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1965 & 1969

"The Big Three!"


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Reflections of 1965-1969 Hit Songs!

"Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present...
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1965 PIAA State Championships
Penn State's Rec Hall

1965 PIAA State Wrestling Champions
▪ Front:  (L-R) Bob Hallman 95lbs. (North Penn), John Abajace 103lbs. (Trinity HS),
Dana Luckenbaugh
112lbs. (West York), Phil Detore 120lbs. (Greensburg-Salem),
Barry Souder 127lbs. (Mt. Lebanon HS),  Daniel Kohlhepp 133lbs. (DuBois Area).
▪ Back:
  (L-R) Francis Michael 138lbs. (W-B GAR), Charles Houser 145lbs. (Dieruff),
Paul Armstrong 154lbs. (Steel-High HS), Mike Gudiness 165lbs. (Mt. Lebanon),
Yerg 180lbs. (State College HS), Robert Funk Hwt. (Manheim Township HS).

1965 PIAA Finals
Dana Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Bill Welker (Shamokin) 4-3
(Bill Welker  of Shamokin HS
- was a PIAA State Champ in 1963!)
Finals Photo!

Dana Luckenbaugh
York, PA's 1st State Wrestling Champ!

1965 PIAA State 112lb. Championship Finals
Shamokin High School's Bill Welker (top) ... rides West York HS's 112lb.
Dana Luckenbaugh.
 Luckenbaugh secured a riding time point in the final
period to gain a 4-3 dec. and become West York's 1st state champion!!
▪ photo submitted by '63 PIAA State Wrestling Champion - Dr. Bill Welker
(larger photo)

    1965 - Charlie Frey... Sunday Patriot News Sports Writer
            @ 112lbs. DANA LUCKENBAUGH, the senior from West York who reads
   comic books to relax between bouts, scored his 112-pound victory by
   holding Shamokin's Bill Welker down throughout the third period to build
   up riding time for his 4-3 victory.  Welker, who was the PIAA 95-pound
   champ two years ago, scored a takedown with 31 seconds to go in the
   first period.  Luckenbaugh (21-0-1), immediately took him down for a 3-2
   lead.  Seventeen seconds later, Welker escaped to tie it up at 3-3.  Welker
   couldn't get away from Luckenbaugh in the third period and the West Yorker had
   1:22 riding time for the 4-3 win.  Dana Luckenbaugh, the well-built West York
   matman captured the 112-pound crown with a 4-3 victory.  Dana, the 17-year-
   old, was the first schoolboy wrestler in York County history to win a PIAA crown.
   "I'm telling you," Dana said, "this is a great feeling.  I got away a little slow, but
   Bill wasn't that strong that I couldn't take charge of the situation.  I had to go to
   work in the last period and I think I did all right.  I knew I had to hold him down
   in the final period and I did it."  John Toggas, who coaches Luckenbaugh, was
   overjoyed at Dana's success.  "This kid is tremendous," he said.  "He takes
   everything in stride.  He was nervous before the bout, but you certainly couldn't
   tell it.  He is one of the strongest 112-pounders I have ever coached.  This is the
   second boy I've had here.  When I was at Biglerville I brought Art Miller here in
   1960.  He was a 133-pounder.  He lost in the semi-finals.  Dana is the first boy
   I've coached who went all the way.  This is the greatest."  Luckenbaugh is
   interested in going to a trade school to study electricity.    
1965 SPN Article

        note: Dana Luckenbaugh dec. Sam Imler (Bedford) in the semi-final's 17-6.


1964-65 West York Area Wrestling Team

The 1965 YCIAA League Wrestling Champions
The YCIAA Section Tourney Team Champions
▪ Front (L-R)
Jeffery Linebaugh, Gary Carbaugh, Dana Luckenbaugh,
Darryl "Smokey" Dennis, Burton Snyder, Steve Kunkle, Tom DeLong.
▪ Back (L-R) WY Coach John Toggas, Jack Hershberger, Don Narber,
 Fred R. Lehman,
Charles "Chuck" Bostic, Gary Narber, William Wiehe.

click..."The Luckenbaugh's"
(L-R)  Bill Luckenbaugh (1969 PIAA Champion),
Dana Luckenbaugh (1965 PIAA Champion),
and their proud father, Paul Luckenbaugh...
after Bill's PIAA State Wrestling Championship in 1969!
@ Penn State University Rec Hall.


York, PA's PIAA State Wrestling Champions Page

1983 PIAA District III Hall of Fame Induction
(L-R) Dana Luckenbaugh & WY Coach John T. Toggas.


1969 PIAA State Championships
Penn State's Rec Hall

1969 PIAA State Wrestling Champions
▪ Front:  (L-R) Tom Teagarden, McGuffey; Rich Panella, New Castle;
Carl "Chico" Lutes, Easton; Leslie Peterson, Canon-McMillan;
Bill Luckenbaugh, West York; Dan Howard, Allentown Dieruff.
Back Row: (L-R) Kevin Love, Carnegie; George Myers, Dallastown;
Wade Schalles, Hollidaysburg; Robert Sacavage, Mt. Carmel;
Smith, Mt. Lebanon HS; John W. Sprenkle, West York.
@ Penn State University's Rec Hall.

The 1969 PIAA State Wrestling Program (PDF)

                                          32nd Annual

            1969 PIAA State Wrestling Championship Finals
                                          @ Penn State's Recreation Hall
     95lbs.  Tom Teagarden (McGuffey) dec. Ed Matsko (Jenner Boswell) 6-2
   103lbs.  Rich Panella (New Castle) dec. Dan Gallaher (Phillipsburg Osceola) 1-0 ot
   112lbs.  Carl Lutes (Easton) pinned Allen Andrews (Johnstown) 1:20
   120lbs.  Leslie Peterson (Canon McMillan) dec. Dave Clark (Clearfield) 10-9
127lbs.  Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Robert Pratt (Easton) 8-2
   133lbs.  Dan Howard (Dieruff) dec. Rob Stover (Penns Valley) 6-0
   138lbs.  Kevin Love (Carnegie) dec. Barry Snyder (Easton) 4-3
   145lbs.  George Myers (Dallastown) dec. Rick Lepley (Jenner Boswell) 10-4
   154lbs.  Wade Schalles (Hollidaysburg) pinned John Chatman (Trinity) 4:58
   165lbs.  Robert Sacavage (Mt. Carmel) dec. Bruce Jones (Newport) 7-4
   180lbs.  Rodney Smith (Mt. Lebanon) dec. Scott Moyer (Mifflinburg) 9-6
Hwt.       John Sprenkle (West York) pinned Joel Kislin (Wilkes-Barre GAR) 5:12

      PIAA Officials: Charles Kunes, Dr. George Brett, George Custer, Manuel Pihakis.

            1969 PIAA State Wrestling Semi-Final Matches:
             Robert Pratt (Easton) dec. R. Musser (Bellefonte) 11-6.
             Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Andy Kolhepp (New Castle) 9-7.

             Joel Kislin (Wilkes Barre GAR) dec. James Carmanna (Mt. Lebanon) 6-1.
             John Sprenkle (West York) pinned Jeff Knarr (Lock Haven)

                  1969 PIAA State Wrestling Finals @ 127lbs.
                              (L-R)  West York's Bill Luckenbaugh with WY coaches...
                              John T. Toggas and Bob Bowers @ Penn State's Rec Hall.

       1969 YCIAA SECTIONALS @ West York

                                             @ West York High School
                       1969 YCIAA Sectional Wrestling Champions

                   ▪ West York HS's - William Luckenbaugh (2nd from left front row),
                   Larry Haas (4th - left front row), Frank Vega (6th - left front row),
                   John W. Sprenkle (6th from left back row).

                   *There are 4 PIAA State Wrestling Champions...
                   in the above YCIAA Sectional Champions photo!!
                   * Along with Bill Luckenbaugh '69 & John Sprenkle '69 from West York...
                   Dallastown High School's George Myers '69 (*2nd from left back row)
                   and Dick Hartman '70 (*5th from left back row) won PIAA State titles!

1969 High School All-Americans (B. Luckenbaugh)

1969 - Bob Pratt of Easton (left) lifts Bill Luckenbaugh of West York
in the 1969 PIAA State Wrestling Championship Finals... @ 127lbs.
▪ Luckenbaugh decisioned Pratt, 8-2 and
claimed the 1969 Pennsylvania State Wrestling Championship!

PIAA '69 - Bill Luckenbaugh (top) in PIAA State Semi-Finals - profile

Bill Luckenbaugh (West York) dec. Andy Kolhepp (New Castle) 18-7.


1969 - PIAA State Wrestling Semifinals @ Hwt.
▪ West York's Hwt. John Sprenkle on top going for the fall in 3:41!


1969 PIAA State Wrestling Championship Finals
 ▪ West York's  John Sprenkle (right) controls Wilkes Barre G.A.R.'s
Joel Kislin... and, gains a fall in 5:12 to win the PIAA State title!

1983 PIAA District III Hall of Fame Induction
(L-R) Bill Luckenbaugh & WY Coach John T. Toggas.

Another PIAA State Wrestling Champions Photo '69
York, PA's - PIAA State Wrestling Champions Page

1969 YCIAA Sections!!
1969 District III Photo!
1969 SE Region Wrestling Champions Photo

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                              ▪ West York's John Sprenkle '69 PIAA's (right)
        York/Adam's PIAA CHAMPS
  PIAA State Wrestling Champions
               by... High School

     ∙ Dallastown (5), Hanover (5), South Western (4),
       Delone Catholic (4),
Kennard Dale (4), Biglerville (3),
Dover (3), West York (3), Bermudian Springs (3),
       Susquehannock (1),
York Vo-Tech (1), Littlestown (1),
       New Oxford (1), Spring Grove (1), Gettysburg (1).

           The Luckenbaugh's


                              ▪ West York's Bill Luckenbaugh '69 PIAA's (top)

               WEST YORK WRESTLING
Sectionals Districts Regionals States


                                               PIAA State Mat Championships - 2014 AA/AAA

 PIAA State Wrestling
        4-Time State Champions!

∙ 1.   Jim Conklin - Waynesburg HS

    2.   Jerry Maurey - Clearfield HS

    3.   Mike Johnson - Lock Haven HS

    4.   Matt Gerhard - Catasauqua HS

    5.   Ty Moore - North Allegheny HS

    6.   John Hughes - Benton HS

    7.   Cary Kolat - Jefferson-Morgan HS

    8.   Bobby Crawford - Milton HS

    9.   Jeremy Hunter - McGuffey HS

    10. Jimmy Gulibon - Derry HS
    ∙ 11. Chance Marsteller - Kennard Dale HS
    ∙ 12. Thomas Haines - Solanco HS

                                                PIAA State Mat Championships - 2014 AA/AAA
                                                PIAA State Mat Championships - 2015 AA/AAA

   West York Wrestling
              West York Wrestling Section Champions Page
              West York Wrestling District III Champions
              West York Wrestling Regional Champions

              West York Area PIAA State Mat Champions
West York Area PIAA State Tourney Qualifiers
              West York Area PIAA State Tourney Medalists




State Champ School Weight Year
∙ Dana Luckenbaugh  West York 112 1965
∙ Bill Luckenbaugh  West York 127 1969
∙ George Myers  Dallastown 145 1969
∙ John Sprenkle  West York Hwt 1969
∙ Dick Hartman  Dallastown 180 1970
∙ Keith Smith  Dover 132 1975
∙ Doug Krebs  Susquehannock 145 1975
∙ Keith Smith  Dover 132 1976
∙ Mark Noll  Dallastown 126 1983
∙ Shaun Smith  Dover 138 1983
∙ Mark Egloff  South Western 155 1983
∙ Tony Koontz  Delone Catholic Hwt 1983
∙ Tony Koontz  Delone Catholic Hwt 1984
∙ John Johnston  Biglerville 138 1985
∙ Mark Banks  York Vo-Tech 155 1986
∙ Trevor Byers  Bermudian Springs 119 1986
∙ Joey Wildasin  South Western 119 1988
∙ Joey Wildasin  South Western 125 1989
∙ Joey Wildasin  South Western 130 1990
∙ Neil Barnes  Dallastown 160 1993
∙ Chris Marshall  Biglerville 125 1994
∙ Ken Haines  Gettysburg 189 1995
∙ Joe Henson  Hanover 140 1996
∙ Joe Henson  Hanover 140 1997
∙ Josh Henson  Hanover 160 1997
∙ Shain Leggett  Biglerville 103 1999
∙ Dana Gingerich  Delone Catholic 130 2003
∙ Gary Mayfield  Hanover 112 2004
∙ Brian Polashuk  Spring Grove 125 2006
∙ Rickey Schmelyun  Bermudian Springs 140 2006
∙ Cory Beaver  Littlestown 171 2007
∙ Clay Gable  Dallastown 171 2009
∙ Tyler Small  Delone Catholic 125 2010
∙ Jordan Conaway  New Oxford 112 2011
∙ Chance Marsteller  Kennard Dale 152 2011
∙ Chance Marsteller  Kennard Dale 160 2012
∙ Chance Marsteller  Kennard Dale 160 2013
∙ Ian Brown  Hanover 132 2014
∙ Tristan Sponseller  Bermudian Springs 195 2014
∙ Chance Marsteller  Kennard Dale 170 2014

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