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West York Area HS
(L-R) WY's Dana Luckenbaugh, Bill Luckenbaugh,
Neil Bupp, Kevin McCleary, Don Lehman & ...

Chad Luckenbaugh


West York High School Wrestling
Section Champions
"The Club"
WY Wrestling
3-Time Section YCIAA YAIAA Champions
Sectional Years West York Coach
  *Dana Luckenbaugh 1963, 1964, 1965 Brown, Ober, Toggas
  Bill Luckenbaugh 1967, 1968, 1969 John T. Toggas
  *Neil Bupp 1970, 1971, 1972 John T. Toggas
  Kevin McCleary 1971, 1972, 1973 John T. Toggas
  Don Lehman 1971, 1972, 1973 John T. Toggas
  *Chad Luckenbaugh 1994, 1995, 1997 Bill Luckenbaugh

*Dana Luckenbaugh's '63 coach * Bob Brown '64 coach * Dr. Ken Ober...
& '65 coach * JT Toggas.
*Neil Bupp's
1970 YCIAA Section Championship was w/Northeastern HS.
*WY's Chad
Luckenbaugh's - "Three" Sectional Championships...(YAIAA)


1973 PIAA District III
YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions

1973 YCIAA Sectional Champions
▪ Front (L-R) Greg Burg (York Suburban), Tom Clark (Red Lion),
    Brad Warner (Dallastown), Bill Gilbert (Susquehannock),

  Joel Hoffman (Dallastown), Jeff Smith (York Suburban).
      ▪ Back  (L-R)  Joe Myers (Dallastown),
Kevin McCleary (West York),
      John Boop (Northeastern), John Weston (Dallastown HS),
Barry Neff (Dallastown),
Don Lehman (West York HS).

   1973 YCIAA Sectional Wrestling
   Championship Finals

    @ Spring Grove Area High School

  (98lbs.)   Greg Burg, York Suburban dec. Greg Henry, West York 6-2.
  (105lbs.) Tom Clark, Red Lion dec. Barry Adams, Dallastown 13-8.
  (112lbs.) Brad Warner, Dallastown dec. Bob Myers, Vo-Tech 9-3.
  (119lbs.) Bill Gilbert, Susquehannock dec. Craig Miller, Hanover 11-0.
  (126lbs.) Joel Hoffman, Dallastown dec. Keith Lichty, West York 9-2.
  (132lbs.) Jeff Smith, York Suburban, inj. dft. over Craig Schaszberger, Central.
  (138lbs.) Joe Myers, Dallastown dec. Jim Grim, Spring Grove 9-1.
  (145lbs.) Kevin McCleary, West York dec. Craig Hamrick, Susquehannock 2-1.
  (155lbs.) John Boop, Northeastern dec. Bill Senft, Dallastown 5-0.
  (167lbs.) John Weston, Dallastown dec. George Lehr, Vo-Tech 7-2.
  (185lbs.) Barry Neff, Dallastown dec. Ryan Hileman, Red Lion 5-2.
Don Lehman, West York pinned Ray Creep, York High 2:09.

   1973 YCIAA Sectional Wrestling
   Semi-Final Results
  (98lbs.)   Greg Burg (YS) ref's dec. Keith Zartman (H).
Greg Henry (WY) dec. George Strathmeyer (C) 2-0.
  (105lbs.) Tom Clark (RL) dec. Brad Jacobs (C) 10-6.
Barry Adams (DAL) dec. Steve Thomas (WY) 3-2.
  (112lbs.) Brad Warner (DAL) dec. Jan Wingate (YS) 6-1.
  (112lbs.) Bob Myers (VT) dec. Jeff Hoffman (DO) 10-5.
  (119lbs.) Craig Miller (H) dec. Rick Strouse (C) 6-4.
Bill Gilbert (S) pinned Skip Martin (WY) 4:47.
Keith Lichty (WY) pinned Raynor Smith (YH) 3:20.
  (126lbs.) Joel Hoffman (DAL) pinned Steve Litten (VT) 1:39.
  (132lbs.) Craig Schaszberger (C) dec. John Ruth (DAL) 4-2.
  (132lbs.) Jeff Smith (YS) dec. Dave Smith (RL) 10-6.
  (138lbs.) Joe Myers (DAL) dec. Dave Nuzum (VT) 3-2.
  (138lbs.) Jim Grim (SG) dec. Mario Shockley (YH) 13-4.
Kevin McCleary (WY) dec. Terry Myers (DO) 9-5.
  (145lbs.) Craig Hamrick (SUS) dec. Paul Rohler (C) 11-0.
  (155lbs.) John Boop (NE) default over Randy Sechrist (RL).
  (155lbs.) Bill Senft (DAL) dec. Bruce Berwager (H) 12-1.
  (167lbs.) John Weston (DAL) dec. Joe Bennett (S) 8-3.
  (167lbs.) George Lehr (VT) dec. Steve Nuzum (RL) 13-3.
  (185lbs.) Barry Neff (DAL) dec. Bob Gruver (SG) 12-5.
Ryan Hileman (RL) dec. Mike Root (WY) 5-3.
  Don Lehman (WY) dec. Charles Smith (NE) 9-0.
  (Hwt.)      Ray Creep (YH) dec. Bill Wineholt (SW) 20-2.

  @ Spring Grove, PA Area High School

   Schools (14):  Central, Dallastown, Dover, Eastern, Hanover, Northeastern,
   Red Lion, Susquehannock, Spring Grove, South Western,
West York,
   York High, York Suburban, York Vo-Tech.

     ▪ Saturday's - 2/24/1973 (Attendance - 1608)
     ▪ Trophy Presentations by
Jack Noll - YCIAA President

      YCIAA 1973 Sections 2nd Place Photo/Recap
         CLICK HERE!


1969 PIAA District III
YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions

1969 YCIAA Sectional Mat Champions
Front (L-R) Mervin Keeney (DA), Bill Luckenbaugh (WY), Jim Keesee (DA),
Larry Haas (WY), Mike Anstadt (DA), Frank Vega (WY).
Back Row  (L-R) Don Adams (DA), George Myers (DA), Terry Myers (DA),
Frank Rice (DA), Richard Hartman (DA), John Sprenkle (WY).

@ West York (PA) Area High School Gym

1968 Carlisle Holiday Outstanding Wrestler
Bill Luckenbaugh - West York (127lbs.)

1965 PIAA District III
YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions

1965 YCIAA Sectional Championship Team
@ West York Area High School
Front (L-R) *Tom DeLong, *Darryl "Smokey" Dennis,
Dana Luckenbaugh, *Gary Carbaugh, *Jeff Linebaugh.
Back (L-R) Coach John T. Toggas, *Chuck Bostic, Don Narber, *Gary Narber.
(* '65 Section Champs - T. DeLong, D. Dennis, D. Luckenbaugh, G. Carbaugh,
J. Linebaugh, C. Bostic & G. Narber) - Don Narber was a '65 runner-up.

1972 West York YCIAA Sectional Champions
@ Gettysburg College

▪ Front Row Kneeling (L-R) Paul Mulay, Kevin McCleary & Neil Bupp.
▪ Back Row  (L-R)  Coach John Toggas, Scott Callahan,
Don Lehman,
Mike Stambaugh, Asst. Coach Robert Bowers.

West York's
Dr. Glenn Amsbaugh

West York Wrestling's ...
ONLY "4-Time" Sectional
Wrestling Champion!
Glenn Amsbaugh

Glenn Amsbaugh
West York Wrestling's
Glenn Amsbaugh '63 was undefeated
in York Area Career Mat Dual Meets...
with a "career" dual record of 46-0.


WY's PIAA State Wrestling Tourney Qualifiers



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