster Club is to
lend all possible Moral, Ethical
and Financial Support to the
West York Area School District Wrestling Program.

2017 (L-R) Evyn McCleary, Logan Aldinger, Eli Lawless, Luke Stine, Terraj DeShields,
Frank Veloce, Bryce Weaver & Josh Hirneisen.


        2016-17 West York Booster Club Awards

    SH Outstanding Wrestler - Frank Veloce
    SH George Sterner Award - Josh Hirneisen
SH Sportsmanship Award - Luke Stine
    JH Rookie of Year - Bryce Weaver
    JH Outstanding Wrestler - Terraj DeShields
    JH Most Improved - Eli Lawless
    JH Bulldog Award - Logan Aldinger, Evyn McCleary
    JH Most Heart/Determination - Jayden Phillips
EL Rookie of Year - Cayden Forsythe
    EL Most Improved - Gavin Chronister
    EL Outstanding Wrestler - Nate Brown, Jayden Wilkins

2017 - Noah Sanderson raised over $2000 with a "Pins for Patriots" graduation
senior project - and, presented a check to the West York VFW - Post 8951.


westyorkwrestlingalumni.com WY/College Records


   2017 PIAA State - DeSanto/Lee last second takedown photo by the great Tom Elling - PA Wrestling

  2017 PIAA



WY's Outstanding Wrestler Award "Sterner" Award


  WY 2017 Schedule/Roster/Results (7-12)

  The... West York Wrestling Team Page

  ▪ Susquehannock 48  West York 34
South Western 65  West York 18
Kennard Dale 51  West York 25
Central York 66  West York 12
Bermudian Springs 72  West York 9
West York 59  Hanover 18
West York 48  Pequea Valley 27
Hershey 48  West York 32
West York 49  Eastern York 24
West York 54  York Suburban 14
  ▪ Waynesboro 60  West York 21
  ▪ Mechanicsburg 48  West York 33
Central York 60  West York 18
West York 58  Lancaster Catholic 22
  ▪ South Western 54  West York 12
  ▪ Gettysburg 72  West York 12
  ▪ West York 44  Dover 33
West York 45  York Tech 25
  ▪ Manheim Central 65  West York 12

  ▪ 2/18/17 YAIAA AAA Section 4's @ SWHS RESULTS. (no DIII qualifiers)
2/23-25/17 District III AAA Championship Results (Giant Center).

  ▪ 3/9-11/17 PIAA State Wrestling Championships (Giant Center).
3/24/17 WY's Banquet Outstanding Wrestler Award The "Sterner"
  (@ the Church of the Open Door Family Life Center - 6:30pm)

  PIAA District III Final "Team" Wrestling Power Rankings

  2016 Governor Mifflin Tourney Results
  ("West York finished 21st of 21 teams... w/31 points")
  West York's ---  Governor Mifflin Tourney Champions Page

  2016 Carlisle Classic Results w/West York High School

  westyorkwrestlingalumni.com's Booster Club Page



  02/10/17 Wilson Junior High Brackets/Results

2/10/17 - Wilson JH Tourney 90lbs. (West York's Bryce Weaver - 6th) 2nd from left.

    2/10/17 - Wilson JH Tourney 250lbs. (West York's Evyn McCleary - 7th) 4th from left.


                  West York "All-Sports" Twitter!

                       YDR's... YAIAA GametimePA Page

                       York Dispatch's Wrestling Page

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Alumni Page


                    WY Head Wrestling Coach Brian Gross...
                  10 seasons (WY Coaching Career 62-107 - .367%)
                  *2 YAIAA Section AAA Champions - (Billy Randt 2010, Garrett Stauffer 2015).
                  *3 PIAA State Qualifiers - (Billy Randt '10, Kyle Narber '13, Garrett Stauffer '15).

                        The WY Coach Brian Gross Career...2007-2017:
                                      '07-08 (3-13), '08-09 (1-13), '09-10 (3-8),
                                      '10-11 (2-14), '11-12 (9-6), '12-13 (10-9),
                                      '13-14 (10-10), '14-15 (11-8), '15-16 (6-14),
                                      '16-17 (7-12).


WY Wrestling Website
Key Sponsor...

Fundraiser poster by Rick Blasdell
Randy Blasdell...
& the 2016 Bulldog Open

"In Memory of our Beloved Coach... John T. Toggas"
by Mary Jane Toggas

WY Wrestling Website

Denise Sandifar & Eric Lehman
Eric Lehman, Esq. '96
Attorney at Law/Partner
Lehman, Sandifar & Assoc. PLC
Clarksville, TN
Lehman/Sandifar... Law Website

Also, visit Lehman, Sandifar & Assoc's. PLC on... Facebook

"For Those Who Love
The Sport Of Wrestling!"

WY ...


art poster by Rick Blasdell
21st Annual Bulldog Open
in planning stage by Randy Blasdell.

2017 Bulldog Open Fundraiser
will be @ Cool Creek GC - 12:30pm Shotgun.

(Friday... 7/14/17)


2016 Bulldog Golf Photos/Results!
"Over $9680.00 raised the last 6 years for charity!"

2016 Bulldog Open golf photos @ Grandview by Carolyn Tritt

West York

National Wrestling Hall of Fame

The... Tribute Page of John T. Toggas

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Obituary Page

a▪lum▪ni: (plural) noun 1:  a person who has attended... or has
graduated from a particular school, college or university.

WY Wrestling Alumni Page
"If you wrestled...you are in a fraternity
like no other!"   Don Lehman

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Alumni Page

West York "Most Outstanding"

West York George Sterner
Wrestler Award!

WY Wrestling Records

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Win-Loss Page

 ▪  ▪  John Bowser, Dave Maday, Rod Stough, Frank Vega, Brian Kuntz, Bill Pope, Eugene Brady,
    Dan Dixon, Lester Boyer, Paul Mulay, Donald Becker, Greg Henry, Dana Luckenbaugh,
    Eric Albright, Wade Ginter, Ken Shorts, Jeff Linebaugh, Larry Haas, Todd Kern, Steve Thomas,
    Tom Hoover, Glenn Amsbaugh, Carl Bowser, Leon Senft, Darryl "Smokey" Dennis, Skip Martin,
    Robert Linker, David Toggas, David Carley, Van Emig, Larry Bahn, David Miller
Chuck Nace,
    Bill Luckenbaugh,
Roy Bowser, Bob Brown, Matt Sprenkle, Herb Marley, Terry Lehr, Josh Gibbs,
    Keith Lichty, Chad Luckenbaugh, Neil Bupp, Todd Platts, Mark Buelow, Stanley Wright, Keith Clark,
    John Chiappy, Chad Toomey, Mathias Smyser
, Brent Gladfelter, Bob Schazberger, Bill Forry,
    Brandon Luckenbaugh
Jason Turnbull, Todd Reynolds, Brock Mathison, Barry Gay, Bill Knerr,
    Jeff Meckley, Tony Hoffman, Billy Feeser, Steve Toggas, Neil Seidenstricker, Dean Coffman,
    Mike Gable, Billy Randt, Tom Toggas, Ken Smyser, Troy Finkenbiner, Trevor Clark, Paul Smith,

    James Haas, Kevin McCleary, Cletus Gentzler, Scott Callahan, Jon Shorts, Jack Deal, Kyle Narber,
    Bruce Stambaugh, Robert King, Justin Wilkins, Dave Heckard, Glenn Eby, Russ Aldinger, Joe Bahn,
    Dave Stram, Steve Young, Lynn Harbold, Don Narber, Todd Lehman, Guy Boyer, Vince Sutton,
    Herb Schmidt, Fred R. Lehman, Matt Fink, Mike Stambaugh, Jeff Wolfe, Nate Sheridan, Burt Lally,
    Wilmer Pressel, Chad Gardner, Keith Peterson, Randy Blasdell, Don Lehman, Ron Emenheiser,
    John Reiber, Chip Gerhart, Jacob Gemmill, John Sprenkle, Eric Lehman, Gary Narber, Carolyn Tritt,
    Ted Schaeffer, Perry Tallman
, Chris Gailey, John T. Toggas, Charles Richards, Robert Brown,
    Dr. Ken Ober, The Mat Maids, Raymond Troxell, Paul C. McCleary, Samuel Toggas, Whedon Myers,
    Robert Bowers, Neil Everhart, Norman Callahan, Fred Callahan, George Kessler, Tom Delong
    William "Bill" Aldinger, Chip Fissel, Garrett Stauffer, Noah Townsley, Sam Sterner & Ryan Narber.

    by ...WYWA webmaster Don Lehman

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com History

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com photos page

West York Area HS Wrestling
WY Wrestling Teams Photo Pages

1947, 1948, 1949, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972,
1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983,
1984, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995,
1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

1934 - 2017 Bulldog Wrestling History

Wrestling isn't a Game...it's a Battle.
One does not PLAY WRESTLING!


(L-R) Don Lehman & Coach John T. Toggas @ Iron Valley GC.

West York's Championship Coaches
Bob Brown (1963)
Dr. D. Kenneth Ober (1964)
John T. Toggas (1965, 1972, 1975, 1977, 1978)
Bill Luckenbaugh
(1992, 1994)
C. Fissel (1999)

West York Wrestling
"Coaching Win/Loss History"
666-485-14 (1934-2017)
Year(s) - Coach - Career Coaching Record - %
▪ 1934-44 - Chuck C. Richards ▪           88-21-4 (.779 win %)
▪ 1944-45 - Reverend Clark S. Smith           8-3 (.727 win %)
1945-56 - C. Richards/Don Kocher   50-89-3 (.352 win %)
▪ 1956-63 - Robert L. Brown                46-21-2 (.667 win %)
▪ 1963-64 - Dr. D. Kenneth Ober ▪             12-2 (.857 win %)

1964-83/'85-'91 John T. Toggas  269-78-2* (.770 win %)
1983-85 - Kevin McCleary                  19-16-1 (.528 win %)
1991-97 - Bill Luckenbaugh ▪                 76-23 (.768 win %)
1997-03 - "Chip" Fissel                      24-64-2 (.267 win %)
▪ 2003-04 - Jeremy Jones                           1-17 (.056 win %)
▪ 2004-06 - Jeff Meckley                              4-28 (.125 win %)
▪ 2006-07 - Josh Millard                              7-16 (.304 win %)
▪ 2007-17 - Brian Gross                           62-107 (.367 win %)

John Toggas @ Biglerville... 38-32-2 (overall 307-110-4).
Ober & Toggas are in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.
C. Richards, JT Toggas, K. Ober & B. Luckenbaugh...
    are in the PWCA PA Wrestling Hall of Fame.

                PWCA Hall of Fame Inductees
      (Ken Ober, John Toggas, Chuck Richards, Bill Luckenbaugh)
                  JT's Hall of Fame Coached "Top 60" WY Team


"Leadership, like WRESTLING, cannot be learned
by reading about it!"

WY Coaching History Page

West York Wrestling

"Post-Season History"
Sectionals Districts
Regionals States

"Key" Pages...!
WY Records  Hall of Fame  By The #'s

Over 610 Pages & 1250 Photos!!
...   1940's West York Wrestling Page
...   USA vs. Poland "The 60's" Golf
...   All-Star Matches '04, '07, '09, '10
...  Don Lehman's WYWA Alumni Interviews!!
...  D. Lehman's - NCAA Best from York!
...  D. Lehman - Interview w/Dr. Bill Welker
...  WY's  Easton History 40-2 All-Americans

...  Your Alumni Page Boosters Gov. Mifflin
...  WY's News Coaching History "3" Obits
 Toggas PIAA State Medalist's Section's
...  WY The Records  Did You Know? The Hall
...  WY's PIAA State Qualifiers State Champs
...  WY NCAA List History Win/Loss Photos
...  WY's Teams Page OW The Sterner ESSC

...  WY 1972 Football & 1973 Varsity Club Pics


1963 1964 1965 1972 1975
1977 1978 1992 1994 1999

"Success... is not measured by what one
brings, but rather...
by what one leaves"

'65 YCIAA League Wrestling Champions
Front (L-R) Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh, Dana Luckenbaugh,
Smokey Dennis, Burton Snyder, Steve Kunkle & Tom DeLong.
Back (L-R) Coach John  Toggas, Jack Hershberger, Don Narber,
Fred Lehman, Charles Bostic, Gary Narber & Bill Wiehe.


     Dana Luckenbaugh, Fred Lehman, Jeff Linebaugh, Tom Hoover,
     Ronald Emenheiser, Dr. Glenn A. Amsbaugh, Stanley Wright,
     John T. Toggas, Guy Boyer, Darryl Dennis, Raymond Troxell,
     Scott Callahan, Neil Bupp, Michael Stambaugh, Don Lehman,
     Keith Clark, Glen Eby, Skip Martin, John Sprenkle, Larry Haas,
     Chuck Richards, John Bowser, Bill Luckenbaugh, Brian Kuntz,
     Jim Haas, Paul Mulay, Keith Lichty, Mark Jenkins, Jeff Wolfe,
     Kevin McCleary, Todd Reynolds, Rod Stough, Randy Blasdell,
     Fred/Matt Callahan, Eric Lehman, Todd Lehman, Tom Toggas,
     Mathias Smyser, Justin Wilkins, John Reiber, Bruce Stambaugh,
Steve Toggas, Wilmer Pressel, Perry Tallman, KC McCleary,

     David Heckard, Dave Maday, Jason Turnbull & Billy Randt.

     ... Also, please visit the WY Wrestling Hall of Fame ... HERE!



                 Chad Luckenbaugh - 126  PIAA
                 Vincent "Wade" Ginter - 118
                 Mark Buelow - 105
                 Jeff Wolfe - 101  PIAA

                 Garrett Stauffer - 100

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com WY/College Records

WY Wrestling Post-Season History
Sectionals Districts Regionals PIAA's


West York's 1965 PIAA State Wrestling Champion - Dana Luckenbaugh.
York, PA's FIRST... State Wrestling Champion!

State Wrestling Champions
by... YAIAA High School (40 total)

∙ ∙  Dallastown (5), Hanover (5), Delone Catholic (4),
South Western (4), Kennard Dale (4), Biglerville (3),
Dover (3),
West York HS (3), Bermudian Springs (3),
Susquehannock (1), York Tech (1), Spring Grove (1),
New Oxford (1), Littlestown (1), Gettysburg (1).

1938-2016 PIAA Championships History


westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Photos



                                    West York's Chuck Richards, John T. Toggas & Bill Luckenbaugh
      YAIAA's PWCA Hall of Fame Inductees (12)
                             ▪ Charles "Chuck" Richards (West York) 1976
                             ▪ John T. Toggas (West York/Biglerville) 1992
                             ▪ Bill Bence (Dallastown) 1993
                             ▪ Dr. D. Kenneth Ober (West York/Elizabethtown College) 1994
                             ▪ Terry Conover (Hanover) 1996
                             ▪ Shaun Smith (Dover/Del Val) 2003
                             ▪ Joey Wildasin (South Western/GCCC/OSU) 2004
                             ▪ Tony Koontz (Delone Catholic/N. Iowa) 2011
                             ▪ Brad Lloyd (Red Lion/LHU) 2013
                             ▪ Charlie Jacobs (Dover HS) 2015
                             Bill Luckenbaugh (West York/East Stroudsburg State) 2016
                             ▪ Bob Gano (Delone Catholic/Biglerville) 2017

                                   PWCA HALL OF FAME (1970-2017)

                  * 2009 interview w/3-time NCAA All-American & 2015 PWCA HOF - Jon Trenge

                                         Dr. Ken Ober & John T. Toggas are in the
                                          National Wrestling Hall of Fame


westyorkwrestlingalumni.com's... Hall of Fame

Wrestling Alumni Area

2017 NCAA Wrestling "FINAL" Brackets

                  2017 NCAA Championship Finals       

  197lbs: #1 J'Den Cox, Missouri over #2 Brett Pfarr, Minnesota -- 8-2 dec.

  285lbs: #1 Kyle Snyder, Ohio State over Connor Medbery, Wisconsin -- 6-3 dec.
  125lbs: #4 Darian Cruz, Lehigh over Ethan Lizak, Minnesota -- 6-3 dec.
  133lbs: #4 Cory Clark, Iowa over #2 Seth Gross, South Dakota State -- 4-3 dec.
  141lbs: #1 Dean Heil, Oklahoma State over #6 George DiCamillo, Virginia -- 6-3 dec.
  149lbs: #1 
Zain Retherford, Penn State over #3 Lavion Mayes, Missouri -- 18-2 (TF; 6:42)
  157lbs: #1 
Jason Nolf, Penn State over #3 Joey Lavallee, Missouri -- 14-6 maj. dec.
  165lbs: #3 
Vincenzo Joseph, Penn State over #1 Isaiah Martinez, Illinois -- WBF (5:25)
  174lbs: #5 
Mark Hall, Penn State over #3 Bo Jordan, Ohio State -- 5-2 dec.
  184lbs: #2 
Bo Nickal, Penn State over #1 Gabe Dean, Cornell -- 4-3 dec.

                  *All Three Days/Nights Attendance: 111,454 (3rd all-time)
                  *2017 NCAA Championship Outstanding Wrestler:
Zain Retherford, Penn State
                  *2017 NCAA Most Dominant Award: Zain Retherford, Penn State
                  *2017 Gorriaran Award: Bo Nickal, Penn State

  Team Points:  Penn State 146.5, Ohio State 110.0, Oklahoma State 103.0.


2017 NCAA's - (L-R) Tammy Miller, PSU Coach Cael Sanderson & Scott Miller.

2017 NCAA's - (L-R) PSU's Zain Retherford & Scott Miller.

2017 NCAA's - (L-R) Scott Miller, PSU's Jason Nolf  & Tammy Miller.

2017 NCAA's - (L-R)  Scott Miller, PSU's Bo Nickal & Tammy Miller.

2017 NCAA's - (L-R)  PSU's Mark Hall & Scott Miller.

NCAA DI Champions... from PA HS's
The NCAA Page of West York Alumni
York PA's BEST... in NCAA Wrestling
*1974 NCAA DII National Champion!

westyorkwrestlingalumni.com feature


"Please click on the"...

Wrestling Archives Page
by... Don Lehman ESSC '77

East Stroudsburg Wrestling Archives!
w/ESU Lettermen from WY ... Eby, Luckenbaugh, M. Stambaugh,
Lehman, Lichty, B. Gay, Buelow, Sprenkle, Wolfe, B. Stambaugh.

1973-74 East Stroudsburg State College
 NCAA (PSAC) Varsity Wrestling Team
 ▪ Front (L-R) Billy Cuff, *Keith Lichty, *Bill Luckenbaugh, Gary Kessel,
Mel Riddick.
 ▪ Back (L-R) *Don Lehman, Bob Stetler, *Mike Stambaugh, Carl Seitz,
Phil Conlin, Fred Swanson.
** West York Alumni - Lichty, Lehman, Luckenbaugh, Stambaugh.

ESU Letterwinners '70-'16... Here!
ESU Letterwinners Yearly ... Here!


westyorkwrestlingalumni.com Win-Loss Page

"The Key Wrestling LINKS You Need"


YAIAA Wrestling InterMat GametimePA DIII NWCA PWCA PA
Wrestling USA Tom Elling's PA Wrestling PYW Road To Hershey
FLO Wrestling Wrestling Tourney Results TrackWrestling! WJPA



PA Wrestling Hall of Fame




     To the...  West York ... by Don Lehman

This website is dedicated to the great memory of an office, full of photos,
    a coffee pot, and the endless conversations between wrestlers and their coach.  
    website is dedicated to the memory of a scales room, clean and immaculate,
    nicely framed photos of "past" West York Wrestling champions and championship
    teams... and, an exam table used for daily naps!  This website is dedicated to the
    memory of a small hot wrestling room -  full of records, all-time teams, motivational
    quotes and a dark blue mat kept clean by a team of dedicated "mat maids."  This
    website is dedicated to the memory of an old equipment room, with its proudly
    hung and pressed WY uniforms, and an equipment locker with a history of WY's
    YCIAA Sectional Champions, so neatly written.  This website is dedicated to the
    memory of those great fans, the full gyms and the proud support we felt. 
The Alumni
    Website is dedicated to the memory of a head coach who had the vision
for the
    above, and the great patience to stay those long nights while his wrestlers
    & took those long showers after a tough practice or dual meet. 
This website is
    just a "modern" extension of the visuals we saw during our lives at West York Area!


     ▪ This website is dedicated to a former head coach who cared, the late John T. Toggas,
    and the many WY athletes who competed in the World's Oldest and Toughest Sport!



     1971 - Scott Callahan & Don Lehman @ McCleary's.    
     ▪  Also dedicated to A. Scott Callahan - You are missed by many, my good friend!



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Don on his '99 Harley Davidson Low-Rider @... Scooters Tavern.



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