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West York Wrestling


"Charlie's 60's Page"

by Dover's Charlie Jacobs &..."The Boxes"

                                         THROWBACK THURSDAY

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                         West York Wrestling's success can be traced back to a 1965 state championship
                                                              by Steve Navaroli  8/27/14
                               1964-65 - YCIAA League Wrestling Co-Champions!
                               1965 YCIAA Sectional II Team Tourney Champions
                                  ▪ Front Row (L-R)
Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh, Dana Luckenbaugh,
                                  Darryl "Smokey" Dennis, Burton Snyder, Steve Kunkle & Tom DeLong.
                                  Back (L-R) WY Coach John T. Toggas, Jack Hershberger, Don Narber,
                                  Fred Lehman, Charles "Chuck" Bostic, Gary Narber & William Wiehe.

          In 1969, West York had a pair of PIAA wrestling champions in John Sprenkle (Hwt.)
   and Bill Luckenbaugh (127).  In fact, that championship closed Sprenkle's stellar career with a 55-6
   record and Luckenbaugh went on to star on the mat at
East Stroudsburg, where he won both PSAC

   and NCAA Division II titles in 1974.

        But the example of what was possible was set when Luckenbaugh's brother, Dana Luckenbaugh,
   earned the first-ever PIAA championship won by a then-YCIAA (now YAIAA) wrestler.  Dana
   Luckenbaugh topped former state champ Bill Welker of Shamokin High School, 4-3, in the 112-pound
   final.  Sprenkle said that, and the entire 1965 West York squad, showed his team how to be successful.

"I was blessed and fortunate to be on some great teams at West York," said Sprenkle, who was
   also a football star for the Bulldogs.  "That '65 team was an awesome one.  (John) Toggas was a
   phenomenal coach."  It capped an amazing three-year run for West York which won the YCIAA team
   championship from 1963-1965, amazingly with three head coaches: Bob Brown, Ken Ober and Toggas.

        Dana Luckenbaugh was a three-time YCIAA sectional champ.  Teammate Darryl "Smokey"
   Dennis (120 pounds), won two sectional titles.  Several years later, his brother, Bill, followed by Neil
   Bupp, Kevin McCleary and Donald Lehman would go on to become the school's other three-time
   section title winners.

        Sprenkle recalled seeing Dana Luckenbaugh when kids would go to the former A. H. Martin
   Elementary School and "roll out the horsehair" wrestling mats under the watchful eye of coach
   Don Strausbaugh.  "(Strausbaugh) could never keep Dana in the wrestling room.   He always wanted to
   be up in the gym shooting baskets," Sprenkle laughed.  "Everything to him came natural.  He didn't
   have to work as hard as Bill and I did."

But Dana Luckenbaugh, who posted a 56-6-1 record as a high school grappler, was one of a kind.
Just ask Charlie Jacobs, who wrestled at rival Dover during the same time period.  "He was very strong,
he never panicked," Jacobs said.  "He used to read the comics before the matches.  Nothing excited
Dana.  He had extremely long arms and thick hands. When he put a tight waist on you, you knew it.
He was very tough."        
8/27/14 YDR & GametimePA - Steve Navaroli


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                        West York Wrestling's success can be traced back to a 1965 state championship


West York Wrestling

Charlie Jacobs... "60's"

Dover's... Charlie Jacobs
2015 PWCA Hall of Fame


1960 York County Sectional
Wrestling Champions

Front (L-R) W. Slothower (Dover), Glenn Amsbaugh (West York),
G. Martin (Hanover), R. Bingaman (Dover),
H. Howard (York High), Arthur Miller (Biglerville).
▪ Back Row  (L-R) E. Bingaman (Dover),
  B. Shepp (Central York),
D. Stambaugh (Dover), R. Wagner (Biglerville),
Reuben Washington (York High), M. Reidel (York High).
note: Biglerville's Arthur Miller was a PIAA semi-finalist.

                          EARLY WEST YORK WRESTLING HISTORY
            Looking Back @ West York Wrestling History...


1960-61 West York Season Outlook...
      The West York Bulldogs, coached by Robert Brown, will travel to Biglerville for the opening
   league match with the Canners, coached by former Yorker John Toggas.
      West York's 18-man varsity squad includes three seniors, nine juniors and six sophomores.
   injuries to two juniors, Larry Knipple and Barry Anderson, have hampered the team workouts
   thus far and most of the Bulldogs will be wrestling one weight up tonight.
      Coach Brown expects to use these grapplers:  95, Ed Wilt, junior; 103, James Young, soph.; 112,
   Rodney Clements, senior; 120, Glenn Amsbaugh, soph.; 127, James Hoover, senior; 133, Rod
   Dierdorff, junior; 145, Doug Baublitz, senior; 154, Millard Horton, junior; 165, Ken Becker, junior;
   180, Terry Sheffer, junior; and unlimited, Tim Seitz, junior.

 West York also has a junior high program with Kenneth Ober as coach.  The Junior Bulldogs will
   have seven matches this season.


West York Wrestling's
4-Time Section Wrestling Champion!
Glenn Amsbaugh


Dr. Glenn Amsbaugh, MD WY '63
West York's only 4-Time Sectional Champion.
▪ Glenn is a MD in York and was undefeated in
"Dual Meets" for West York Area High School


1962 York County Sectional
Wrestling Champions

▪ Front (L-R)  Remmey (Dover), Glenn Amsbaugh (West York),
Stoner (Biglerville), Lecrone (Dover),
Trout (Central), Arthur Miller (Biglerville).
▪ Back (L-R)  Eiserman (Hanover), R. Washington (York High),
   Stambaugh (Dover), Hess (Biglerville),
 Bigaman (Dover), Brown (York High).

    Looking Back... 1962-63 Season!
       February 16, 1963
...York Dispatch - The York County Interscholastic
  Wrestling league ended last evening with results running true to form
  and causing a
first-place deadlock for the championship.
  Since there will be no championship to break the tie, Spring Grove and
  West York, will be declared co-champions and share the crown won last
  year (1961-62) by Dover.  West York defeated stubborn Northeastern,
  26-19 collecting its tenth triumph in eleven outings.

            95lbs. - Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Terry Edelblute (NE) 7-0.
          103lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) dec. Dave Bupp (NE) 5-0.
          112lbs. - Dennis Grim (NE) dec. Bob Kauffman (WY) 2-0.
          120lbs. - Darl Dennis (WY) dec. Sam Willman (NE) 9-7.
          127lbs. - James Young (WY) dec. Tom Snellbaker (NE) 5-0 .
          133lbs. - Glenn Amsbaugh (WY) pinned Mike Rousher (NE) 1:49.
          138lbs. - Tom DeLong (WY) dec. James Greer (NE) 10-8.
          145lbs. - Keith Paup (NE) pinned Bob Smyser (WY) 5:10.
          154lbs. - Charles Bostic (WY) and Joe Farcht (NE) drew 2-2.
          165lbs. - Phil Boeckel (NE) pinned Barry Pottorff (WY) 5:21.
          180lbs. - Ken Crall (NE) and Sheldon Lloyd (WY) drew 0-0.
 Unl. - Wilbur Craley (NE) and William Wiehe (WY) drew 1-1.

          *note West York had two Section II Champions in 1963 - with
          Dana Luckenbaugh (103lbs.) and Glenn Amsbaugh (133lbs.).

                              The 1962-63 West York Wrestling Team
                                                        1962-63 YCIAA Co-Champions
                        Front (L-R) Bob Smyser, Tom DeLong, Glenn Amsbaugh, Jim Young, Darl Dennis,
                        Bob Kauffman, Dana Luckenbaugh, Gary Carbaugh.
Back (L-R) Stan Wright, Don Copenhaver, Byron Smith, Bill Wiehe, Sheldon Lloyd,
                        Barry Pottorff, Charles Bostic, Jim Schaffer, Burton Snyder, Terry Eisenhart.
                                          missing from photo - Head WY Coach... Bob Brown

                     Looking Back... 1962-63 Season!
       February 09, 1963
...York Dispatch - Spring Grove emerged a 27-18
 victor over West York in the battle of the unbeatens last night in the York
 County Interscholastic Wrestling league, and moved ahead of the pack in
 the league standings with their ninth consecutive triumph

            95lbs. - Donnie Mummert (SG) dec. Gary Carbaugh (WY) 4-0.
          103lbs. - Dennis Kramer (SG) dec. Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) 9-4.
          112lbs. - Dave Smyser (SG) dec. Stanley Wright (WY) 12-4.
          120lbs. - Bob Berkheimer (SG) dec. Darl Dennis (WY) 6-2.
          127lbs. - Don Myers (SG) dec. Jim Young (WY) 3-0.
          133lbs. - Glenn Amsbaugh (WY) pinned Gary Grim (SG) 1:58.
          138lbs. - Richard Senft (SG) and Tom DeLong (WY) drew 3-3.
          145lbs. - Frank Sheridan (SG) and Bob Smyser (WY) drew 3-3.
          154lbs. - Clyde Krout (SG) dec. Steve Kinneman (WY) 5-0.
          165lbs. - Wilbur Lehman (SG) dec. Lee Munson (WY) 3-0.
          180lbs. - Sheldon Lloyd (WY) pinned Charles Lentz (SG) 1:56.
 Unl. - Bradley Herr (SG) and William Wiehe (WY) drew 3-3.
@ Spring Grove HS w/1,300 fan attendance

                     Looking Back... 1962-63 Season!
       February 09, 1963
...York Dispatch -
West York Junior High School
 won two of thirteen matches Saturday in losing a junior high wrestling
 meet to Manheim Central, 39-8,
at Manheim.  It was the second loss in
 three matches for the junior Bulldogs.  Dave Carley earned a decision in
 the 103-pound class and Jack Hershberger, 127-pound class won on a
 pin.  The West Yorkers will entertain Donegal Junior High School at 2pm
 Saturday at the West York gym.

            72lbs. - E. Snavely (MC) dec. Tom DeLong (WY) 8-7.
            80lbs. - F. Ross (MC) dec. Jeff Linebaugh (WY) 6-0
            88lbs. - Stan Zeamer (MC) dec. Fred Callahan (WY) 6-0.
            95lbs. - E. Mayer (MC) dec. Tom Hoover (WY) 5-2.
          103lbs. - Dave Carley (WY) dec. T. Sheaffer (MC) 8-7.
          112lbs. - R. Mease (MC) dec. Steve Kunkle (WY) 2-0.
          120lbs. - E. Henry (MC) dec. Reed Quickel (WY) 10-6.
          127lbs. - Jack Hershberger (WY) pinned K. Cantrel (MC) 1:53.
          133lbs. - M. McCallagher (MC) pinned Ron Emenheiser (WY) 4:04.
          138lbs. - G. Waltz (MC) dec. Randy Shouck (WY) 6-5.
          145lbs. - J. Miller (MC) dec. Fred Lehman (WY) 7-5.
          154lbs. - G. Kulp (MC) pinned Ed Spangler (WY) 3:57.
          165lbs. - E. Heisey (MC) pinned Robert Krall (WY) 2:01.
                                    ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
              February 16, 1963 - Junior High Mat Test Won by West York Team
     West York Junior High's wrestlers won an exhibition dual match from
 Donegal Junior High, 34-27, Saturday afternoon on the borough mats.
 The winners captured seven matches, six by pins.  72-pound, Tom
 DeLong won an 11-2 decision, and pins were posted by Dave Carley,
 Steve Kunkle, Jack Hershberger, Ron Emenheiser, Randy Shouck and
 Fred Lehman.

    1963 York County Section II Champions @ Dallastown HS
   95lbs. - Dave Bricker (Spring Grove), 103lbs. -
Dana Luckenbaugh (West York),
 112lbs. - Duane Raber (Dover), 120lbs. - Eugene Lecrone (Dover),
 127lbs. - Jim Schaeffer (York High), 133lbs. - Glenn Amsbaugh (West York),
 138lbs. - Keith Trout (Central), 145lbs. - Jack Klingaman (York High),
 154lbs. - Robert Washington (York High), 165lbs. - Larry Himes (York High),
 180lbs. - Joe Raab (Dallastown), Hwt. - John Lippy (South Western).
            West York HS Coach - Bob Brown  YCIAA League Co-Champions (10-1)

    1963 WY Junior High Invitational Champions @ - WYAHS
   72lbs. - Dave Sileo (Northern), 80lbs. - Tom Murray (Northern),
   88lbs. - Fred Callahan (West York), 95lbs. - Tom Hoover (West York),
 103lbs. - David Carley (West York), 112lbs. - Ron Harlacker (Dover),
 120lbs. - Robert Myers (Northern), 127lbs. - Jack Hershberger (West York),
 133lbs. - Jay Bollinger (Dover), 138lbs. - Tim Bubb (Dover),
 145lbs. - Vernon Vandervender (Northern), 154lbs. -Jim Rider (Dover),

 165lbs. - Richard Hartman (Eastern).  JH Tourney Director - D. Kenneth Ober.


1/4/64 - York High's Jack Klingaman controls West York's
Fred Lehman at 154lbs.  Klingaman scored a pin in 3:23.
                     Looking Back... 1963-64 Season!
       January 4, 1964
...York Dispatch - West York won the first five matches
  - four via falls - and then hung on for a 31-19 verdict over York High on
  the loser's mats last night.  The Bulldogs ran off to a 23-0 lead after the
  opening five bouts.  The Bearcats earned a draw in the next encounter
  and came back to win the next four but West York snuffed out the rally
  by taking the final two contests. 
(@ York High School)

            95lbs. - Tom Hoover (WY) dec. Eugene Landis (YH) 3-1.
          103lbs. - Dave Carley (WY) pinned Rick Vaughn (YH) 3:35.
          112lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Jeff Lindenmuth (YH) 3:29.
          120lbs. - Darl Dennis (WY) pinned Mike Smyser (YH) 3:16.
          127lbs. - Stan Wright (WY) pinned Bill Wilhelm (YH) 5:00.
          133lbs. - Jack Brenner (YH) dec. Jack Diehl (WY) 3-1.
          138lbs. - Paul Wunch (YH) and Tom DeLong (WY) drew 2-2.
          145lbs. - Dick Alloway (YH) dec. Bob Smyser (WY) 3-2.
          154lbs. - Jack Klingaman (YH) pinned Fred Lehman (WY) 3:23.
          165lbs. - Bob Washington (YH) pinned John MacDonald (WY) 1:30.
          180lbs. - Charles Bostic (WY) dec. Albert Einsig (YH) 7-6.
 Unl. - Bill Wiehe (WY) dec. Al Patterson (YH) 3-0.

                  Looking Back... 1963-64 Season!
1963-64 Exhibition...Bulldog Mat Team Beats Biglerville.
  The West York Bulldogs barely edged past Biglerville High, 24 to 22,
  last night in an exhibition match before a fair sized crowd
at West York.
  (West York Coach - Ken Ober... Biglerville Coach - John T. Toggas)
            95lbs. - James Bosserman (B) dec. Tom Hoover (WY) 3-2.
          103lbs. - Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Ed Taylor (B) 4-0.
          112lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Mike Kane (B) 3:39.
          120lbs. - Don Taylor (B) dec. Dave Carley (WY) 5-0.
          127lbs. - Stan Wright (WY) pinned John Weaver (B) 5:38.
          133lbs. - Jake Diehl (B) dec. Greg Dixon (WY) 3-0.
          138lbs. - Tom DeLong (WY) pinned Jeff Kline (B) 3:03.
          145lbs. - Mel Mentzer (B) dec. Bob Smyser (WY) 5-1.
          154lbs. - Fred Lehman (WY) dec. Don Heckman (B) 4-0.
          165lbs. - John Pitzer (B) pinned Charles Bostic (WY) 2:40.
          180lbs. - Fred Hartman (B) pinned Bob Krall (WY) 2:45.
 Unl. - Mike Thompson (B) dec. Bill Wiehe (WY) 7-1.


                           YCIAA League & Section II Champions!
                           1964 December...York Dispatch Article

  The York County Interscholastic Wrestling circuit opened
the 1964-65 season with an unusual Saturday night program
of five dual meets, and West York's
defending 1963-64 champions
showed the way with a 30-15 victory over Dover's Eagles.

  The West York Bulldogs, league and Section Two champions,
beat off the challenge of Dover's defending Section One champions before a capacity crowd at the West York gym
by registering
a 30-15
victory.  (December 1964)

   95lbs. - Jeff Linebaugh (WY) won by forfeit.
 103lbs. - Mike Shank (WY) pinned Pat McFadden (D) 4:26.
 112lbs. - Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Donnie Grove (D) 8-0.
 120lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Robert Scott (D) 3:44.
 127lbs. - Duane Raber (D) dec. Darl Dennis (WY) 8-6.
 133lbs. - Jay Miller (D) dec. Jack Hershberger (WY) 3-0.
 138lbs. - Dennis Raber (D) dec. Steve Kunkle (WY) 6-1.
 145lbs. - Jay Bollinger (D) dec. Tom DeLong (WY) 5-2.
 154lbs. - Tim Flohr (D) dec. Fred Lehman (WY) 4-1.
 165lbs. - Ronald Emenheiser (WY) dec. Jim Altland (D) 5-3.
 180lbs. - Charles Bostic (WY) dec. Carl Ruppert (D) 5-0.
 Unl. - Bill Wiehe (WY) pinned Mike Ziegler (D) 2:29.

                           @ West York High School.    Referee - Robert Craig


                            (Top Left) WY's Gary Narber... (Top Right) SG's Becky Bowersox
                            (Bottom)  WY's Tom DeLong...(w/headgear) and SG's Gary Grim

                         Looking Back at the 1963-64 Season!
        West York Wrestlers Close In On League Title
                        With Exciting Win Over Spring Grove
                                "Only Thing Missing Is The Cigar Smoke!"

                            The York Dispatch, Friday, February 7, 1964.
A near-spectacular match, teamed up with a bookkeeping error, today had the West
 York Bulldog wrestling team soaring toward another York County Interscholastic League
 championship.  The Bulldogs, who vaulted from a three-way tie for first to an unbeaten lead
 when Dover bared an ineligibility, jumped their league mark to 9-0 with a stunning, well-
 earned victory over Spring Grove 26-19, last night in a meet not determined until the last

   Victory Hard Earned... West York slipped by the rugged Rockets in the jam-packed
 West York gym in an arena-type meet in which the only part of the atmosphere missing was
 the cigar smoke.  "We won the match here," said a jubilant Ken Ober, a conservative-type
 of coach who still allowed as how West York just about sewed up the championship.  He was
 indicating the four-bout sweep in the light weights which made the Rockets fight from a
 downhill position looking up.  Coach Joe Johnston's team took up the challenge and marched
 right back to within one point, but saw their efforts go up the chute when Gary Patterson lost
 a tough 8-7 decision to Gary Narber and husky Bill Wiehe gained a 1-0 victory over Gene
 Shank on riding time.

   "I guess... it just isn't my year," said Johnston, who built a fine football team last Fall,
 only to see it beaten in a similar manner in the final weeks of the season.  "I'm not bitter," he
 said, "but, after all, we were beaten on two illegal holds, and that takedown after the buzzer."
 West York has only Eastern and Northeastern standing in the way toward the championship,
 but next week Johnston's battlers must face dangerous York High.

   The match started off with Tom Hoover and Doug Rohrbaugh wrestling to a three-period
 tie, but Hoover was awarded the bout on riding time accumulated in the final moments.  Gary
 Carbaugh, West York, then beat Dave Bricker, who was riding a 5-0 streak, on a decision.
 One of the most spectacular bouts was the meeting between West York's Dana Luckenbaugh
 (7-0) and Dennis Kramer (7-0-1) with Luckenbaugh turning out a second-period pin after
 trailing on points 7-4.  Darryl Dennis, West York, came from behind with five points in the final
 period to take a decision from Dave Smyser in the 120-pound class.  From then on it seemed
 to be anybody's game.  Don Myers gave Spring Grove their first points with a pin in 3:42 over
 Terry Eisenhart, who was leading on points.  But then three of the next four bouts ended in
 ties.  Rod Bankert, Spring Grove and Jack Diehl tied 2-2 at 133; Jack Hershberger, West York
 tied Frank Sheridan, who had an 8-0 record going, 6-6, and Barry Arthur, Spring Grove, and
 Fred Lehman, West York knotted up in a 6-6 draw as the West Yorker piled up all of his points
 late in the third period.  In between the run of draws, Spring Grove's Gary Grim upped his
 mark to (8-0-1) at 138 by pinning Tom DeLong with just seconds remaining in the last period.
 Spring Grove's Dennis Kerr dominated the bout with Charles Bostic and won 5-1 at 165 to put
 the Rockets with one point at 20-19.  Then came the hard-fought final two matches.

   Patterson, a 180-pounder met Narber in the latter's debut with the West York team,
 coming here at a handy time.  He moved from Hughesville, Pa., near Williamsport, where he
 wrestled in the top two weights.  Narber, who stands slightly bigger than Patterson, picked
 up points on a takedown and near fall in the first period, two more on a predicament
in the
 third before Patterson made his move.  The husky Papertown lad quickly built up to a tie
 getting one point from an illegal hold, two more on a reversal and three on a near fall, all
 added to a point for an escape in the first period.  That left the match tied at 7-7, but Narber
 was awarded the prize on riding time.  The two heavyweights struggled valiantly and the
 point awarded Wiehe was representative of the evenness of it - he won on an escape.

                 West York 26  Spring Grove 19
                                95lbs. - Tom Hoover (WY) dec. Doug Rohrbaugh (SG) 3-2.
                             103lbs. -
Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Dave Bricker (SG) 10-0.
                             112lbs. -
Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Dennis Kramer (SG) 3:29.
                             120lbs. - Darl Dennis (WY) dec. Dave Smyser (SG) 7-3.
                             127lbs. - Don Myers (SG) pinned Terry Eisenhart (WY) 3:42.
133lbs. - Jack Diehl (SG) and Rod Bankert (WY) drew 2-2.
                             138lbs. - Gary Grim (WY) pinned Tom DeLong (WY) 5:36.
145lbs. - Jack Hershberger (WY) and Frank Sheridan (SG) drew 6-6.
                             154lbs. - Fred Lehman (WY) and Barry Arthur (SG) drew 6-6.
                             165lbs. - Dennis Kerr (SG) dec. Charles Bostic (WY) 5-1.
                             180lbs. - Gary Narber (WY) dec. Gary Patterson (SG) 8-7.
                               Unlim. - Bill Wiehe (WY) dec. Gene Shank (SG) 1-0.
@ West York HS  2/6/64 - WY Coach, Ken Ober - Spring Grove Coach, Joe Johnston.

@ West York HS - 2/6/64


1964 West York Varsity Football

Front (L-R) Brian Smith, Terry Eisenhart, John Eby, Harry Sanders, Bill Miller, Jeff Ruby,
Craig Horton,
Paul Smith, Tom Moyer, Bill Wiehe, Ken Smith, Larue Wyrick, Gary Narber,
Anderson.  Middle (L-R) Fred Lehman, Maurice Peters, Dave Carley, Ron Gerber,
Sylvanus, Brian Kopp, Jay Miller, Terry Albright, Steve Dubs, Chuck Bostic, Jim Hill,
Munson, Greg Reiber, Larry Hicks.  Back Row (L-R) Greg Shaale, Ronald Emenheiser,
Robert Munson, Ronald Smith, Bob Harmer,
Raymond Landis, Pat Hawn, Millard Altland,
Steve Kunkle, Edward Spangler, Joel Hamme, Douglas Wolf, John Stare, Donald Narber.

1964 York County Section I Champions @ Dover HS

photo submitted by Charlie Jacobs

Front (L-R)
Charlie Jacobs (Dover), Ray Luckenbaugh (Dover), Dennis Kramer (Spring Grove),
Dennis Grim (Northeastern), Don Myers (Spring Grove), Marlin Keeney (Dallastown).
Back (L-R) Gary Grim (Spring Grove), Richard Holtzapple (Dover), Joe Farcht (Northeastern),
Bill Fry (Northeastern), Charles Diehl (Dallastown), Eugene Shank (Spring Grove).

1963 - Dover High School's Charlie Jacobs @ 95lbs.

    1964 York County Section II Champions @ West York HS
   95lbs. - Fred Bankert (South Western), 103lbs. - Dave Leaman (Central York),
 112lbs. -
Dana Luckenbaugh (West York), 120lbs. - Darl Dennis (West York),
 127lbs. - Stanley Wright (West York), 133lbs. - Paul Wunch (York High),
 138lbs. - Jack Brenner (York High), 145lbs. - Brad Sager (South Western),
 154lbs. - Jack Klingaman (York High), 165lbs. - Robert Washington (York High),
 180lbs. -
Gary Narber (West York), Hwt. - Don Fishel (South Western).
              West York HS Coach - Ken Ober  Sec. II Team Champions - West York
                                    YCIAA League Champions - West York (11-0)

West York Wins '64 Junior High Wrestling Title

@ 1964 West York HS (1964)
WYJH Tourney Championship Round

                            Spring Grove & West York Share Title!
                            1965 February...York Dispatch Article

 The York County Interscholastic Wrestling League 1964-65 season ended last night with Spring Grove and West York both winning to complete their schedules
tied for first place.

 Since playoff matches are banned by the league the two will be named
Last year (1963-64) West York won the title outright but was upset by South Western this season after beating Spring Grove which won all its other contests.  West York won nine of the twelve bouts to whip Hanover 33-13 before a large turnout at the West York gym last night.  (February 1965)  
@ West York High School

   95lbs. - Jeff Linebaugh (WY) pinned Ed Orewiler (H) 2:27.
 103lbs. - Gary Carbaugh (WY) dec. Jay Garrett (H) 5-3.
 112lbs. - Dana Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Gary Stottlemyer 2:21.
 120lbs. - Darl Dennis (WY) dec. Gary Wentz (H) 7-3.
 127lbs. - Rich Maus (H) pinned Burton Snyder (WY) 5:30.
 133lbs. - Steve Kunkle (WY) dec. John Dubs (H) 7-2.
 138lbs. - Tom DeLong (WY) dec. Rodney Naugle (H) 11-7.
 145lbs. - Don Abel (H) dec. Jack Hershberger (WY) 4-0.
 154lbs. - Don Narber (WY) dec. Dave Gass (H) 8-0.
 165lbs. - Brian Cashman (H) pinned Glenn Billet (WY) 4:57.
 180lbs. - Charles Bostic (WY) pinned Bill Zacharias (H) 3:55.
       Unl. - Gary Narber (WY) dec. Don Lau (H) 6-0.

                          1964-65 WY Wrestling Team
                          1964-65 - YCIAA League Wrestling Co-Champions!
                          1965 YCIAA Sectional II Team Tourney Champions
                             ▪ Front Row (L-R)
Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh, Dana Luckenbaugh,
                             Darl "Smokey" Dennis, Burton Snyder, Steve Kunkle & Tom DeLong.
                             Back (L-R) WY Coach John T. Toggas, Jack Hershberger, Don Narber,
                             Fred Lehman, Charles "Chuck" Bostic, Gary Narber & William Wiehe.
                       1965 YCIAA Sectional II Champions WY - (Jeff Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh,
                       Dana Luckenbaugh, Darl Dennis, Tom DeLong, Chuck Bostic & Gary Narber)

                                                                     WEST YORK AREA
                                            JUNIOR HIGH WRESTLING


 1964-65 West York Area Junior High School Wrestling
      (1st Row) - R. Senft, D. Kearns, Bill Luckenbaugh, Jack Kunkle,
   Charles Schrum, Jeff DeLong, M. Naill.
  (2nd Row) - WYJH Coach Whedon Myers, Ed Mummert, Mark Kuntz,
   Bill Bates, Daison Shouck, Glen Eby, Dan Kinard,
WYJH Coach Robert Bowers.
  (3rd Row) - R. Peters, Fred Schenck, Tony Avola, D. Beck, John Sprenkle,
   Danny Dixon, B. King.
   (4th Row) - L. Miller, Jack Martin, R. Strausbaugh, Ken Shaffer,
Dan Mundis,
   Rich Newcomer, D. Williams, J. Grove.

      (5th Row) -
Patrick Stough.


                          1965 PIAA State 112lb. Championship Finals
           ▪ Shamokin High School's Bill Welker (top)... rides West York HS's 112lb.
           Dana Luckenbaugh.  Luckenbaugh secured a riding time point in the final
           period to gain a 4-3 dec. and become West York's 1st state champion!!

   1965 - Charlie Frey... Sunday Patriot News Sports Writer
            @ 112lbs. DANA LUCKENBAUGH, the senior from West York who reads
   comic books to relax between bouts, scored his 112-pound victory by
   holding Shamokin's Bill Welker down throughout the third period to build
   up riding time for his 4-3 victory.  Welker, who was the PIAA 95-pound
   champ two years ago, scored a takedown with 31 seconds to go in the
   first period.  Luckenbaugh (21-0-1), immediately took him down for a 3-2
   lead.  Seventeen seconds later, Welker escaped to tie it up at 3-3.  Welker
   couldn't get away from Luckenbaugh in the third period and the West Yorker had
   1:22 riding time for the 4-3 win.  Dana Luckenbaugh, the well-built West York
   matman captured the 112-pound crown with a 4-3 victory.  Dana, the 17-year-
   old, was the
first schoolboy wrestler in York County history to win a PIAA crown.
   "I'm telling you," Dana said, "this is a great feeling.  I got away a little slow, but
   Bill wasn't that strong that I couldn't take charge of the situation.  I had to go to
   work in the last period and I think I did all right.  I knew I had to hold him down
   in the final period and I did it."  John Toggas, who coaches Luckenbaugh, was
   overjoyed at Dana's success.  "This kid is tremendous," he said.  "He takes
   everything in stride.  He was nervous before the bout, but you certainly couldn't
   tell it.  He is one of the strongest 112-pounders I have ever coached.  This is the
   second boy I've had here.  When I was at Biglerville I brought Art Miller here in
   1960.  He was a 133-pounder.  He lost in the semi-finals.  Dana is the first boy
   I've coached who went all the way.  This is the greatest."  Luckenbaugh is
   interested in going to a trade school to study electricity.

   note: Dana Luckenbaugh dec. Sam Imler (Bedford) in the PIAA semi-final's 17-6.

                                1965 PIAA State Wrestling Champions
  ▪ Front: (L-R) Bob Hallman 95lbs. (North Penn), John Abajace 103lbs. (Trinity HS),
 Dana Luckenbaugh 112lbs.
(West York), Phil Detore 120lbs. (Greensburg-Salem),
 Barry Souder 127lbs. (Mt. Lebanon HS),  Daniel Kohlhepp 133lbs. (DuBois Area).
  ▪ Back:
 (L-R) Francis Michael 138lbs. (W-B GAR), Charles Houser 145lbs. (Dieruff),
 Paul Armstrong 154lbs. (Steel-High HS), Mike Gudiness 165lbs. (Mt. Lebanon),
 Joe Yerg 180lbs. (State College HS), Robert Funk Hwt. (Manheim Township HS).


1965 York County Interscholastic
Wrestling League Invitational Tourney

@ Dallastown High School
Front (L-R) Dan Witmer (Eastern), Fred Bankert (S. Western), Dana Luckenbaugh (WY),
Darl Dennis (WY), Rich Maus (Hanover).
Back (L-R)  Gary Grim (Spring Grove), Dennis Raber (Dover), Jack Brenner (York High),
Bob Washington
(York High), Tim Flohr (Dover), Chuck Bostic (WY), Gary Narber (WY).

1965 - Dover's Charlie Jacobs (bottom) with Eagle teammate, Pat McFadden.

    Looking Back... 1965-66 Season!
                                      November 1965
...York Dispatch
                                Dover Whips West York Matmen 25-18
     Dover High School, a powerhouse in county wrestling over the years,
  upended last year's co-champions, West York, 25-18, Saturday in the

  first match of the season for both teams before a jammed crowd of over
  1000 fans at Dover.

            95lbs. - Duane Cutlip (D) pinned Dan Dixon (WY) 5:10.
          103lbs. - Jeff Linebaugh (WY) dec. Bruce Kimball (D) 4-2.
          112lbs. - Tom Hoover (WY) dec. Gary Shearer (D) 7-4.
          120lbs. - Don Grove (D) pinned Dave Carley (WY) 2:30.
          127lbs. - Joe Lighty (D) dec. Fred Callahan (WY) 8-3.
          133lbs. - Steve Smith (WY) pinned Mike Earnst (D) 1:55.
          138lbs. - Jay Miller (D) dec. Steve Kunkle (WY) 4-0.
          145lbs. - Jay Bollinger (D) dec. Jack Hershberger (WY) 5-2.
          154lbs. - Ron Holtzapple (D) dec. Charles Schrum (WY) 6-1.
          165lbs. - Ron Graybill (D) dec. Don Narber (WY) 8-7.
          180lbs. - Fred Lehman (WY) dec. Bruce Hinkle (D) 5-0.
 Unl. - Ron Emenheiser (WY) dec. Wayne Jacobs (D) 8-2.

                     Looking Back... 1965-66 Season!
       1966 @ West York HS
...York Dispatch - West York Junior High School
 won seven bouts and drew in three others in scoring its first wrestling
 victory of the season, a 35-17 decision over Dover Junior High yesterday
 afternoon on the winner's mats.

       The triumph enables West York to snap a three-match losing streak.
 Three pins were scored by West Yorkers, first-period falls by 95-pounder
 Bill Luckenbaugh and 133-pounder Larry Sterner and a second-period pin
 by 154-pounder Keith Clark.

       Tim Klunk gave Dover its only pin, in the 72-pound bout.  Dover
 registered two decisions and draws came in the 103, 127 and 138 pound
 classes.  Yesterday's results:   WYJH 35  DJH 17 @ WYSH

            72lbs. - Tim Klunk (DJH) pinned Steve Miller (WYJH) 3:12.
            80lbs. - Jack Myers (DJH) dec. Pete Mulay (WYJH) 9-4
            88lbs. - Brian Kuntz (WYJH) dec. Bruce Finkbinder (DJH) 4-2.
            95lbs. - Bill Luckenbaugh (WYJH) pinned Ed Jacobs (DJH) :59.
          103lbs. - Larry Haas (WYJH) and Steve Myers (DJH) drew 2-2.
          112lbs. - Rich Detter (DJH) dec. Jack Kunkle (WYJH) 7-0.
          120lbs. - Wayne Hoffman (WYJH) dec. John Bleecker (DJH) 5-2.
          127lbs. - Jim Detter (DJH) and Gary Bates (WYJH) drew 2-2.
          133lbs. - Larry Sterner (WYJH) pinned Doug Decker (DJH) :55.
          138lbs. - Tom Enterline (WYJH) and Barry Krone (DJH) drew 0-0.
          145lbs. - Dave Landis (WYJH) dec. George Shomis (DJH) 10-7.
          154lbs. - Keith Clark (WYJH) pinned Alan Leathery (DJH) 1:35.
          165lbs. - John Sprenkle (WYJH) dec. John Bish (DJH) 9-0.

                     Looking Back... 1965-66 Season!
                                      December 1965
...York Dispatch
West York Triumphs!
     West York's defending co-champions gained their first victory of the
  season by crushing Spring Grove, 35-8, last evening on the
West York
  mats.  A large crowd watched the Bulldogs win all but two matches,
  including eight by decisions and two by pins.  Only victories registered
  by Spring Grove went to Jack Grim, a pin in the 95-pound class, and
  Clarence Bowman, with a decision at 133-pounds.  West York also took
  season by crushing Spring Grove, 35-8, last evening on the West York
  also took a preliminary match, 32-17.

            95lbs. - Jack Grim (SG) pinned Dan Dixon (WY) 4:30.
          103lbs. - Jeff Linebaugh (WY) pinned Austin Chinault (SG) 5:45.
          112lbs. - Tom Hoover (WY) dec. Karl Geiger (SG) 8-3.
          120lbs. - Dave Carley (WY) dec. Doug Rohrbaugh (SG) 6-0.
          127lbs. - Fred Callahan (WY) dec. Arthur Ferree (SG) 4-2.
          133lbs. - Clarence Bowman (SG) dec. Steve Smith (WY) 12-4.
          138lbs. - Steve Kunkle (WY) dec. Eric Bowersox (SG) 4-3.
          145lbs. - Jack Hershberger (WY) dec. Larry Krout (SG) 6-4.
          154lbs. - Ed Spangler (WY) dec. Jerry Smith (SG) 4-1.
          165lbs. - Don Narber (WY) dec. Allan Leeper (SG) 6-0.
          180lbs. - Fred Lehman (WY) pinned Jerry Kern (SG) :55.
       Unl.  - Ron Emenheiser (WY) dec. Bob Hilker (SG) 6-0.

                                                     1966 YCIAA Sectional I Wrestling
                                 1966 YCIAA Section I Wrestling Champions
                               Front Row (L-R) Glenn Miller (YS), Jeff Linebaugh (WY), Rick Halpin (Y)
                               Dan Miller (DA), Craig Linebaugh (Y).
                               Back Row (L-R) Chet Thomas (Y), Bill Thomas (Y), Jeff Baker (NO),
                               Jerry Forbes (DA), John McDonald (Y), Tom Muldrow (Y), Ron Emenheiser (WY).

           1966 York County Section I Championship Finals
     95lbs. - Glenn Miller (YS) pinned Gary McWilliams (DA) 3:41.
   103lbs. -
Jeff Linebaugh (WY) dec. Paul Craley (Y) 3-1.
   112lbs. - Rick Halpin (Y) dec. Tom Hoover (WY) 11-3.
   120lbs. - Dan Miller (DA) dec. Brian Axe (C) 5-2.
   127lbs. -
Craig Linebaugh (Y) dec. Bryan Thomas (DA) 6-5.
   133lbs. -
Chester Thomas (Y) dec. Craig Stein (DA) 5-2.
   138lbs. -
Bill Thomas (Y) pinned Ben Druck (DA) 1:34.
   145lbs. - Jeff Baker (NO) dec. Joe Myers (DA) 8-2.
   154lbs. - Jerry Forbes (DA) dec. Charles Moyer (Y) 8-1.
   165lbs. - John McDonald (Y) dec. Don Narber (WY) 3-0.
   180lbs. - Tom Muldrow
* (Y) dec. Fred Lehman (WY) 6-4.
     Unlim. - Ron Emenheiser (WY) pinned Bill Waltersdorff (DA) 1:56.
                                                @ West York High School

                                @ 180lbs. - Tom Muldrow* (York High) dec. Fred Lehman (West York) 6-4.
                                *York's Muldrow went on to claim the 180lb. District III Championship &
                                a Southeastern Regional Finals 2nd Place!

                                                           1966 West York Wrestling Team

             Looking Back... 1965-1966

                                   LEHIGH MATMEN SET
Glenn Amsbaugh, Former West York High Star,
            Grapples for Engineers...      12/3/65 YORK DISPATCH ARTICLE
                BETHLEHEM, PA, December 3 1966 - Two national champions and
            a national runner-up will be in Lehigh University's lineup tomorrow
            afternoon when the Engineer wrestling team opens its 1965-66
            season against Cornell in Ithaca, N.Y., at 3 o'clock.
Coach Gerry Leeman, moving into his fourteenth season at Lehigh,
            boasts a brilliant dual meet record of 120 victories, 23 defeats and
            three stalemates.
                Spearheading the Engineers are Captain Bill Stuart of Wilton, Conn.
at 137 and Mike Caruso of Newark, N.J., at 123, both of whom claimed
            titles in last season's N.C.A.A. Tourney at Laramie, Wyo., after winning
            eastern crowns at Cornell.  The third member of Leeman's explosive
            Mighty Mite trio is Joe Peritore, 130, of Warrensville, Ohio.  Last
            season, this threesome had a 34-1 dual meet mark.
                Stuart was 21-0-0 last Winter, including tournaments, as he complied
            one of the greatest seasons in Lehigh history.  Caruso lost only once, to
            Bob Steenlage of Army in a dual meet at 130 pounds, and Peritore had
            a 12-0-0 dual mark before losing once in the easterns and once in the
The sophs probably wil be Elliott Tepper of Massapequa, N.Y. at 145,
            Tom Muir of Philipsburg, Pa., at 160, and Ron Ries of Solon, Ohio, at
            191.  Jon Rushatz, a member of the varsity football team expected to
            wrestle at 160 or 167, isn't expected to be ready for the Big Red.
                Completing the Engineer lineup will be letterman Glenn Amsbaugh
            of York, Pa., at 152, letterman Joe Caprio of Norfolk, Va., at 167, Larry
            Gebhardt of Baltimore, Md., or Tony Narducci of Norristown, Pa., at 177,
            and Mort McClennan of Shaker Heights, Ohio, or Kai Schaumann of
            Newark, Del., at unlimited heavyweight.  Gary Pfeltz, of Pittsburgh, Pa.,
            is a heavyweight possibility if sufficiently recovered from a back injury
            suffered in practice.

         LEHIGH WRESTLING ALUMNUS - Glenn Amsbaugh

                                      LEHIGH MOUNTAIN HAWKS WRESTLING

                                 February 26, 1967
                BETHLEHEM - It was a cinch.  Lehigh University's wrestlers defeated
here last night before 3,800 fans to set the stage for Wednes-
            day's "Battle of the East" with Penn State.
                Lehigh has long been recognized as the top major college wrestling
            power in the east, and Penn State looms as the final obstacle to the
            Engineers' extended domination.  Lehigh won, 36-7 over Rutgers.
                The Engineers are currently ranked No. 1 in the east and 4th in the
            nation.  Penn State, which is also undefeated, is ranked 8th in the East.
            Penn State is the last team standing between Lehigh and its first
            undefeated season since 1962.
                Mike Caruso, two-time National champion at 123, and Joe Peritore,
            unbeaten in dual meet competition at 130, got Lehigh off to a fast
            start with pins and the winners never trailed.
                Glenn Amsbaugh, West York graduate, helped the cause with a quick
            pin in the 152-pound class.  The winners had five pins and three
            decisions in the one sided match.   2/25/67 dual meet @ Lehigh.

                                              Dr. Glenn Amsbaugh
               West York's Only 4-Time Sectional Champion!
               Glenn wrestled at Lehigh University... 15-7-2
               & was an EIWA Tourney runner-up in...1967!
               ▪ Glenn's Lehigh Wrestling Career Stats are - CLICK HERE!
               CLICK HERE! to see the results (1967)...of the 63rd annual
               EIWA Wrestling Tournament @...The University of Pennsylvania.
               Glenn wrestled in the 1967 NCAA DI Tourney
               (152lbs.) held at... Kent State University.
               CLICK HERE! to see the '67 NCAA DI Wrestling Brackets
               with West York HS/Lehigh University's Glenn Amsbaugh. 



                                      WEST YORK WRESTLING HISTORY
     Looking Back @ 1967 West York Wrestling History...


                                                          January 1967
by Bob Dugan
         YORK COUNTY has had only one State PIAA wrestling champion - a lad named Luckenbaugh from
     West York.  But, John Toggas, Bulldog mat mentor, is spreading the word:  There's likely to be
     another one - a lad named Luckenbaugh from West York!
         In 1964-65 when Toggas took over the coaching duties at West York, his 112-pounder, Dana
     Luckenbaugh, went "all the way".  This year's unbeaten club has as one of its key performers
     at 103 pounds Dana's brother, Bill, a 10th grader who has the West York coach eyeing another
trip to University Park for the grappling finals.  "Bill has great potential." enthuses Toggas.  "He's
     almost a carbon copy of Dana.  He's a little taller, but has the same moves and the same strengths
     that made Dana a champion.  Like Dana, Bill is a pinner.  He's always looking for that chance to flip
     his opponent.  In five league matches, Bill has four falls and an 11-0 decision to his credit.  The
     decision was over Glenn Miller, a sectional champion last year from York Suburban."
THE YOUNGSTER moved into a starting berth on the West York varsity after a junior high record
     of 35 wins and one loss.  The lone defeat was suffered as a seventh-grader in a match against
     Manheim Central.  Bill was nipped 5-4 last month in a tournament at Clearfield by Newport's Mike
     Shull, but came back to win runner-up honors by beating the Clearfield entry who is a defending
champion from District Nine.  The West York sophomore hasn't yet attained the coolness that his
     brother displayed "before the battle".  "Bill gets a little nervous waiting for the bout to start",
     Toggas stated, "but once he's on the mat, the nervousness disappears.  Dana would take it easy
     before a match and never seemed to worry about his opponent."
         THE BIG THING going for Bill is his desire; it's just as intense as Dana's.  The youngster has two
     big aims:  To match Dana's total of wrestling trophies and to win a State title.  And, Dana is doing
     his best to help his brother attain the goals.  He works out with Bill on the West York mats almost
     every night.  "Bill has the potential to be a State champ," Toggas repeated.  "And he has three
     years to make it.  I honestly feel he can't miss."  West York is currently tied with Dallastown and
     Dover for the York County League lead, all with 5-0 records.  The next three weeks should relieve
     the first place jam.  While Dover and Dallastown are meeting head-on at Dover this Thursday, West
York wrestles at Hanover.  Then the Bulldogs have successive home matches with Dover and
 "If we get by Hanover, we should have 1400 people at our matches with Dover and Dallastown,"
     Toggas predicts.  "We have a fine following.  There were about 40 fans who traveled all the way
     to Clearfield got the tournament during the Christmas holidays."


                                      WEST YORK WRESTLING HISTORY
                Looking Back @ '66-'67 WY Wrestling History...


 THE SUNDAY NEWS, December 18, 1966
                           West York Matmen Bow To CV
         UNDEFEATED in league action, the West York grapplers bowed to a superior Conestoga Valley
     wrestling team Saturday at the Bulldog's gymnasium.
         West York got the match off to an even start, halving the first four events.  But for the remaining
     eight events, the visiting Buckskins walked off with six wins.
         Of the four Bulldog wins, two came on the strength of decisions and two were the results of pins.
     In the 103 pound class, sophomore Bill Luckenbaugh pinned Bob Snader in three minutes and 10
     seconds.  Bill, whose older brother was a former state wrestling champion, is undefeated so far
     this season.  Jeff Linebaugh was able to decision his opponent, Don Knerr by a 5-2 score in the 120
     pound class.  In the 138 pound event, Steve Kunkle decisioned Dennis Kolb 6-0.  In the heavyweight
category, Ron Emenheiser pinned Dale Schober in 5:40.
         Conestoga Valley's Allen Uyeda decisioned Ed Mummert 14-0.  Uyeda was a state champion in the
     127 pound class last year.         12/18/66

                            Conestoga Valley 28  West York 16
             95lbs. - Jack Horner (CV) dec. Dan Dixon (WY) 8-3.
           103lbs. -
Bill Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Bob Snader (CV) 3:10.
           112lbs. - John Stone (CV) pinned Jack Kunkle (WY) 5:17.
           120lbs. - Jeff Linebaugh (WY) dec. Don Knerr (CV) 5-2.
           127lbs. - George Groff (CV) dec. Jim DeLong (WY) 6-3
           133lbs. - *Allen Uyeda (CV) dec. Ed Mummert (WY) 14-0
           138lbs. -
Steve Kunkle (WY) dec. Dennis Kolb (CV) 6-0.
           145lbs. - Jim Sandoe (CV) dec. Mark Kuntz (WY) 4-2.
           154lbs. - Len Zigmente (CV) dec. Glenn Eby (WY) 2-0.
           165lbs. - Gary Myer (CV) pinned John Sprenkle (WY) 3:15.
           180lbs. - Dave Wilson (CV) dec. Don Narber (WY) 8-6.
                Hwt. - Ron Emenheiser (WY) pinned Dale Schober (CV) 5:40.
                                         12/17/66 @ West York High School
                    West York SH Coaches - John T. Toggas & Robert Bowers

1966 PIAA State Wrestling Champions
                                95lbs. Richard Braymer (Saegertown) 
                              103lbs. Art Grinnell (Commodore Perry) 
                              112lbs. Harry Weinhofer (Shamokin) 
                              120lbs. Larry Rippey (Lock Haven) 
                              127lbs. *Allen Uyeda (Conestoga Valley) 
                              133lbs. Clyde Frantz (Hughesville) 
                              138lbs. Steve Paxson (Lansdowne-Aldan) 
                              145lbs. Terry Williams (Coatesville) 
                              154lbs. Larry Nolen (Cumberland Valley) 
                              165lbs. Jesse Rawls (John Harris) 
                              180lbs. Gary DiDomenico (Tyrone) 
                                   Hwt. Pete Drehman (Abington)

                                      JUNIOR HIGH WRESTLING:
                      West York Junior High Wins First Meet
                  (Newly Formed York County Junior High Wrestling League)

                      West York JH 38  York Suburban JH 22
                    72lbs. - Craig Bentzel (WYJ) won by forfeit.
                    80lbs. - Steve Miller (WYJ) pinned Tom Ogden (YSJ) :54.
                    88lbs. - Doug Schmidt (YSJ) pinned Larry Kessler (WYJ) 1:55.
                    95lbs. - Bob Thomas (WYJ) won by forfeit.
                  103lbs. - Brian Kuntz (WYJ) dec. Ron Quickel (YSJ) 11-2.
                  112lbs. - Joe Vanora (WYJ) pinned Doug Libert (YSJ) :48.
                  120lbs. - Bill Minnich (WYJ) dec. Orvie Reidel (YSJ) 4-2.
                  127lbs. - Steve DeMarco (YSJ) dec. Guy Boyer (WYJ) 9-0.
                  133lbs. - Brad Stewart (WYJ) dec. Tom Kuhn )YSJ) 6-5.
                  138lbs. - Gary Bates (WYJ) pinned Randy Routson (YSJ) 3:33.
                  145lbs. - Greg Demer (YSJ) pinned Harvey Hess (WYJ) :52.
                  154lbs. - Harry Herr (YSJ) dec. Richard Newcomer (WYJ) 11-4.
                  165lbs. - John Morris (YSJ) pinned Jay Rinehart (WYJ) 2:53.

                                      12/17/66 @ York Suburban Junior High
                West York JH Coaches - Whedon R. Myers & Glenn A. Shimmel

                                  Clearfield Invitational
1966 (December 29-30)

    West York wrestlers took three individual titles in a tournament

 at Clearfield last night.  Winning titles for West York in the Clearfield
 invitational were:  Dan Dixon, (88lbs.); Don Narber, (180lbs.) and Ron
 Emenheiser, (unlimited).  The Bulldogs also had four consolation (3rd)
 place-winners in Fred Schenck, (95lbs.); Jack Kunkle, (112lbs.); Jim
 DeLong, (127lbs.) and Ed Spangler (145lbs.).  Team honors went to
 Clearfield with 96 points, followed by Newport 83, West York 66 and
 Franklin, Johnstown, 31. 
@ Clearfield High School 



       1966-67 First Dual Meet of the Season!
West York 35  York Suburban 14
  @ West York HS
                 95lbs. - Daniel Dixon (WY) dec. John Rabenstine (YS) 7-6.
               103lbs. -
Bill Luckenbaugh (WY) dec. Glenn Miller (YS) 11-0.
               112lbs. - Jack Kunkle (WY) dec. Greg Bilger (YS) 6-1.
               120lbs. - Bob Gardner (YS) pinned Jeff Linebaugh (WY) 2:11.
               127lbs. -
Terry Barnes (YS) dec. Jim DeLong (WY) 7-4.
               133lbs. -
Ed Mummert (WY) dec. Joe Konch (YS) 11-5.
               138lbs. -
Bill Bates (WY) pinned Ray Lamotte (YS) 5:27.
               145lbs. - Mark Kuntz (WY) dec. Don Syrgley (YS) 10-2.
               154lbs. - Glenn Eby (WY) pinned Charles Falkler (YS) 4:50.
               165lbs. - Ken Craley (YS) pinned John Sprenkle (WY) 1:55.
               180lbs. - Don Narber (WY) pinned Keith Wilkins (YS) 2:20.
                 Unlim. - Ron Emenheiser (WY) pinned Dave Holtzinger (YS) 4:58.
                                                   @ West York High School
                                                         Referee: Art Grimm



     Looking Back @ the 1966 PSCC Championship...
ill Blacksmith Paces Lock Haven To Title!
    EAST STROUDSBURG - Led by Bill Blacksmith, former Cedar Cliff high school grappler who
  captured his fourth straight conference title, Lock Haven took the Pennsylvania State
Colleges Conference mat crown here last night.
    Teammate Jerry Swope, also bidding for his fourth individual crown, was outpointed by his
  former high school teammate, Gary Cook, now competing for East Stroudsburg.
    Bill's brother, Jim Blacksmith, former Cedar Cliff athlete and Big 33 footballer, was pinned
  for the first time in the 160-pound finals.  Chet Dalgewicz of East Stroudsburg ended the
  2-2 match at 5:24.
    The Bald Eagles of Coach Gray Simons took team honors with 94 points, 14 more than East
  Stroudsburg.  Lock Haven, Bloomsburg and the host school each crowned three champs,
  while fourth place Clarion had a pair.
    FOUR MATMEN who won titles last year hit the winners' circle again: Blacksmith at 152;
  Ken Warnick, Clarion, 137; Jim Rolley, Bloomsburg, 130; and Tom Vargo, Bloomsburg, 191.
    Dethroned champs were Swope at 177 and Clarion's Frank Grundler*.  Three Shippensburg
  State entries who had gained the finals were thwarted in their title bids.  Lee Miller, 123-
  pounder from Tyrone, lost to East Stroudsburg's Bobby Guzzo, 13-4; Vyn Redden, 130, from
  Central Dauphin, was pinned by Rolley; and Bernie Lomman, 137, from Cedar Cliff, bowed
  to Warnick.

  *note: Lock Haven's Tom Elling was decisioned by Clarion's Frank Grundler, 4-0, in the 191-
  pound PSCC 1966 semi-finals.  Tom is the webmaster for PA Wrestling and a contributor to
  the westyorkwrestlingalumni.com website!  Tom Elling finished 3rd @ 191lbs. in '66.

                                                   @ East Stroudsburg State
         115lbs.  Tom Todd (Clarion) dec. Keith Taylor (Bloomsburg) 10-4.
         123lbs.  Bobby Guzzo (East Stroudsburg) dec. Lee Miller (Shippensburg) 13-4.
         130lbs.  James Rolley (Bloomsburg) pinned Colvyn Redden (Shippensburg) 6:27.
         137lbs.  Ken Warnick (Clarion) dec. Bernie Lomman (Shippensburg) 6-2.
         145lbs.  Barry Sutter (Bloomsburg) dec. Adam Waltz (Lock Haven) 9-7.
         152lbs.  Bill Blacksmith (Lock Haven) dec. Joe Gerst (Bloomsburg) 3-0.
         160lbs.  Chet Dalgewicz (East Stroudsburg) pinned Jim Blacksmith (Lock Haven) 5:24.
         167lbs.  John Smith (Lock Haven) pinned
James Dietrich* (Edinboro) 8:10.
         177lbs.  Gary Cook (East Stroudsburg) dec. Jerry Swope (Lock Haven) 6-2.
         191lbs.  Tom Vargo (Bloomsburg) dec. Frank Grundler (Clarion) 6-1.
         UNL.       Bob McDermott (Lock Haven) dec. Jim Logan (Mansfield) 3-1.

*James Dietrich from Edinboro... was a West York asst. wrestling coach in the '70's!



1967 YCIAA Section I Wrestling Champions
Front Row  (L-R)  Eugene Miller, Dallastown; Bill Luckenbaugh, West York;
Don Witmer, Eastern; Mervin Keeney, Dallastown.
 (L-R)  Jan Frey, Dallastown; Gary Gross, Dover; Joe Lighty, Dover;
  (L-R) Ben Druck, Dallastown; Curt Ferree, Dallastown; Ed Rohrbaugh,
Dallastown; Don Narber, West York; Ron Emenheiser, West York.
@ West York High School

           1967 York County Section I Championship Finals
      95lbs. - Eugene Miller (DA) dec. John Rabenstine (YS) 8-4.
    103lbs. -
Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) pinned Ron Miller (DA) 2:22.
    112lbs. - Dan Witmer (E) dec. Dick Altland (DO) 2-0.
    120lbs. - Mervin Keeney (DA) dec. Gary Shearer (DO) 10-5.
    127lbs. -
Jan Frey (DA) dec. Steve Grove (DO) 5-0.
    133lbs. -
Gary Gross (DO) dec. John Feltenberger (DA) 8-6.
    138lbs. -
Joe Lighty (DO) dec. Jeff Folkenroth (DA) 4-2.
    145lbs. - Ben Druck (DA) pinned Jeff Krug (HAN) 5:50.
    154lbs. - Curt Ferree (DA) dec. Glen Eby (WY) referee's decision (ot).
    165lbs. - Ed Rohrbaugh (DA) dec. John Sprenkle (WY) 8-2.
    180lbs. - Don Narber (WY) dec. Brian Cashman (HAN) 3-1 (ot).
      Unlim. - Ron Emenheiser (WY) pinned Wayne Jacobs (DO) 5:48.
                                                   @ West York High School
                             Referees: Art Grimm, Frank Skirpan, Bob Foster.

1967 PIAA Southeastern
Regional Wrestling Champions

Front (L-R) Stu Hogentogler (Columbia), Chris Black (Susquehanna Twp.),
Barry Leventhal (Neshaminy), John Miller (Elizabethtown),
Allen Uyeda (Conestoga Valley), Jay Ebersole (Lower Dauphin).
(L-R) Andy Matter (Upper Darby), *Eric Bowersox (Spring Grove HS),
Larry Nolan (Cumberland Valley), Bill Landis (Hershey),
Ed Wilson (Lansdowne), Mason Staub (Cumberland Valley).

*Spring Grove's Eric Bowersox...(above)
was a 1967
YCIAA Sectional II Champion,
District III Champion,
and Southeast Regional Champion...(above)
losing to eventual PIAA State Champ
- James Gollner, Reynolds HS
4-2 - in the 1967 PIAA State semi-finals.

1967 - (L-R) on the mat... YJC's Fred Lehman & Gary Longenecker.
Standing... YJC Coach Bob Cummings, Fred Bankert & Ron Barndt.

1967 Y.J.C. State Champions

* Pictured
are the three York Junior College wrestlers who won
state titles and berths...in next week's Region
15 competition
the past weekend. At left is Fred Bankert, who upset the
 defending 115-pound champion;
@ center, Gary Longenecker,
 the new 167-pound champion, and @ right, Fred Lehman, the
 PJC champion at 177 pounds. All three are freshman at Y.J.C.
 Gary Grim, last year's champion was decisioned 16-8, by Dick
Keefe of Keystone JC.  Bankert dec. Terry Kunick of Erie, 5-3.
Longenecker decisioned
Dennis Rozer, Altoona, 9-1 and Fred
decisioned Ron Decker, Keystone, 8-6 @ 177 pounds.
* (Bankert - South Western, Longenecker - Manheim Central.,
& F. Lehman - West York HS Alumni)

York Junior College

York Dispatch Sports - York Junior College vs. Keystone JC - 1967.
∙ 1967 YDS - York JC's Fred Lehman (top) won an 8-0 decision over
Keystone's Jerry Shearer in YJC's 19-11 win over Keystone.
Other York Junior College winners included Ron Barndt, Gary Grim,
Gary Longenecker & Steve Redding.
  Fred Bankert had a draw.

                                                       Clyde H. "Red" Witman
                                                       2-time PSAC Champion


▪ Clyde "Red" Witman... WRESTLING
coached at East Stroudsburg... for 17 seasons (1961-71)-(1972-79)
    and... had a career 180-76-6 coaching record.  Coach Witman's ESSC Teams won PSAC
    Championships in 1968 and 1971 - and finished
7th at the NCAA DI Tourney in 1966.
    Coach Witman coached 22 PSAC champions and more than 20 NCAA All-Americans.
    Coach Witman's
1966-67 ESSC Wrestling Team was undefeated (14-0).  Coach Witman
    was the 1st president of the NCAA DII Wrestling Coaches Association.  Witman was also
    the first college division coach (ever) to represent D2 on the Executive Committee of
    the NWCA.  A graduate of West Chester State, Witman lost only one dual match in four
    years of college competition.  Witman is also a former member of the U.S. Olympic
    Wrestling Committee, a former top wrestling official and a former operator/owner
    of the
Pocono Sports Camp, Inc., with friends John Johnston and Sam Coursen.
    Professor Clyde H. Witman also taught at ESSC/ESU - (Teaching Honor - in '95),
    and was a former East Stroudsburg University Athletic Director.  At ESSC, Clyde
    Witman was assisted in the
wrestling room for many years by the late Robert Dalling.
    Clyde H. Witman was responsible for ESSC/ESU going from DII to DI (EIWA) in '76-'77.
    PSAC Mat Fact! - Former ESU Coach Clyde "Red" Witman was a 2-time
PSAC Wrestling
    Champion in 1953 @ 137lbs. and 1954 @ 157lbs. - wrestling for West Chester State.
Coach Clyde Hilton Witman started his coaching career at Manheim Central (PA) High
    School and had a Manheim Central High School career coaching record of (28-4-1).
    While coaching at - Manheim Central (Lancaster) High School, Clyde "Red" Witman
    coached a 1957 PIAA State Wrestling Champion, Rod Gibble... @ 112lbs.

    Clyde "Red" Witman is in the PSAC, West Chester University Golden Ram Wrestling,
    '91 East Stroudsburg University, PWCA, EIWA &... the National NWCA Hall of Fame's!

The - PSAC Wrestling Champions History.
                 Coach Clyde H. Witman sadly passed away on 4/28/06 at the age of 74.


                                        Looking Back... 1966-1967
▪ Clyde "Red" Witman Article... WRESTLING
East Stroudsburg Matmen Burned by Ratings!
    "Would Like to Test Muscle Against Lehigh..."
    by Bob Dugan - February 26, 1967  Harrisburg Patriot News
       EAST STROUDSBURG -  The date was February 11 and East Stroudsburg State College's
    unbeaten wrestling team was holding a squad meeting before a match against the
    strong West Chester State College matmen.
       Clyde (Red) Witman, coach of the Warriors, announced simply that the latest ratings
    had been released that day by the Amateur Wrestling News, and that despite
    East Stroudsburg's 23-12 win over seventh-ranked Lock Haven the previous week, the
    Warriors were not listed among the Top Ten nationally.
       "They didn't say much,' Witman recalls, "but I could tell that they were really 'burning'.
    The previous rating had us eighth, right behind Lock Haven.  Penn State, Portland and
    Wyoming were on the list, but we were out of the running."
       "I had anticipated a tough match with West Chester, but the news of the ranking had
    the boys so fired up, they literally mopped up the mats with the Rams in winning, 31-6."
       THE FOLLOWING week, East Stroudsburg completed an unbeaten season with a 38-5
    over Kutztown State.  Now Witman is getting his Warriors ready for the Pennsylvania
    State Colleges Conference championships next weekend at California State.
       Witman, too, was disappointed over the ratings but he was not bitter.  "I believe the
    ratings are made in good faith," he declared.  "They say that our schedule is against us;
    that we don't wrestle too many top schools.  But it was ironic that the week after we
    beat Lock Haven, we dropped out of sight."
       HOW WOULD HIS charges do against Lehigh, perennial Eastern power and fourth-
    ranked in the Nation?  "This year, we'd give them a tussle.  In four weights they couldn't
    touch us; and I'm sure that in three or four other weights, we'd have a good chance of
    winning.  We did scrimmage against them earlier this season and made out very well."
       Witman has known two of his grapplers for a long time, having taught eighth-grade
    history to Jan Dutt and Roy Miller when he was a teacher at Manheim Central.  "In fact,
    I flunked Roy one semester," he laughed.  "But someone got even with me last year
    when Roy was declared ineligible after mid-terms and couldn't compete in the late
    season bouts and the tournaments."  Dutt has the most impressive record with 24
    straight wins at 123.  Ned Bushong, a grappler from Warwick, has a streak of 18 victories
    at 130, 11 of them by pins.  Chet Dalgewicz, a 160-pounder from Pennsbury, has a win
    streak of 13 at stake.
       "These three boys, along with Miller at heavyweight; Gary Cook (Lock Haven HS) at
    177, and Gerry Reed (Abington) at 191 are real sound wrestlers.  Their performances
    and attitude have rubbed off on the rest of the squad to make our season a success,"
    Witman stated.
       THEY'VE TURNED real aggressive this year and there's been no sign of complacency.
    "They've been able to rise to every occasion, and no coach can ask any more."  Com-
    pleting the East Stroudsburg squad for the PSCC championships will be Jim Purdy, 137,
    Wilson Boro; Jerry McDonald, 145, Wharton, N.J.; Jody Hughes, 152, Gilbertsville, N.Y.;
    and Bill Elder, 167, Bristol.
       "We expect to go into the competition with the best chance of taking the team title,"
    Witman admitted.  "And we hope to bring home a number of championships.  But in
    order to win the team title, you must score points at every weight class.  Anything can
    happen; an upset can ruin your balance, affect your entire squad, and take away your
    point productivity.  But we believe we're going to be successful."
       With the dual meet season finished, how does Witman expect to keep his charges
    sharp?  "By hard work," he explained simply.  "We had two days off and then we had a
    day of running.  Now we're back on the mats.  We'll have a single session Sunday,
    double-workouts Monday and Tuesday, and then begin tapering off.  "There'll be no
    instruction involved.  We're not going to try and learn anything new.  We'll go with what
    has made us successful thus far.  Conditioning is the most important thing now."
       The Warriors will pass up the NAIA championships at Lock Haven, March 16-18 and
    concentrate on the NCAA Nationals at Kent State, Ohio, the following week.  

East Stroudsburg State College
Wrestling Team (12-2)

1968 PSAC Team Champions

Pocono Record Photo @ ESSC's Koehler Fieldhouse
▪ Front (L-R) Frank Coco, Steve Bryant, Robert Devore,
Ted Purdy &
*Jerry McDonald.
Back Row (L-R) Daniel Rossi, Bill Elder, *Ned Bushong,
Tom Balent (coach), Clyde H. "Red" Witman (head coach),
*Gary Cook, *Al Detwiler & *Rich Schumacher.
*1968 PSAC Individual Champions.

1968 NCAA DI Placewinners (Gary Cook-3rd) & (Rich Schumacher-5th).
ESSC's Gary Cook was named the ESSC Outstanding Wrestler for 1968.
Gary Cook was a 1961 PIAA State Champion @ Lock Haven High School.


1967 Nassau College Invitational Wrestling Tourney
@ NCC Garden City, New York

(L-R) NCC's Director with 177lb. Champ, Fred Lehman (York Junior College),
2nd place finisher Ted Mosch (Corning Community College) and
3rd place finisher Jerry Buchman
(Nassau Community College).

▪ YJC's  Eric Bowersox finished 3rd @ 152lbs.  Bowersox wrestled for
Spring Grove HS and Lehman wrestled for West York High School.

PA Junior College State Champions

1968 Pennsylvania Junior College
PA State JC Wrestling Champions

@ Keystone JC - La Plume, PA
(2nd from left) -  Fred Lehman 177lbs. from York Junior College.
          (3rd from left)  -
Gary Longenecker 167lbs. from York Junior College.
 (1st from right)
- Fred Bankert 113lbs. from York Junior College.

 Fred Lehman wrestled @ West York HS,  Fred Bankert @ South Western HS
and Gary Longenecker @ Manheim Central HS.

▪ York Junior College placed 2nd in the team standings w/three champions.

          Looking Back at the 1967-68 Season!
        1968-69 First Dual Meet of the Season
                                The York Dispatch, Friday, December 4, 1967
              York Suburban 23  West York 17
                 95lbs. - Dan Dixon (WY) dec. Steve Prescott (YS) 5-1.
               103lbs. -
John Rabenstine (YS) dec. Brian Kuntz (WY) 10-4.
               112lbs. - Bill Schneider (YS) dec. Larry Haas (WY) 4-0.
               120lbs. - Bill Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Jim Keesee (YS) 3:25.
               127lbs. - Bob Gardner (YS) dec. Jack Kunkle (WY) 6-4
               133lbs. - Joe Knoch (YS) pinned Ed Mummert (WY) 4:52.
               138lbs. - Steve Schmidt (YS) dec. Tony Avola (WY) 4-0
               145lbs. - Tom Quickel (YS) dec. Bill Bates (WY) 3-1.
               154lbs. - Mark Kuntz (WY) dec. Charles Falkler (YS) 4-2.
               165lbs. - Glen Eby (WY) dec. Tom Herr (YS) 13-0.
               180lbs. - Keith Wilkins (YS) dec. Keith Clark (WY) 4-3.
                 Unlim. - John Sprenkle (WY) dec. Milt Strickler (YS) 4-0.

1968 YCIAA Sectional II Champions

1968 York County Section II
Wrestling Champions

Front (L-R) Charles Vaughn (York), John Rabenstein (York Suburban),
Larry Haas (West York), Bill Luckenbaugh (West York).
(L-R) Bob Gardner (York Suburban), Joe Knoch (York Suburban),
Donald May (Eastern HS).
Back Row (L-R) William Thomas (York High),
Glen Eby (West York HS),
Hank Claiborne (York), Keith Wilkins (York Suburban),
John W. Sprenkle (West York).
@ West York High School
▪1968 YCIAA Sectional Team Champion
- West York High School 68pts.
West York Head Coach - John T. Toggas.

               1968 York County Section II Championship Finals
     95lbs. - Charles Vaughn (York High) dec. Dan Dixon (West York) 3-2.
   103lbs. -
John Rabenstine (York Suburban) dec. Brian Kuntz (West York) 5-3.
   112lbs. - Larry Haas (West York) dec. Bill Schneider (York Suburban) 12-4.
   120lbs. - Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Richard Mundis (Eastern) 14-0.
   127lbs. - Bob Gardner (York Suburban) dec. Bob Thomas (York High) 5-4
   133lbs. - Joe Knoch (York Suburban) dec. Steve Hedrick (Eastern) 4-1
   138lbs. -
Donald May (Eastern) dec. Steve Schmidt (York Suburban) 6-2.
   145lbs. - Bill Thomas (York High) dec. Carroll Anderson (Red Lion) 11-1.
   154lbs. - Glen Eby (West York) dec. Ralph Kreeger (Red Lion) 6-4.
   165lbs. - Hank Claiborne (York High) dec. Keith Clark (West York) 6-5.
   180lbs. - Keith Wilkins (York Suburban) dec. Ned Beashore (Northeastern) 3-2.
     Unlim. - John Sprenkle (West York) dec. Mike Johnson (York High) 2-1.
                                                   @ West York High School

1968 PIAA District III
Wrestling Champions

▪ Front (L-R) Bill Thomas (York High), Dennis Ibach (Manheim Central),
Bruce Jones (Newport), Mike Loercher (Manheim Central),
 Karl Ginder (Manheim Central).
▪ Back (L-R)
Phil Conlin (Warwick), Steve Thompson (Manheim Central),
Bill Pascarella (Cumberland Valley),
Bill Luckenbaugh (West York),
Lee Dobyns (Newport), Dan Sanders (Lower Dauphin),
Rick Swanger (Cumberland Valley).

1968 PIAA Southeastern Regionals

** Bill Luckenbaugh, left, and Bill Thomas, are York County's
hopes tonight for Regional
Titles, and spots in the PIAA State
tournament... at the Harrisburg Farm Show Arena.
B. Luckenbaugh, representing West York, took the District 3
@ 120-pounds last week while Thomas, York High School,
grabbed the 145-pound diadem.


                                1968 PIAA Southeast Regional
                                                 Wrestling Champions

                    ▪ Front Row (L-R) Bill Thomas (York High), Andy Matter (Upper Darby),
                    Bruce Jones (Newport), Mike Loercher (Manheim Central HS),
                    Karl Ginder (Manheim Central HS).
                    ▪ Back (L-R) Phil Conlin (Warwick), Steve Thompson (Manheim Central),
                    Bill Pascarella (Cumberland Valley), Bill Luckenbaugh (West York),
                    Ivan Bell (Haverford), Dan Sanders (Lower Dauphin),
                    Rick Swanger (Cumberland Valley).

                         1968 Southeast Regional Wrestling
                                   Championship Mat Finals
                                                 3/1/68 @ Harrisburg Farm Show Arena
        95lbs. Rick Swanger (Cumberland Valley) dec. Ben Weinstein Cheltenham) 4-3
      103lbs. Dan Sanders (Lower Dauphin) dec. Jim Adams (Harriton) 5-2
      112lbs. Ivan Bell (Haverford) pinned Lee Dobyns (Newport) 3:27
      120lbs. Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Fred Zinck (Ridley) 8-2
      127lbs. Bill Pascarella (Cumberland Valley) dec. Randy Erickson (Penncrest) 7-2
      133lbs. Steve Thompson (Manheim Central) dec. Keith Nyman (OJ Roberts) 8-6
      138lbs. Phil Conlin (Warwick) pinned Lou Pizzi (Conestoga) 5:31
      145lbs. Bill Thomas (York High) dec. Bob Valentine (Lansdowne) 12-5
      154lbs. Andy Matter (Upper Darby) dec. Dennis Ibach (Manheim Central) 6-3
      165lbs. Bruce Jones (Newport) dec. Len Pellulo (Cheltenham) 16-9
      180lbs. Mike Loercher (Manheim Central) dec. Ted Madden (OJ Roberts) 11-8
      Hwt.      Karl Ginder (Manheim Central) pinned Charles Fillman (Downingtown) 4:33

                                      ▪ Dallastown's George Myers finished 3rd at 145lbs.


              Looking Back @
West York Wrestling History...


1968 PIAA State Finals... Local Wrestlers Lose in Finals!
         Both Bill Thomas, York High, and Bill Luckenbaugh, West York, reached the final round of the
     annual PIAA State Wrestling tournament before losing Saturday night in the Penn State
Recreation Hall at University Park.
         Thomas extended his all-winning streak in the 145-pound class to 19 in the semi-finals by
     defeating Terry Rissmiller, Nazareth, 4-2.  Then, in the finals he faced 15-year-old John Chatman,
     Trinity, and was beaten by the sophomore, 13-3.  In completing an unbeaten season, Chatman
was one of the standouts in the tournament, particularly after he opened the day with an 11-3
     verdict over his semi-final opponent.
         Luckenbaugh was within ten seconds of duplicating the feat of his brother, Dana, in winning a
     state crown, but succumbed to a furious last-ditch effort by Norm Palovcsik, Clearfield, in the
     120-pound class.  Leading by 8-6 with ten seconds to go, Luckenbaugh fell victim to a quick
     takedown and, when Palovcsik added a predicament, it was all over.  Another point for riding
time made the final score 11-8 for Palovcsik.  It was Palovcsik who handed Luckenbaugh his only
     other setback of the season, during a Christmas Holiday tournament.
         Luckenbaugh had entered the finals with a semi-final triumph over Rick Bechtel, Selinsgrove,
     11-0, and appeared well on his way to the state crown when disaster struck.  His year's record
     is 22-2.

 Both Thomas, a senior, and Luckenbaugh, a junior, received beautiful trophies for their finishes.
     The crowd of 8,390 was the largest ever to witness an athletic event in the Penn State Rec. Hall.



     '69 West York Junior High Invitational
                                 Wrestling Tournament

                                               @ WYSH February - 1969
                        WYJH Invit. Championship Finals
             72lbs.   Skip Martin (WY) dec. Mark Glover (HP) 10-5.
             80lbs.   Tom Gorman (B) dec. Kevin Johnson (HP) 4-1.
             88lbs.   Leon Banks (HP) pinned Paul Mulay (WY) 4:18.
             95lbs.   Mark Jenkins (WY) dec. Steve Gantz (HP) 7-6.
           103lbs.   Kevin McCleary (WY) pinned Dave Buckley (B) 1:33.
           112lbs.   Randy Enders (EFS) dec. Mike Stambaugh (WY) 7-3.
           120lbs.   Jamie Stock (HP) dec. David Dennis (EFS) 4-2.
           127lbs.   Calvin Dole (HP) dec. Keith Kalian (EFS) 6-2.
           133lbs.   Dan Buchmyer (EFS) dec. Bob Murphy (WY) 12-6.
           138lbs.   Randy Miller (EFS) dec. Kim Wilkins (YS) 10-0.
           145lbs.   Dave Bowersox (SG) dec. Dave Heist (WY) 7-0.
           154lbs.   Craig Rawlinson (EFS) dec. Don Lehman (WY) 9-2.
           165lbs.   Charles Egger (EFS) pinned Mike Kessler (SG) 1:45.

                        Final '69 WYJH Team Standings
        1. (EFS) Edgar Fahs Smith JH 70pts., 2. (WY) West York JH 67pts.,
        3. (HP) Hannah Penn JH 54pts., 4. (SG) Spring Grove JH 17pts.,
        5. (B) Biglerville JH 17pts., 6. (YS) York Suburba
n Area JH 8.

             ▪ 1969 West York Junior High Place-Winner's
               Front (L-R) Skip Martin, Paul Mulay, Mark Jenkins, Kevin McCleary.
               Back (L-R) Bob Murphy, Dave Heist, Don Lehman, Mike Stambaugh.


          Looking Back at the 1968-69 Season!
        1968-69 First Dual Meet of the Season
                              The York Dispatch, Friday, December 13, 1968.
                         West York 41  Hanover 8
                 95lbs. - Terry Zellers (WY) dec. Jack Ruhlman (H) 6-0.
               103lbs. -
Frankie Vega (WY) pinned Ira Bitner (H) 1:01.
               112lbs. - Brian Kuntz (WY) dec. Joe Erb (H) 9-0.
               120lbs. - Larry Haas (WY) dec. Mike Miller (H) 13-3.
               127lbs. - Jack Kunkle (WY) pinned Pat Jacoby (H) 3:59
               133lbs. - Bill Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Bryant Meckley (H) 2:27.
               138lbs. - Jack McGehee (H) pinned Pete LoBianco (WY) 3:34
               145lbs. - Guy Boyer (WY) dec. Steve Butler (H) 5-0.
               154lbs. - Bill Meckley (H) dec. Robert King (WY) 4-3.
               165lbs. - Gary Bates (WY) pinned Jim Joachim (H) 5:08.
               180lbs. - Keith Clark (WY) dec. Al Boyer (H) 5-0.
                 Unlim. - John Sprenkle (WY) pinned Steve Smith (H) 2:37.

1969 YCIAA
Sectional Two

Front (L-R) Mervin Keeney (DA), Bill Luckenbaugh (WY), Jim Keesee (DA),
Larry Haas (WY), Mike Anstadt (DA), Frank Vega (WY).
Back Row  (L-R) Don Adams (DA), George Myers (DA), Terry Myers (DA),
Frank Rice (DA), Richard Hartman (DA), John Sprenkle (WY).
There are 4 PIAA State Wrestling Champions in above photo!
(Luckenbaugh '69, G.
Myers '69, Hartman '70 & Sprenkle '69)

          1969 York County Section II Championship Finals
     95lbs. - Frank Vega (WY) dec. John Duke (C) 4-0.
   103lbs. -
Mike Anstadt (DA) dec. Brian Kuntz (WY) 8-7.
   112lbs. - Larry Haas (WY) dec. Joe Waltemyer (DA) 17-4.
   120lbs. - Jim Keesee (DA) dec. Jeff Hoch (JB) 7-0.
   127lbs. -
Bill Luckenbaugh (WY) pinned Ken Baker (DA) 1:27.
   133lbs. -
Mervin Keeney (DA) dec. Dave Frey (DO) 11-2.
   138lbs. -
Don Adams (DA) dec. Jack McGeehee (H) 6-1.
   145lbs. - George Myers (DA) dec. Ron Ankney (NO) 11-1.
   154lbs. - Terry Myers (DA) pinned Gary Bates (WY) 4:30.
   165lbs. - Frank Rice (DA) dec. Brian Damon 12-9 (C).
   180lbs. - Richard Hartman (DA) dec. Keith Clark (WY) 13-4.
     Unlim. - John Sprenkle (WY) pinned Robert Costa (DO) 1:47.
                                                   @ West York High School

 1969 PIAA District III
Wrestling Champions
@ Harrisburg Farm Show Arena

      1969 Pennsylvania District III Wrestling Champions
    ∙ Front (L-R) George Myers (Dallastown), Francis Coleman (Reading),
    Bruce Jones (Newport), Ken Kauffman (Manheim Township),
    John Sprenkle (West York).
    ∙ Back (L-R) Steve Thompson (Manheim Central), Robert Stock (Reading),
    Bill Luckenbaugh (West York), Dan Sanders (Lower Dauphin),
    Dave Yohn (Manheim Central), Dan Blakinger (Manheim Township),
    Mark Spangenberg (Camp Hill).


1969 PIAA Southeastern
Wrestling Champions
@ Upper Darby High School

                  1969 Pennsylvania SE Regional Wrestling Champions
        ∙ Front (L-R) Benjie Weinstein (Cheltenham), Daniel Blakinger (Manheim Twp.),
        Gary Billy (Pottstown), Dan Sanders (Lower Dauphin), Bill Luckenbaugh (West York),
        Dan Marano (Springfield).

        ∙ Back Row (L-R) Steve Thompson (Manheim Central), George Myers (Dallastown),
        Bernie Staub (Lower Moreland), Bruce Jones (Newport), Ken Kauffman (Manheim Twp.),
        John Sprenkle (West York).


1969 PIAA State Wrestling

1969 PIAA State Wrestling Champions
▪ Front (L-R) Tom Teagarden, McGuffey; Rich Panella, New Castle;
Carl "Chico" Lutes, Easton; Leslie Peterson, Canon-McMillan;
Bill Luckenbaugh,
West York; Dan Howard, Allentown Dieruff.
Back Row (L-R) Kevin Love, Carnegie; George Myers, Dallastown;
Wade Schalles, Hollidaysburg; Robert Sacavage, Mt. Carmel;
  Rodney Smith, Mt. Lebanon HS; John Sprenkle, West York.

                                          32nd Annual

            1969 PIAA State Wrestling Championship Finals
                                          @ Penn State's Recreation Hall
     95lbs.  Tom Teagarden (McGuffey) dec. Ed Matsko (Jenner Boswell) 6-2
   103lbs.  Rich Panella (New Castle) dec. Dan Gallaher (Phillipsburg Osceola) 1-0 ot
   112lbs.  Carl Lutes (Easton) pinned Allen Andrews (Johnstown) 1:20
   120lbs.  Leslie Peterson (Canon McMillan) dec. Dave Clark (Clearfield) 10-9
   127lbs.  Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Robert Pratt (Easton) 8-2
   133lbs.  Dan Howard (Dieruff) dec. Rob Stover (Penns Valley) 6-0
   138lbs.  Kevin Love (Carnegie) dec. Barry Snyder (Easton) 4-3
   145lbs.  George Myers (Dallastown) dec. Rick Lepley (Jenner Boswell) 10-4
   154lbs.  Wade Schalles (Hollidaysburg) pinned John Chatman (Trinity) 4:58
   165lbs.  Robert Sacavage (Mt. Carmel) dec. Bruce Jones (Newport) 7-4
   180lbs.  Rodney Smith (Mt. Lebanon) dec. Scott Moyer (Mifflinburg) 9-6
   John Sprenkle (West York) pinned Joel Kislin (Wilkes-Barre GAR) 5:12

      PIAA Officials: Charles Kunes, Dr. George Brett, George Custer, Manuel Pihakis.

Looking Back @ the 1969-70 Season!

1969-70 YCIAA
Sectional I Wrestling Champions

   1970 YCIAA  Section I Champions
 Front (L-R) Jack Ruhlman (Hanover), Brian Kuntz (West York),
 Steve Grove (Red Lion), Lowell Anderson (Red Lion).
 ∙ Middle (L-R) Charles Bruce (Eastern), Mike Koons (Eastern),
 Harry Vasellas (Red Lion).
 ∙ Back (L-R)
Bryant Meckley (Hanover), Don Barshinger (Eastern),
 Glenn Geiman (South Western), Bill Trostle (South Western),
 Robert Costa (Dover).   (1969-70 YCIAA Season)


University of Maryland

University of Maryland Terps Wrestling Website

1968-69 University of Maryland Varsity Wrestling
(8-2-1) ACC Team Champions

1st Row  (L-R) John Baker, Jeffrey Paxton, David Pusey, Kevin Gilead,
*Jeff Linebaugh & Bob Terrill.
2nd Row  (L-R) MD Asst. Coach Jim Arnoult, Curt Callahan, Joel Haan,
**Gobel Kline, *Fred Lehman, John Schlaffer, Andy Hanzlik...
& UMD wrestling manager - Lonnie Rutledge.
3rd Row (L-R) MD Head Coach William "Sully" Krouse, John Dalgewicz,
Howard Zachmann, Len Swanson, Dean Sisemore & Randy Umberger.

**Gobel Kline - 1969 NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion - CLICK HERE!

"3" brothers of the above '69 University of Maryland Wrestling team
for East Stroudsburg State College & Clyde "Red" Witman...

Answer:  ESSC's Chet Dalgewicz, Fred Swanson & Don Lehman!!

West York Area High School Graduates (above)
*Jeff Linebaugh (1967) &... *Fred Lehman (1966).



1965-66 West York Area Varsity Wrestling
▪ Front Row (L-R)  Fred Schenck, Jeff Linebaugh, Tom Hoover,
Dave Carley, Fred Callahan & Steve Smith.
▪ Back
(L-R)  Steve Kunkle, Ed Spangler, Glen Eby, Don Narber,
Fred Lehman & Ron Emenheiser.


60's will be continued...

Dover's '83 PIAA State Champion, Shaun Smith
and his head coach/historian -- Charlie Jacobs.

▪▪ Germany Coach and Dover HS Head Coach, Charlie Jacobs (left)
w/1984 Olympic GR Wrestling Gold Medalist, the late
Jeff Blatnick.
note: Jeff Blatnick is wearing a Dover Wrestling t-shirt!

Charlie's 2010 Interview w/Don Lehman



November 05, 2014

Ex-Dover Coach Joins Elite Group
Author:  11/05/14 COLUMN By Steve Heiser of The York Dispatch 

Charlie Jacobs loves wrestling.  He loves the toughness it demands.  He loves the lessons it
teaches.  He loves the character it develops.  And, most especially, he loves the way it turns boys
into men.

For those reasons, Jacobs dedicated much of his life to the sport, first as a competitor and later as
a coach.  Now, the wrestling community is paying back Jacobs for his many contributions.  The long-
time Dover High School coach has been selected for induction into the Pennsylvania Wrestling
Coaches Association Hall of Fame.  The induction ceremony is set for April 12 in State College.

The Shiloh resident becomes just the 10th man from the York area to earn the honor, joining
Charles "Chuck" Richards, John Toggas, Bill Bence, Dr. Ken Ober, Terry Conover, Shaun Smith, Joey
Wildasin, Tony Koontz and Brad Lloyd.  Those are legendary wrestling names in these parts, and
Jacobs deserves to be in their company.  "It's a great recognition," Jacobs said.  "I was elated to
hear that.  When you look at the list of inductees, to join that kind of group, I'm really elated and
happy to get that recognition."

As a high school wrestler at Dover, Jacobs won a sectional title at 95 pounds.  He then served as the
Dover High head coach from 1976 through 1992, compiling a 194-56-2 overall record (77 percent),
including a 141-32-1 league record (81 percent).  He won two York County titles (1983, 1984), four
sectional crowns (1980, 1984, 1991, 1992) and a District 3 championship (1983).  He also coached
40 individual sectional champs, nine individual District 3 champions and one state champion (Shaun
Smith in 1983).  Jacobs credited much of his wrestling success in wrestling and life to two men who
coached him at Dover High - Leon Senft and Harry Little.  They served as his role models when he
started coaching.

At the height of his coaching career, however, after winning his fourth sectional title in 1992, Jacobs
decided to step away.  Not because he was burned out, because his family came first.  "My first son
was 2 years old and I needed to be more involved in his life than in coaching," he said.  "I wanted to
move on and do a better job of raising my son.  Wrestling was always in me and will always be there.
You appreciate the effort that kids put into the sport.  The life skills they learn are just so valuable,
and to see them go on in life and succeed is gratifying."  After retiring from coaching at Dover, he
continued to offer some individual coaching instruction and also became an avid spectator.  In 2005,
he was inducted into the York Area Sports Hall of Fame.

Keeping Busy:  At age 67, Jacobs continues to keep busy.  He currently works at River Rock
Academy in Spring Grove, which provides alternative education services.  That followed a 37-year
career in public education, including 30 at Dover.  He also serves as chairman of the York Sports
Night Hall of Fame Committee and said he plans to volunteer at the prestigious Cadet Duals national
wrestling tournament, which is scheduled to be wrestled at the Utz Arena in each of the next three

Jacobs was nominated for PWCA Hall of Fame by his friend, Don Lehman, who is a 1973 West York
grad and the webmaster for westyorkwrestlingalumni.com, a very-well regarded wrestling website.
"Charlie loves the sport of wrestling and promoted the sport for many years," Lehman said.  "I have
spoken with athletes that wrestled for Charlie at Dover and others around the county that worked
with Charlie in the offseason, and all spoke very highly of him as a coach and a great man.  Charlie is
one of the most positive people I know.  He loves to talk about wrestling and sports in general...
Charlie genuinely cared about every athlete he coached."

Jacobs is still passionate about wrestling, and is quick to admit he's concerned about its future.  High
school matches these days are often littered with forfeits and the Olympics recently tried to eliminate
the sport.  "You don't play wrestle.  You play baseball.  You play basketball.  You play football,"
Jacobs said.  "Wrestling is a lot of work.  It takes a special kid to put in that kind of effort in
succeeding.  I am worried about it.  But you can't make it less difficult, because it's so rewarding
after the effort is put in."  Jacobs is a prime example of the type of man that wrestling can mold.
And on April 12, the Pennsylvania wrestling community will bestow him with one of its highest
rewards.  It's an honor he richly deserves.

Section:  York Dispatch Sports Page - 11/05/14 

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*Sports column by Steve Heiser, York Dispatch Sports editor.
(c) 2014 The York Dispatch.  All rights reserved.

HEISER:  "Ex-Dover Coach Jacobs to Join Pennsylvania's Elite"


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